Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/27

The worst is behind me! My mum’s move basically was done yesterday. And everything went so much easier and smoother than I had expected. My mum’s worrying and fretting had been unnecessary – the movers not only took all the furniture, they also took the boxes with cabinet contents (even though mum had been told that they would only transport the furniture). In consequence, we have basically set everything up in her new flat already, and without having to move 100 boxes ourselves. Hooray. The flat looks great. And conversely, it has finally hit home for me that I am leaving my childhood home forever. The house is not a home anymore. It is empty.

This used to be my room.

And this was the background to our private moving in ceremony last evening. It is done – it is lovely. She’ll be happy there, and I am glad I was here all summer to help her move.

Now the round-up:

  1. Eredin? Who’s Eredin? That’s Trevor Belmont! Pic posted by thani-nuke
  2. Well, the man isn’t called ARMitage for nothing… Set of armporn by thewarriorandtheking
  3. There’s always time for a little bit of Master Thornton. Gif set by riepu10
  4. Aninomori is getting into the swing with another piece of fan art. Here’s to all lovers of shiny tracksuits. And Harry Kennedy
  5. Not sure whether this is a quote from TH itself, but the edit by mmirzasworld looks good
  6. I loved this illustrated fan journey post by mezzmerizedbyrichard. Remind me to do one like this as a blog post, soon! Congrats to 9 years of Armitage fangirling, mezz!
  7. Forehead crinkles – are there any fans out there? trrriple-rrr has the post for you
  8. Oh – I had no idea that Anthony Head was cast as Richard’s dad in TS. Nice casting indeed! Thanks for the info, richardarmitagefanpage
  9. Ok, this is definitely NSFW, and possibly not to everyone’s taste. It’s an Alphabet list of lots of sexy things imagined for Trevor Belmont. Haven’t read the whole thing, yet. Posted by aboutthatcharacters
  10. And here is crazytxgradstudent explaining *her* fan journey in the same vein as mezz above

A short round-up – too many tweets by the man himself 😉. And unpopular opinion: I actually don’t think that the half-faced selfie is that bad. I suspect there is something wrong with the perspective, granted. Maybe he angled the camera weirdly, and that has resulted in shortening his face. However, I’ll take any half-face joke over a stilted, posed, pouty selfie.

I’ll continue carrying stuff back and forth today.

Hope you have a relaxed weekend,

Guylty ❤️


27 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/27

    • You could be right there. I haven‘t tried mirroring the face myself.
      Are you on your way yet? I am back in the house for the moment, shutting down and deleting my dad‘s computer.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention once again. I tried to do couple of Claude Becker gifs, but those got lost between all those new The Stranger wrap pictures. I like that half-faced selfie 🙂

    Btw. Did you get the email I sent to you last Saturday?


  2. Moving one’s parent out of the childhood home is really the end of the childhood. I did the same for my mother when my dad died and it’s quite a task. Of course after my mom died the clearing of her home was just hard but luckily we had a situation with my brother and his wife needing apartment for three months (summer) so they lived there but still.

    About the ‘halfie’ I think he looks so happy it makes up all other things ❤


  3. Looks lovely area your mum’s new place, green, flowers and all. Strange for movers not to take all stuff in 4 moves not encountered that before Here people take everything you move as long as reasonably packed/ gathered. It just costs of course depending on hours it takes


    • It’s a really nice flat, and my mum has furnished it very nicely. I do look forward to returning when everything is fully finished – lamps connected, pictures on the wall, etc.
      As for the movers and the boxes – they took all the boxes that were already packed and ready. But my mum had accepted the help of friends who insisted they wanted to move the boxes with their trailer, that’s why the move was split up. (Sounds worse than it was. Having split up the move meant that we could take our time unpacking and putting things back into the cabinets.)


