Homeward Bound

A few days without posts – because when I said the move was over, it actually wasn’t. But now I am sitting at the airport, waiting to fly home – *my* home that is. Five weeks in Germany were a long time. It’s time to go home.

Others are finally heading home, too.

He really blends in, doesn’t he? And somehow I find that this picture really has a Berlin feel to it. There is a lot of beauty in something that may look disorderly at first sight.

My crop is a little bit too small (=resulting in pixellation) but you get the drift. I love the reds of the brick, and the mossy green, the blue windows providing an unusual splash of colour, and the brown/khaki (?) of the jacket… Well, and I really love the casual walk, with the hands in the pockets. If he is homeward bound, then I hope he now has a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks off to take a summer holiday and relax and recharge his batteries.

Myself, I am looking forward to my own home – although that there will be lots of boxes waiting for me to be unpacked. In fact, I think that I am going to continue moving now that I am on a roll. I need to get my study/office/craft room under control. But first of all… the auctions!!! I am going to get everything up and ready tomorrow. I can’t wait to get going on our annual week of birthday fun. Talk soon. xxx


21 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing picture , I like the moss too. I hope the return trip is smooth and speedy! And there should be a small cardboard box awaiting you!


    • Hey hey hello hot elf!!!!!! Nice to see you here 🤗. I have just arrived back in dear dirty Dublin… And yep, the messy ugliness of Berlin has a certain charm. (Although I think that particular picture is somewhere in England – RA was filming in and around Manchester until recently.)

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  2. So many interesting layers in this shot. There’s beauty to be found even in broken and neglected things. Manchester looks like a really interesting location to film. His tweet response was ace 😎
    You must be happy to get home again. Nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after a long time away.
    Get some rest …looks like you’ve still got a lot of projects ahead. Best of luck.

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    • It took me a while to learn to find the beauty in broken things. (Thank god Mr Guylty was always way more open-minded than me…) But yes, there is beauty everywhere, and that messy yard looked fascinating. Not least because of the human figure in it, though *coughs*
      His tweet was so good – I laughed out loud. It really also exemplified what the original tweeter had said – loadsa laughs. Armitage immediately spring to the fore 😁.
      I am really looking forward to my own bed tonight. It has been pretty much exactly five weeks since I left. I haven’t been back in Germany for that long in a very long time. Oh, and never mind staying with my mum for such a long duration. There were a few hairy moments, but we muddled through. However, I think I have earned my comfy own bed 😉

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  3. It’s always nice to be back home in one’s own bed, even after having had a great holiday I’ve found.
    I love this photo for all the reasons given, especially the man in it!
    (PS I don’t suppose the parcel I sent you was waiting for you when you got home………)


    • I had a really good night’s sleep last night. It’s so nice to wake up in my own surroundings – even though I have to unpack three mover’s crates and basically rearrange my kitchen and my craft room to fit everything in that I took away from Germany…
      Dang, that parcel has not shown up, no. I am so sorry, Mezz.


        • The postal service is always tricky. I just received tons of self-addressed envelopes with printed matter that I had sent from Germany. I think it all arrived – but you should see the state of the envelopes. There is one envelope that has such a big hole that some of the contents have fallen out and gone missing…


  4. That pic is very Mancunian…. makes me nostalgic. It’s such a vibrant city much like Berlin lotsa history but fresh young and dynamic too. And that is a great photo full if lines angles and textures and hidden bonus …. I’d be tempted to have him sign it or just frame and display it


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