The Stranger Has Wrapped

Just in case you haven’t seen it on Twitter, Richard’s film son Jacob Dudman tweeted a funny set of pictures to mark the final wrap on The Stranger.

Just in case the tweet doesn’t show – this is the photo set of the “Price family”.

I’ll say it again – these are the type of selfies I love seeing. I really enjoy Silly!Rich 😉. It just makes him look much more human than any of the filtered selfies. Also: #TeamLawn to the fore!!!

Rich’s new best friend Shaun Dooley also posted a mini clip on Instagram. If you look close enough and often enough you might even spot Richard….

Btw – what’s a “penultimate last day”? Is that an oxymoron? 😉

In case you didn’t catch him:

Is that the same costume as in the running scene?

So – The Stranger is wrapped. I have already got the show on my Netflix watch list. And Richard has just recorded a new audio project.


What are you looking forward to most?


37 thoughts on “The Stranger Has Wrapped

  1. I have to go with The Stranger. The audio project sounds interesting, but thought inspiring rather than entertaining and I think we’re due for something really good in the entertainment category. 🤞🏻🤞🏻


  2. Love silly Armitage. You see a glimpse of the Real Richard with the barriers down. I think he really enjoys working with teenagers, seems to bring out the joy in him, makes him appear more relaxed. I bet he makes a great uncle…


    • Absolutely heart-warming to see him mess around with the boys. It’s probably also a welcome distraction on an otherwise intense film set. But yes, he looks convincing like a father 😉


  3. Richard and Shaun BFFs! lol
    i’ve very much enjoyed the banter between those two
    and those pics are super cute (almost make me feel slightly broody! lol)
    really looking forward to The Stranger
    also contemplating whether its possible to get the train to London on the Wednesday afternoon for the Speeches that Changed the World event…even though he’s not been listed as a participant

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  4. Thanks for the recap.
    Actually, that one audio recording of the Elie Wiesel speech might be interesting as he won’t have to be doing any voices and it won’t be too long and Wiesel interests me. 🙂
    Most looking forward to The Stranger, though, and really hope it doesn’t disappoint like Berlin Station did.

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