Welcome and New Look

After alerting Korea of his imminent arrival last night, Richard emerges with a new look at Incheon Airport and is greeted by his Korean fans. Here are some great pictures and videos as seen on Twitter. (I’ll try and update the Twitter Moment if there is more.)

What do you think of his new look? I definitely like the glasses – hello Mykita! – and the hairdo is different. Stolen from The Stranger. 😉

In any case, a nice welcome. Where was the slave to carry all the presents?

Oh, and well done to our fan sisters in Korea – they really met the challenge at short notice😊


42 thoughts on “Welcome and New Look

  1. it’s like a cross between boy next door and teacher…it’s really cute and again looking fresh and alert
    i giggled at the story of him hiding in the rest room though…

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  2. Looks like he’ll be in Korea for his birthday unless it’s another flying visit. Loving the air kiss! I’ve never seen him do that, at least not that he’s been captured doing so, but what a sweet man. The glasses are slowly growing on me, but I’m still not a fan of them. Somehow though, I reckon they do make him look younger – the Daniel Radcliffe effect?!!


  3. Not sure if I’m alone in feeling a bit creeped out by the new look; RA looking like an adult Harry Potter just doesn’t do it for me. Just my personal preference but I definitely prefer the ruggedly handsome look (#Team Beefcake) over “cute” Richie.
    Couldn’t help chuckling at the rather surreal image of RA wandering around Seoul Airport concourse with a flock of fans following in his wake and then hiding out in the toilets😆. Could imagine him trying to call his agent from a toilet cubicle: “Help! I’m a celebrity! Get me out of here!!”

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    • Well, if you are putting it this way, I’d probably rather go for the “ruggedly handsome”, too. But well, in absence of else, I’ll also take Harry Potter sen.
      He – I hadn’t seen the scenario like that. Admittedly amusing. Especially the “celebrity – get me out of here” possibility.


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  5. The floppy fringe suits him and i think so do the glasses. Nice to see a different look on him. And it works well with his diamond shaped face ( stuff i learned recently). It does make him look weirdly young and sort of innocent. It’s amazing how he can totally transform with so.little change. I mean compare this to propping up the post man. I find post man much more alpha attractive but this is probably more real Rich tbh 😊 nice to have variety to look at. And glad i went back in time to catch up as first think i clapped eyes on today when i looked at twitter after an age was some drama-lama. Ffs… instead of everyone enjoying he sharing his mug around for us to see more than usual. Anyway.
    Suspect being away and working on his bday is no issue, it’s more likely the norm rather than the exception. Doesn’t strike me as the big party, going out, big bday bash kind of person anyway 😉 I’m sure whichever hotel gets his business this stay round will produce a birthday cup cake for his breakfast or similar, any receptionist can Google these days


    • Those pictures are absolutely stunning. If I was the photographer, I’d be thrilled with myself. (BTW, there is a good bit of photo shopping going on in there, though… No wonder he looks so incredibly young, fresh and smooth…)


  6. Oh and the man is turning into an addicted trainer collector! How many pairs does he own? Maybe that’s why he lugs this massive suitcase around?! My 2 months live out of your suitcase and work every day is 1 small back pack and a suitcase half that size. I’d love to see one of those features with Rich ‘what do you carry in your suitcase Mr A?’


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