The #2019RABirthdayAuctions Are Live!

Three cheers and a hooray! We are finally live with the 2019 RA Birthday Auctions, running for the next three days to conclude on Tuesday, 20 August. This year is bigger, better – more awesome than ever. We have a total of 27 (twenty-seven!) auctions running – that’s not counting the private auction happening via e-mail. In fact, I collected so many contributions this year, that I decided to create a number of “fan packages”, combining items into a fan set that suits a particular chaRActer. Otherwise we would have had 50+ auctions 🙂. An apology here in advance: I am almost certain that I may have left out or muddled up item donors. Please do let me know if I have forgotten to credit you for particular items. It’s not my attention to leave anyone out – forgive me if I did. I’ll edit credits if needed.

Also, at this stage I would like to say thank you to all donors and contributors to the auctions. This fundraiser would not be possible without you. Thank you!

Like in previous years you will find a colourful mixture of fan items that will hopefully suit all tastes, all needs – and all budgets. From coveted Armitage autographs via his work on DVD to one-of-a-kind hand-made items and unique badges. Many of the items are pre-loved, so please be aware that there may be signs of use on the items. You will read more in the item descriptions. For the hand-made items it goes without saying that they are perfect in imperfection! Please also note that I have taken the liberty of setting a starting price for the auctions. These reflect regular prices of the items as researched on eBay and are an attempt by me to guarantee a nice minimum donation. My benchmark is 550 Euro. It would be cool if we could better that.

You can find all auctions in an overview on my eBay page HERE. But for your convenience I have written a summary of all the auctions find a picture, description and link to each individual auction in this post below. Larger and more images of the items as well as further information on the actual items you are bidding on, can be found in the respective eBay auctions. Click on the numbered headline to be transferred directly to the respective listing on eBay. I have grouped them in chronological order of auction start:

1. The John Porter Fan Pack

When it comes to John Porter, I am all heart! Get your Kopfkino going by reading the original novel by Chris Ryan. This is a second hand hardback copy of the novel, originally from an Irish library. It’s in good condition, with a couple of markings (and library stamp), sleeve also still intact with a few little signs of use. You can wear your heart on your sleeve with the one-of-a-kind badge that reads I’m all heart.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:10:44 BST

2. Copy of the TV & Satellite Week (containing an article on Berlin Station)

Upon the release of BS in the UK, the TV & Satellite Week ran an article on the show, featuring a big picture of Richard. Complete your collection of Armitage press cuttings with this fully intact copy of the magazine.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:16:43 BST

3. The Miller Fan Pack

Your chance to show your allegiance to the spylicious Daniel Miller from Berlin Station: On the occasion of the UK release of the show, The Irish Sun ran an article on BS in their style supplement Chic. The magazine comes with the double-spread article and a unique badge. “Miller Time” – without any calories attached.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:19:55 BST

4. The Fun Fan Pack

Need to calm down? Adult colouring books are the solution. Here’s a fun colouring book that was available for a short time (but has since vanished from sight) – Armitage in black and white. You colour him in. And if you want to have him around all the time, attach the accompanying keyring to your keys. He’ll be in your hands, always. Book donated by armidreamer, keyring courtesy of dededotti.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:24:53 BST

5. The North & South Fan Package

Armitage’s most iconic role. Arguably. Definitely the role that put him on the map. Indulge your love of Victorian England with this comprehensive fan package that combines a paperback copy of the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell with the DVD of the 2004 BBC adaptation. You could read along while you watch! And at the same time wear the unique Thornton badge with his heart-melting catch-phrase. Look back at me. Complete the picture by lighting a candle to the Master of Marlborough Mills in the RA Pocket Shrine. With the NS fan package you are set forever – even when Netflix finally decides to drop the mini series.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:28:41 BST

6. The Hannibal Fan Package

A fan item for specialist fans – admittedly, Hannibal is not for everyone. This fan package includes the blu ray disc of Hannibal season 3. Yes, that’s the one with Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde aka the Red Dragon. Cuddle up to Francis with the Red Dragon plushie. And show your allegiance by wearing the cool Red Dragon badge. We owe him awe, indeed. Donated by KellyDS.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:32:57 BST

