They Crack Me Up

The other day I wrote about “deliciously dirty uncouth Guy”. I nearly used that adage for today’s blog title, but maybe that is not quite fitting. But just for completeness’ sake, here’s a deliciously double-meaning joke filmed for Instagram by Armitage’s Stranger buddy Shaun Dooley.

Even though I live in a household with three pun masters (…), I initially didn’t catch the joke. Do I need to explain? Giving me the horn… making me horny… There was some added confusion here because Richard initially reacted to the post with this:

And then he changed his mind and said:

Took him two hours to decide it was him, actually 😂.

But whatever, or whoever – I had fun with this – and especially with Richard totally playing his fans with his contradictory comments. (Personally, I think it is *not* him in this clip but his body double, dressed in the same gear. Try to concentrate on his face at the end of the clip – doesn’t look like Richard to me. But hey, maybe he has simply just made me totally paranoid ever since the running scene was filmed 😁.) As for naughty jokes – I actually think they are funny. And I can’t even blame Mr Guylty for that because I suspect I am naughtier than him in this respect. But I enjoy clever jokes and puns, and innuendos are often very witty. They are certainly always surprising – I’ll never forget this one, for instance.

Anyway, my general reaction to all this tomfoolery is: Good on ya, Shaun and Rich! Thy obviously had fun on set – and that will certainly translate onto the screen for the audience. Looking forward to seeing what they created – when they didn’t give each other the horn.



21 thoughts on “They Crack Me Up

  1. I agree with you that it’s not actually our beautiful man. Not tall enough, too shambling when he walks, the hand doesn’t look right, etc. But goodness, the whole thing made me laugh! The joke in general and RA’s silly responses. They obviously had a heck of a good time together and that makes me happy.

    Hope all is well with you! 💐

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    • Hehe, yeah, the details were not right. But whoever it was – it made me laugh once I copped on what it meant. Cheeky sods. Good to know that it is not all method and seriousness but fun, too. After all, actors are also called “players”…
      All good here. This morning all the furniture was picked up in the house. All that’s left here, is an echo 😂. It was much faster than I thought. I think we may have my mum settled by the weekend… *hooray*

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  2. Thought it was great last night. Been following shaun a little while and he’s a funny chap..Did you see his rant about hotel pillows?😁
    It’s been great seeing the banter between them 💕

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    • Is it maybe a British English expression? I didn’t immediately cop on, either, but once someone explained the meaning, I remembered I had heard it before… (I have heard the expression you are quoting, too.)


  3. Love the pun! Very funny! Love Shaun Dooley’s deadpan delivery and expression. Wonder if this was part of a running gag between the two of them? Would be surprised if RA could better this?!


    • I imagine one of them spotted the horn decoration and handed it to the other, pointing out the pun. And then Dooley decided he wanted it as an IG clip.
      I have no idea how this could be bettered… Mind you, I quite liked some of RA’s previous toilet humour *hehe*


      • Thanks for the return of ‘Deliciously dirty uncouth Guy’! Shayn D in the clip is so dryly funny, particularly saying “Richard Armitage keeps giving me the horn” (I know the feeling! ) I assumed it was a US expression, although it is said in the UK. I thought it didn’t look like RA in the clip partly because of the floppy fringe yet he has a floppy fringe in the pic today. Also it sounds like him when RA/double, I think, says “Don’t want that, take it away” – I don’t know, can’t make up my mind.


        • I listened again a few times last night – and came to the conclusion that there is other background noise in the clip, with people chatting. I didn’t really think it was RA at all. Although it would make sense.

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