    • Ooops, sorry, my mistake – that was just a deliberate overestimate. It’s about 40 boxes in total. However, my mum’s old house had six bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom + 2 toilets, as well as three basement rooms and a garage, so there was a lot of stuff there…

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        • Especially with my son here, too. He had planned to be here, anyway, but he turned up much earlier than expected and stayed for longer. He’s been a great help, not just with lifting and carrying things, but simply by creating a bit of a buffer between me and my mum.

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      • Don’t think so look at the area around his eyes. It’s thr facial expression and particularly the myrth in his eyes and the ruffled fringe 🙂 he’s obviously had a great time at work for which i am really happy


        • The ruffled fringe really makes him look a bit younger. (I really liked the look he wore around CA time.) It is lovely to see that he had a great time on that shoot. He really deserved some good times after that difficult year last year.

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  4. I have an idea the half-face was because the rest of it was made up to look as if Adam had been in a fight. There were photos around somewhere.

    Great round-up, as always. Shots like the one in #2 always remind me of my long-ago Latin lessons and that line from Virgil that always made us giggle – I sing of arms and the man…

    (((Hugs ))) to you, Guylty, as everyone says, it’s the end of an era when your childhood home goes. I still check out mine on Google Earth and get cross when the new owners have painted them the wrong colour or something. 😂 I hope you’re not too exhausted from the move and can relax a bit yourself.


  5. well done with all the work for your Mum-you must be knackered!
    re the round up-i like the fan journeys-very cute
    the Treffy sex thing was quite amusing and i would think fairly accurate, lol
    #7 pic does him no favours IMO-sorry!
    the Harry fan art is amazing -esepcially considering he’s in that bloody awful shellsuit, lol

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    • Thanks! I am more mentally exhausted than physically. The moving of items and packing and unpacking was less time-consuming and difficult than expected. But my mum’s attitude to things is more difficult to bear. Five weeks are a long time…
      The fan journeys were really fun. I’ll have to do one like that on blog, too, even though we’ve all been through that sort of thing over and over again.
      The forehead crinkles are kind of cute. BUt I am glad they are not there *all* the time…
      The fan art amused me, too – precisely because of the pink shell suit 😂

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  6. Love arms and, of course, forehead crinklitage.
    The fan stories are nice. I’d do one if I could remember how it all went. (Must seriously look into hypnosis!)
Re the Witcher whatever—I call shenanigans on him being 1.89 m unless he’s excellent at sly slouching.

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  7. Happy to hear all went well with the move, your mum’s new place has a lovely outlook.
    Thank you for including me in your roundup once again. I’m a slack Tumblr-er when it comes to following up things where I’ve been tagged, but I couldn’t resist doing my fan journey again. Nearly nine years – where has the time gone?!! I was still at the merely curious-about-Guy stage this time back then, hadn’t met Harry for another month or so, but by the end of 2010 I was all caught up with Richard. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and yes, you will have to do your own journey post – I love reading of how others discovered him, no matter how many times they’re repeated.

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  8. You must be feeling a mixture of emotions, Guylty, but I’m glad the move went well. Thanks for doing the the round-up. The elastic crinklage is fine by me, my favourite is the sensitive cleft between RA”s eyebrows , when he frowns , that really gets me. You’re right about over scrutinising that half-photo, I don’t like it but he is having fun and seems happy – that’s the important thing. I”m intrigued about the photos of AP after a fight.


  9. Honestly, to me he looks more like a zombie in this photo than he does in any of his selfies. And those are tossoffs — this was obviously taken for some reason. Ick. This is I think the second picture of him in a row where I was actively disturbed by the photo.

    I’m glad you finished the move (with all your family relationships still intact). We finally got a bunch of stuff out of here last week, too. I think my brother and I have decided now that the acute problems are addressed, we are officially waiting for more until either dad decides to do it, or we have to carry him out of the house legs first. It’s just too emotionally difficult for whoever has to argue with dad about stuff. It’s a shame because there are a lot of things lying around that someone could use, but it’s not worth the battle to whoever is fighting it.


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