7. The Dragon Fan Pack

However, if you are a little more into the cuddly side of Francis Dolarhyde (not sure if there really was one, but let’s pretend we are in a fluffy AU here), this fan pack might be more up your street. The cute, original beanie dragon is similar to the one worn by Richard at Comic Con. The hand-made hair accessory combines red rose and red dragon – clip it into your hair and you are ready for the next Hannibal themed con in two seconds. The included Zox strap is a collector’s item: “Sentinel” has a red dragon design and looks fabulous as a wrist ornament. Two postcards with William Blake drawings complete this package. A collective donation from LoLo and Kate.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:36:26 BST

8. The Convenient Marriage Audio Book

A CD set of Richard reading The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. The set consists of 4 CDs and is second hand but in good condition. (Not sure whether you will still be in good condition after listening. 5 hours of Armitage’s velvet tones in your ear might cause temporary loss of poise.) Donated by Kelly.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:40:50 BST

9. Venetia Audio Book

Eargasms included: The 4 CD set audio book Venetia is not only easy listening, but goosepimple-inducing pleasure, thanks to Richard Armitage’s velvet voice. Nearly 5 hours of chocolate for your ears. Donated by Kelly.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:42:55 BST

10. The Thorin Fan Pack

Keep Thorin on your desk. The fan pack contains a holograph bookmark of Thorin and a pen in the shape of the key to Erebor. These two items are unused and come in unopened original packaging, complemented by a Thorin pocket shrine. More bling for your buck! Thorin pen and bookmark donated by Donna.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:46:36 BST

11. The Tolkien Fan Pack

For Tolkien fans we are including a DVD of part 3 of Lord of the Rings. Yes, that’s mainly for Aragorn lovers. But hey, we are throwing in a Thorin badge – so you can admire two Tolkien heroes in one fun fan package. The DVD is second hand and comes as a set of two DVDs.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:49:05 BST

12. The Gisborne Fan Pack

Girls love Guy – and you can see him steal the scenes right from the start of season 1 of the BBC Robin Hood series. The DVD set contains volume one of the series, with episodes 1 to 5. This is the perfect package for Guy’s girls – and the included unique badge will identify you as such.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:51:05 BST

13. The Ricky Fan Pack

Get your kicks on Route 66. On the back of Ricky’s bike. Here’s the fan set for Ricky chicks: A mini RAPS of the bike riding rocker and the unique Ricky badge “Ricky you’re so fine”. Looks especially good on black leather. But will suit any other colour, too.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:53:05 BST

14. The Lucas North Fan Pack

John Bateman never happened. Which is why we are simply stopping with season 8 of British spy show extraordinaire Spooks aka MI-5. Lucas North at his finest. On three DVDs in this second-hand box set of season 8. Note: This is a French DVD – the sound is English, but there are French subtitles. Lucas lives! You can wear your belief on your heart with the complementing badge. DVD donated by Kate.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:55:31 BST

15. Autographed Castlevania DVD

A true gem for Armitage and/or animation fans: This is a DVD of season 1 of Netflix’s animated series Castlevania in which protagonist and vamipire hunter Trevor Belmont is voiced with delicious derision by Richard Armitage. The cover of the DVD set has been ennobled with Armitage’s signature in silver sharpie. Authentic! The set comes accompanied with a ‘House of Belmont’ badge. DVD donated by Midori.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:57:18 BST

16. Shakespeare ReTold DVD

Richard’s turn as Macduff in Macbeth – unforgettable how Macduff collapses on the floor when he hears of his family’s death. See Richard in this fantastic re-imagination of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, set in modern times. This is truly one of my favourite Shakespeare interpretations. A pre-loved DVD in good condition.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 16:59:18 BST

17. Genuine Armitage Autograph

For all of you who have always wanted an autograph by Richard – but never knew how to get the UK stamps required to receive the autograph back. Kate has done it for you: This is an official autograph by Richard Armitage – signed with black sharpie on an image by Robert Ascroft. The autograph comes with the original letter from the office of RA that accompanied the picture.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:01:41 BST

17. The Oscar Fan Pack

One of these days, Richard will win an Oscar. To be prepared, consider bidding on this comprehensive Oscar fan set: Keep your notes in the black notebook. Make it fun by using the Oscar stickers – or keep them for your Armitage photo collection and stick them on when he has finally got the coveted award. And with the original Zox strap “California” you can wear Los Angeles on your wrist. All items new and unused. Items donated by LoLo.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:03:17 BST


