Short RA Mention

Hi everyone. I am still travelling. Or travelling again. This time Northbound after a wonderful long weekend. After meeting Kate I had the pleasure of staying with Cramerry for two nights before moving on – finally – to the destination of the trip, my teacher trainee reunion. It was a great meet-up – and we have decided to meet every 5 years from now on.

Above you can see Pop!Thorin enjoying a lovely early lunch in a café in Bad Homburg before getting on a train again. He also approved my purchases in a Euroshop in Aschaffenburg.

I mean, seriously – I had to buy them, didn’t I? All those audio books!

Amyway, I a now on the second but last leg of my journey back home, and I thought I’d share the Google alert I got this morning. Frankly, most of those alerts are crap and seem to simply have celebrity names hidden in the website text somewhere only to appear in Google alerts. This one isn’t exactly telling us something new, either, but it is genuine enough, if click-bait-y.

I have marked you the important bit. This is from an article on a (click-bait) page that writes about that Korean sci-fi film entitled Victory . The screen-shot excerpt above says

With Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), a well-known Western actor was secured.

Wow, big news. Ahem. But well, I like reading things like “well-known actor”, especially when it is in a German-language publication.

The article is HERE but does not really contain anything new.

Just sayin’ .

I’ll finally be back at my mum’s after 6.5 hours of travelling this evening. And I have a long, beautifully illustraed Flat Richie post for you tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Short RA Mention

  1. I think the Google Alerts are pretty interesting (and when something’s happening, useful). They are not as fast as Twitter. I often see things there that, while not necessarily newsworthy, make me smile.


  2. cool tins 😀 just finished 16 hours of the Jeffrey Archer and now have The Fourth Friend to listen to! beat listening to the radio on my commute!
    sounds like you’re having a good time!


  3. OMG, I just noticed something. The original article is in German!!
    No, of course it’s obvious and you even wrote “German publication” but I actually found myself wondering why you’d put the circled quote again in words. For those who might be unable to see the picture somehow? 🤔

    In my defense, I’m exceedingly tired and it breaks down my language barriers awfully. It’s all the same to me today.


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