Benefits of Being a Fan

Since we are discussing the whole issue of calling/describing ourselves as fans vs “well-wishers”, I would just like to quickly say that being a fan has benefits. My current trip includes meeting two (former) fans. Yep, fans may be intensely interested in a particular subject or artist. But in my experience they *do* have other interests, too – otherwise I wouldn’t have made friendships that have survived across years, distances and even fan inactivity. I don’t perceive the word as negative. Maybe I did at some point, but I don’t believe that slapping a new label on it, makes a big difference, anyway.

If I was at home, I’d get deeper into the discussion. But just to say: I am a fan, and I am not ashamed of it.

Pop!Thorin sends best wishes from Bad Homburg.


26 thoughts on “Benefits of Being a Fan

  1. I’m a fan – and a well-wisher! I think maybe he’s uncomfortable with the term. Kind of like how Ben’s uncomfortable with Benedict’s Bitches. Go figure.


  2. I use fan. It’s simple and direct. As you say…he can call me a well wishers but it doesn’t change my reaction to him. And it’s quite different from Cumberbitches. Though I have to admit, I’m not a fan ( lol) of the moniker Armitage Army!
    Thorin needs to cheer up a bit by the looks of things! 😁

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  3. I’m a fan..To me well wisher means good health. Armitage Army sounds like a bunch of people against other people and causing discord..My humble opinion..I show my appreciation by supporting his charities,buying his audio books and DVD’s I’m not on Twitter and rarely on Facebook,(I was hacked twice).I subscribe to blogs and you all know who you are.Very comfortable getting my news from there..Though I haven’t met you I consider you friends…

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    • I personally don‘t mind the term Army. It signifies a group that sticks together for rather than against something to me (maybe that‘s the army wife talking?). It‘s also a lot less annoying then some other fandom designations. I don‘t blame Cumberbatch for not liking the ‘bitches‘ moniker although I generally object to language policing, especially when it‘s directed at women. But that‘s the thing again—if they choose to call themselves that, is it anyone‘s business to tell them not to?


    • 🙂 “Very comfortable getting news from a few specific fan’s blogs” too.
      But I don’t want to call myself: a well wisher, a fan or a friend…The term fan is too denigrated, despised, overused and ambiguous. I shall speak rather of common interest and / or curiosity of mind

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    • Je ne suis pas une personne très engagée, militante donc je ne serai jamais une “fan”.
      As for the word: “well-wisher”, as Elisabeth Gaskell wrote centuries ago , next time if I could tell something to Richard Armitage, it would be: “I wish you well Mr Thorton/ Armitage!”…But I doubt (because I am to shy) I would neither wait for hours in a queue for a signature or a selfie …


  4. I’m a fan. I would never in a million years describe myself as a well wisher. It feels unnatural and stilted to me. (The German ‘gespreizt‘ comes to mind.)

    If others want to use it, that’s their prerogative, although I sometimes get the feeling they do it to defer to him only and that makes my hackles rise. I understand that being him isn’t necessarily easy and he’s uncomfortable with aspects of fandom. I certainly wouldn’t want his job, but I also don’t want to try and get inside his mind for (perceived) approval every time I fan a certain way.

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  5. I definitely consider myself a fan. Fangirling is done from a distance except for rare opportunities (unless of course you are a crazed fan). I feel like I’d have to actually know someone or interacted with someone more personally to really be a “well-wisher” in the true sense.


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  7. I am a fan,too,although I’ve never enlisted in the Army. I don’t think well-wisher describes the depth of a fan experience . Having just completed five days at Comic-Con, most of those attending were fans of someone or something. And their enthusiasm far surpassed any well-wishers,imo.

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  8. I forgot to add my whole CC connection started with the fandom. Guylty hooked me up with Mimi who “hired” me to help out. And meeting other fans and traveling to hang out has enriched my life immeasurably. I am so grateful for my fan friends. They are the best.

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  9. I’ve tried using well-wisher, but it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as fan, so that’s what I am – a fan, although I’m not fussed with how it may have derived from fanatic!
    Richard has brought so much pleasure to my life, and fandom friendships are an important part of that. I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to so many wonderful women, in real life and online.

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  10. I think in his most recent Christmas message RA used the term “friends” rather than “well wishers” which raised my eyebrow at the time! If you say so Richie!
    I’m happy being referred to as a fan; I have never been interested in enlisting in the Army (is it still officially going?)

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    • The Armitage Army forum is still there. There are still people posting there, although nothing like in its heyday. The website was scuttled back in the summer of 2010. There are also still active (albeit small) communities at C19 and Richard Armitage Central.

      I’ve never liked “army” or identified with it — I think it was more important for that particular generation of fans who saw the name as both a joke and one whose backstory said something amusing but true about them — but I don’t object to fans using it. I get hostile when I see it in the hands of (would-be) marketers.

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  11. I think I described myself as a ‘long time supporter’ on the Urban film credit but as I am never to see it , I may be deluded. Lol


  12. I saw the healing power that sharing one’s fanattitude with others can have. But the destructive power of bullying too.
    However if anyone gets too upset or overwhelmed, why bad words in those murder sentences are continuing their macabre dances against other fans now?


  13. Terrific post! Thanks AB, – if I read it before I’ve forgotten it. She hit the nail on the head – there isn’t really an adequate description . The closest for me is .’pervert fangiirl’ (ahem, woman).

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