Whether you are into steam punk or not – these badges are just the biscuit: Designed and made by Rachel, they are true collector’s items. They are not mass-produced but hand-made and rare. A badge for every chaRActer. Almost. Check the following links:

18. Badge: Nape Curl Club

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:04:42 BST

19. Paging Dr Track

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:07:24 BST

20. Moody Anti-Socialite

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:09:05 BST

21. #TeamShrubbery

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:10:10 BST

22. #TeamPatio

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:11:14 BST

23. #TeamLawn

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:12:17 BST


24. Guy Jewellery Box

Who better to look over your jewels than Guy? This is a fan item hand-made by Andrea. The wooden jewellery box has been decorated with green mosaic. The inside contains two images of our favourite Black Knight. An ideal fan object that is discreet on the outside – and swoon-worthy on the inside.

*ooops* – the item location is noted as “Dublin, Croatia” 😂. Well. No. Just Croatia, please 🇭🇷

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:13:44 BST

25. Golden Hour Fan Pack

Orange is the new white: The demi-gods of today no longer wear white doctor’s coats but orange jump suits. At least dishy Dr Track does. Watch Richard perform open heart surgery under water (or something like that) and swoon at his white t-shirt thanks to the DVD set of Golden Hour. Donated by Paula, the DVD comes with a set of two keyrings. One for yourself – and one for a friend?

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:15:44 BST

26. The Snowman Book

An item for the kids in your life. The Snowman has been immortalised in the fandom since Richard read the story for an audio book last year. This hardback copy of The Snowman had been donated to #FlatRichie by Michele, but was removed (with Guylty’s blessing) from the package in order to get the weight of the shipment down. Instead, Kathy has offered to send this book to the winner of the auction.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:17:14 BST


27. Ricky Deeming Steampunk RAPS

Ricky rides again. The black-clad motorbike rebel from the series George Gently is the angel of speed in this pocket shrine. The tin is a genuine antique. This is a mixed media diorama with some interactive fun and a candle to light for the admirable chaRActer. Or the chap who played him so convincingly. More details here.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:19:20 BST

28. Paris RAPS

We will always have Paris. And one of you will always have the Paris RAPS. This little pocket shrine contains a mixed media diorama of RA in Paris. It comes with a candle and leaves space for your own picture beside RA’s. If you love Paris, have been to Paris or would like to go to Paris, this is the shrine for you. Read more about it here.

This auction ends 20 Aug, 2019 17:21:17 BST

29. Custom-made RA Pocket Shrine

Finally, a custom-made RAPS. This is a mixed media piece of fan art, contained in a mint tin, dimensions to be determined. It includes two mini candles and holders. The winner of this auction decides on her own custom-made pocket shrine. You choose size and theme. For inspiration, check the Guylty Shrines gallery. Note: This item is *not* auctioned off on eBay but by e-mail. Bids can be placed by e-mail to me, Guylty. This is the procedure :

  1. Send an e-mail with your bid to, subject line “Bid for Custom RAPS”.
  2. To make things easier for me, please convert your bid to Euros, since the donations will be transferred in that currency. A handy converter is here.
  3. You will receive confirmation from me that I have received your bid (in case of delay, please bear in mind possible time-difference)
  4. I will update you on the bids on the blog and on my Twitter.
  5. Please subscribe to the comments of this post in order to get notification of bid updates.
  6. You may raise your bid, but please only bid if you really are prepared to win the auction (and pay).
  7. Bidding is open from now until 6pm, Tuesday 20 August 2919.
  8. The auction winner will be notified by e-mail.

All proceeds of these auctions will go to Shelter via Richard’s JustGiving page. If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, let me know and I can facilitate!

So please check out the auctions! Bidding is open for all, anywhere in the world – electronically on eBay, and via e-mail for the custom RAPS. You can also be part of this auction without spending money – by simply supporting us with tweets, FB posts, blogs etc. Your voice is just as important as your purse! Let’s have fun and do good in one fell swoop.

Thank you for generously bidding for a good cause as a great birthday present!


