Milepost 2 – #2019RABirthdayAuctions

Ok, I’ll spare you my usual long-winded intros. You made it. We passed another milepost.

That deserves a full-size Dr. White 

This is what we are at: Overnight we received a few bid updates. However, the bigger push have probably been two further donations to the fund. And thus at 9am this morning, we pipped past the post and are now on 1,510.50 €. Thank you to all!

Experience tells me that there may yet be a few developments possible. Consider this: If you had a donation of 20 € or 25 € earmarked for the birthday anyway, why not bid on an item and actually try and get something back for your donation? You could be giving money – and receive a gift in return. Here are a few items that are currently

Less than 20 Euro

The Convenient Marriage Audio Book currently at 16.50 €

TV & Satellite Week magazine currently at 13.50 €

#TeamPatio Badge currently at 13.50 €

Paging Dr Track Badge currently at 12.50 €


Less than 25 Euro

The Dragon Fan Pack currently at 24.50 €

The Tolkien Fan Pack currently at 22 €

#Team Lawn Badge currently at 21.50 €

Snowman Book currently at 21.50 €

The Miller Fan Pack currently at 20.50 €

Venetia Audio Book currently at 20.50 €


All auctions are now in their last seven hours or less!

The first auction to end is the Porter Fan Pack, due to finish today at 4.10 pm. After that, auctions finish every 5 minutes or so, with the last auction – the Paris RAPS – ending at 5.21 pm. The bidding (by e-mail) for the custom shrine will end at 6 pm. 

I am planning to watch the last moments of the auctions live – there is often still movement and bidding drama (of the best kind) ensues. I’ll try and live tweet a bit, if I can. Please do join me, if you are online.

Once the auctions have finished, I am going to keep the donations open in case bidders lost out at the last moment and would like to donate some of their earmarked auction money instead.

My last dream would be to increase the proceeds far enough that the actual donation sum is NET 1,500 € – i.e. it would be brilliant if we made in excess of 1,660 € – via bids, or via donations. That would keep us over the 1,500 € milepost. A nice round sum, don’t you think?

Ok, I have talked too much – I better post this. Many thanks to you all!


13 thoughts on “Milepost 2 – #2019RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Is the custom RAPS still at 100 €? And apologies because I’m sure you’ve already said, but when does the bidding on that end? A while after the Ebay auctions so that we can reassess our budgets, perhaps? 😬

    Many congratulations to everyone!


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