Persecutory Complex/”Verfolgungswahn”

Good morning from the oven. I just read Esther’s blog about the hottest day in the Netherlands. Germany also had the hottest day on German records yesterday, with 40.5°C (105F) measured in a town in Western Germany. 😓 It wasn’t quite that hot where I am, but 35°C (95F) is definitely also not fun. Especially in a country that is not really comprehensively equipped with air-conditioning… I’ve already done a bit of writing for work in the morning (best time of day for work), but will have to do some packing later on. The hauliers for my small load to go to Ireland need exact dimensions and weights of the boxes and furniture I am sending. Meh.

I am taking a breather right now, with a small observation on one of the many video clips that came from Stockport yesterday. First of all: What a nice-looking little town. Ooops, correct that. Not a “small town” at all, but a large town, population 140,000! But with a beautiful historic centre that harks back to the days of Stockport being a centre of cotton milling! Oh yes, the knowledgable fan immediately wonders whether RA had a Master Thornton moment… But such pretty buildings. I have to say that the BTS has really put the town on my map. I would love to visit it one day.

But ok, the real reason I am writing this post today: In the video below, concentrate on Adam Price, pursuing the stranger. I know, I know, you only look at RA anyway…

Question: Is that really Richard??? Somehow, to me, that doesn’t look like Richard at all but like a “stunt” double. Too hot? Or maybe Richard doesn’t run himself anymore *haha*. I had exactly the same reaction to another clip from yesterday which showed a running scene filmed from above. Adam’s face was not visible as he was only seen from above and behind, but the way he ran just didn’t look like Richard.

Unfortunately I can’t get a good picture of him, though.

So, tell me now, do I suffer from Verfolgungswahn? Persecutory Complex? Conspiracy Theory? Definitely RACY, though *haha*


37 thoughts on “Persecutory Complex/”Verfolgungswahn”

  1. Definitely not Richard. My first thought is that it could be doubles for both actors because the shot is being set up and practiced before actual filming begins. The crew need to make sure that they have everything down perfectly before the expensive and breakable talent come in. I’m seeing some cobblestones, and things like that can make filming more difficult in many respects.

    Or, even if it is the real actress who is being filmed, it could be RA’s double because the camera is focused 97% on her and you see her pursuer only vaguely in the background. Again, no need to risk using the expensive guy who is carrying the entire show (just ask the producers of the latest Bond movie, who are twiddling their thumbs as Daniel Craig recovers from his injuries). That’s just my two cents though.

    Sorry about the heat! It’s miserable here as well but I have A/C. I will be paying dearly for it — one of the many reasons why I had to get a second job — but thank goodness for it. It’s quite humid here also and that ain’t good. Thinking cool thoughts for all of us!

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    • My thoughts exactly, Lolo! Precious talent has to be preserved, especially when not entirely recognizable in a shot.
      I was also having a few nearly blasphemous thoughts yesterday. I admired RA for all that running and then thought – hm, he’s pushing 48… not that you would notice. But just judging on the basis of myself (49)… I’m not 20 anymore, and I feel it 😂


  2. I love the bts stuff!! I don’t think it looks like Richard either, in three of the clips I’ve seen. At first I thought it was someone they were using to set up the chase scenes (like the woman dodging the car) but he is dressed exactly like Richard, so it does seem he is the double looking like Adam from a distance as LoLo says (my non-showbizzy two cents’ worth!).


  3. There’s another clip with Hannah and a stunt double where they’re going through the steps for running towards and avoiding being hit by the car. So maybe this is the same thing for RA?


  4. Ode to Running

    RA is quite stunning,
    Even while running,
    But why not avoid trouble.
    And use a stunt double.

    I agree, I don’t think he is doing his own running. I wonder if he could still do all the running he did for TH? I remember it was gruling.

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    • That’s what I was wondering, too. It’s almost 10 years now since then. He’s just as gorgeous as then, and I am sure he trains regularly. But I do wonder whether he has the occasional ache and pain that us mere mortals have.
      Fab ode, btw! Will rescue it!


  5. Welcome to my world 105F and below,normal..Stay hydrated..I didn’t think that was Richard running either unless his back is acting up again.


    • Goodness! I mean, I love a bit of heat every summer. It kind of makes up for the rather cool summer in Ireland. But I am not sure I could deal with it every day…


  6. His feet look kind of floppy. Like maybe his shoes are too big? Or is he inventing a specific “run” for this character? Fan forensics: so happy to participate. I’m embarrassed at how many times I’ve watched those clips.

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  7. When I saw those clips I immediately thought that there were something “wrong”. Then I thought it was just me being stupid, so I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one 🙂


  8. I agree with you all that it isn’t him – the runner’s legs seem shorter and hair seem floppier too. It’s funny, I didn’t notice with RA yesterday but did wonder if Hannah was a double in one of the clips.


  9. I agree it is not him, too. This guy has his upper part of the body bent forward while running and in the other clip RA has another body posture while running. But I have to look again this clip on a bigger screen.
    The joy of speculation!


    • Well, I know I’ll be watching more closely when the time comes to see if the double passes muster!
      There was a scene in one episode of Spooks S9 where Lucas/John Bateman runs off and it’s so obviously not Richard. Who were they trying to kid?!! 🤨

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      • Yes in Spooks I can remember this scene. I did not mention because I am still in holidays and I can not rewatch and compare it. Hach, we are good investigators 😉🤓

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      • I always find it amusing to look for the scenes previously seen in trailers or set reports. Makes me feel as if I was part of the production.
        Oh, I didn’t notice that scene in Spooks. Tempted to look for it. But Spooks 9. Meh!


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