[Edited to correct donor.]


62 thoughts on “The #2019RABirthdayAuctions Are Live!

    • This year is bigger and better than ever. So many donations. In fact, I actually did not even put everything up for auction that I have collected over the last year. It would’ve been too much. (Have to be careful with eBay – you can only sell up to a certain threshold…)
      Thank you back to you for your donations. As you will have seen, I haven’t even put all the Zox straps in. I think it would be better if we did a separate auction/sale that is targeted at the Zox community. I hope you approve.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. books, dvds, magazines, handmade items; there are a lot of great things here! I look forward to watching the prices rise 😎 (I noticed the ? in the audio book descriptions, meaning you can’t remember who donated, I assume. it was me 😉 get with it, girl! it’s not like you have a gazillion other things to keep track of 🙄 😀 )


    • Phew – I suspected that. I will edit that properly. Thank you – and massive apologies, Kelly. I hope you have already noticed that some of your donations are barging ahead with bids. Yay!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done! I think the combinations you have done are spot on…..the Hannibal package looks great in particluar as do all the RAPS! Here to lots of bids!


  3. Argh. I can’t increase my bids on anything. They’ve put a “temporary limit” to stop my deRAnged bidding behaviour. The only way to fix it is to link to PayPal and then it could take 24 hours to release, but I can’t even find anywhere in eBay to do that. Maybe I am just too distRActed! Maybe if I go on my computer instead of the mobile app. Wish me luck. (I wonder why this didn’t happen last year.)


    • In case anyone else has this problem, apparently this is eBay’s new way of making sure people can’t overspend and get themselves into trouble — new this year. I ended up calling customer service and they easily removed the temporary buying restriction.

      I’ve set up a PayPal account and could find the linking button on the computer, but it could take 24 hours for the link in eBay to work. So if anyone also needs to set up a PayPal account, sooner would be advisable so that you will be able to pay quickly if you win a bid.

      I’ve got two active bids right now… exciting! Thanks for doing this, Guylty and team. I love the trailer, by the way.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Only now had time to read through all the item descriptions and I have two corrections for donor info: The Castlevania DVD is not from me. It was from midori (?) who accidentally bought two sets. You paid for the autograph. I put it under the Armitage’s nose. It was a veritable mini United Nations effort. 😉

    You must’ve confused it with the Macbeth which I donated (I don‘t care about that but don‘t want M. to go uncredited for Castlevania).


  5. OMG this is amazing. I’m not just laughing out loud, I am cackling, rather loudly, at my screen. It’s an incredible amount of work, thank you, and I can’t help wondering what “innocent outsiders” think if they stumble upon these things on eBay while searching for…other things. Let us know if you receive any particularly entertaining seller queries, okay?


    • Hahaha, that’s a good question. I was asking myself a similar question when I was setting all the categories for the individual auctions. What if someone puts in “Castlevania DVD” and they get to the offer including that badge? *grins*…
      But deal – if there should be any interesting queries, I will share them with you all.


  6. I am so excited! Good luck to all the other bidders. I hope we are so successful as last year.
    A big thank you to you and all the generous donors for the fantastic items


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  8. Wow, what an amazing collection, I don’t know where to start! You’ve done a wonderful job putting it all together Guylty, I’m in awe. A huge thank you to donors and bidders, I’m proud to be in such generous company.


    • It’s huge, isn’t it? So many cool donations – something for every taste. In fact there were more things – I didn’t even put everything up for auction because it was simply too much… And yes, what a generous bunch. I hope we’ll generate another hefty sum, as in previous years.


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  10. UPDATE for the custom RAPS auction: Received a bid for 25 Euro earlier today. The bid has now been raised to 35 Euro by another bidder. Massive thanks to you both. I think this development will mean I have GREAT news to pass on soon.


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  12. Love the way this spans his career and includes so many fan made items. Warms my heart to see all those DVD and CDs as well.. It’s nice to have tangible mementos in a world where all media has gone digital xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right, I never noticed that but yes, there are things from different phases in his career. Golden Hour is almost pleistocene…
      And dito on the tangible media. I have just started completing my Armitage archive after relying on files for too long. Now at least I still have some DVDs, should something happen to my laptop or the cloud.


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