RA Pocket Shrine 194/? – Paris

While I am finally getting the organising of the auctions on the road today, I thought I’d entertain you with a RAPS reveal. This little bit of fluff will go into the auction.

Ahhh. Paris. City of love. This is a little tin that I bought three years ago in Greece (I think). Mr A has been in Paris a couple of times… But can he fit into this tin?

He can.

Actually, he can-can.

We’ll always have Paris, indeed. And to complete the thought, I have left a little bit of space in the RAPS for the owner to put her own picture beside RA.

For illustration purposes I have chosen the gorgeous Gillian Anderson. I’d actually love to see the two of them in a play or film together. How about a re-make of Casablanca, now that we are talking about “always have Paris”???

By the way, the camera ornament you can see in the bottom part of the shrine, serves a double purpose. It is not only for decoration but it is also the little notch that holds the candle.

So there we have it – a RAmantic little shrine. I hope someone will like it and bid for it during the upcoming auctions. ❤️


18 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 194/? – Paris

  1. Great idea about ‘Casablanca ‘ but I doubt there is a producer brave enough , also casting directors don’t seem to see our guy as the romantic lead anymore, or is that RA’s choice.? It will be interesting to see how ‘Uncle Vanya ‘ goes, there is obviously scope for drama as John Light was injured while doing a fight scene in the Bath theatre production.


    • Yep, Casablanca seems to be sacrosanct. (Ehm, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have actually never seen the film. I know the famous scenes, and the ‘Paris’ line… I would *definitely* watch it if RA was in it, though…)
      Has Richard ever been cast as a romantic lead? I think it’s a mixture of casting directors typecasting him for action, and Richard believing he doesn’t look like a romantic lead. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Meh.

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      • I‘ll do you one better: I have seen Casablanca and I don‘t know what all the fuss is about. 🤭
        I think you‘re right about the self-fulfilling prophesy. Does he even consider these types of roles or does he just write them off from the start? Who knows. It‘ s a bit strange, though, considering his breakout role as Thornton was very clearly a romantic hero role.


  2. It’s beautiful, G! And exactly the reminder I need not to hit “buy” on everything I see online since today is payday, lol. I have RA in Paris waiting for me! Glad you made it back safely and hope you’re enjoying the comforts of home.


  3. Brilliant shrine. I love the can-can (what can I say, some light and silly irreverence always speaks to me) and I love the clever double duty the camera ornament does. Your creativity knows no bounds!

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  4. I was in a can-can once. In a middle school production of Bye Bye, Birdie. Which doesn’t have a can-can in it. I was cast in the dancing chorus. (Many girls of this era, including me, had ballet lessons.) Our job was to circle the main character and ooh and aah while he sang his songs. The Dance Director, a fellow 14-year-old, was more ambitious than than, so she choreographed a can-can to Offenbach and taught it to the 10 or so of us. The play’s director, a staff English teacher, killed it. What did he know. I haven’t heard of him since; She is the producer of a very, very successful t.v. show. Clearly, he didn’t kill her ambition. Take risks, ladies!


  5. neat idea and who doesn’t like a can can? there’s a brilliant event that used to take place in Bristol and they had a cancan as part of the cabaret the one night and it was amazing tbh


  6. Another lovely RAPS. Love the cheeky can can reference and I don’t doubt he’s still limber enough to do a high kick 😉
    Oh to have him speak those words to one though 💕


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  8. So glad you went this Paris way and not the you know pink door and awkward terrace sex lol Much better. Would love to see him with Gill in Anything, on stage would be a dream and they could totally pull a fatal attraction mysterious chemistry thing of. Wouldn’t that be nice! I loved Casablanca, let’s better have something new, that was sort of very much of it’s era 😉


    • Oh cod no. You know my opinion on that piece. If anything, it would’ve become a complete joke.
      Yeah, maybe Casablanca isn’t such a good idea after all. Something new at least has the potential of becoming a new cult classic of its own.


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