Milepost Post 1 – #2019RABirthdayAuctions

In 2017 we had the milestone series.

Last year I called them “Landmarks”.

This year I have settled on mileposts. And here is milepost #1.

I’m too sexy for this post

As of this evening, we have passed the first big milepost. Thanks to your bids we are currently at a total of 1,020 Euro. That converts to 1,131 $ or 931 £. Thank you to everyone who has made a bid so far. You are amazing.

For your entertainment, here are the notable stats of the day:

  • We have two items that have already passed the 100 € mark: The Ricky Deeming Steampunk RAPS with 104.50 € and the Castlevania Fan Pack with a massive 102.50 €
  • The custom shrine is currently at 35 Euro. (Bidding for the custom shrine via e-mail to
  • The coveted North and South fan package continues to have the highest number of views: 135 times. Highest bid here is currently  70.50 €.
  • Talking of bids – the most bids were attracted by the “Moody Anti-Socialite” badge: 22 bids have been registered so far; the badge is currently at an incredible 37 €.
  • We now have 28 out of 29 eBay auctions active. The one remaining item that has not yet attracted any interest *cue sad violin music* is The Convenient Marriage Audiobook. At 15 € starting bid its is actually a steal!!!

Let me reiterate my thanks to all viewers, watchers, bidders and donors out there. Each little “ding” on my phone (whenever a notification comes in) is like a micro-high! I’m trying not to see this with dollar signs in my eyes 🤑, and yet I am delighted with the progress. Greedy for a good cause!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. I am going to bed now – not sure whether I can sleep. Especially after that milepost…





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