Post-Auction Syndrome / And ‘My Zoe’ Goes TIFF

Hello there. I am quiet today. I hope you enjoy. Are you still celebrating in your head? I am. I have also started sending off the items in the post. Not all yet – I had an issue with real life deciding to get in the way 😉. But you will know when your item(s) have been posted via eBay.  Meanwhile, donations have continued to come in. I can let you know that we will definitely be transferring a sum that has the number “2” in front, even after we have deducted the fees that are due to eBay. Thank you – I received some amazing contributions last night! I’ll reveal the final tally tomorrow before I transfer the sum to Shelter on JustGiving. (It would be brilliant if I could receive ALL payment for the auction items until then, please!)

Now, apart from this update, to make it worth-while, I am linking to the latest My Zoe news. You have probably heard that Richard will be attending the Toronto International Film Fest in two weeks’ time to attend the premiere.

If Richard has indeed started a new era of fan proximity, then fingers crossed for the Toronto fans for a nice little announcement when and where to meet Richard off the plane… I suspect that expectations have now been raised considerably.

More interestingly, the TIFF website has a summary of the film that provides more info than I have known until now.

Oh-oh. The summary sounds ominous. I find that lately I just cannot bear to watch films that have harrowing parent-children storylines. The “notorious doctor” sounds deeply suspicious, especially in context of “Mother’s love knows no bounds”. For me, this almost comes across as horror creepiness. It’s hard to tell what exactly Richard will be playing in the film. The ex-husband who was part of a “toxic marriage”. He’s billed after Daniel Brühl and Gemma Arterton – I presume that has a reason and maybe I won’t expect a particularly large part for Richard in this. – Despite what I perceive as “horror”, I *am* quite curious to see the film. I have no doubt that it will be picked up by buyers, though, with Julie Felpy at the helm. Pity that there isn’t any film footage and stills of daddy!Armitage available yet.

Armitage during an earlier spell in Berlin



6 thoughts on “Post-Auction Syndrome / And ‘My Zoe’ Goes TIFF

  1. ‪The final sum sounds tremendous! 👍🏻 Could you please confirm receiving my payment. I payed right away yesterday and my bank confirmed it. I’ve never used PayPal before so I’m wondering 😳


  2. Tomorrow should be another lovely day and it’s wonderful that the sum is also looking so good 🙂
    With the movie, wow i am glad R is going to the premiere, he did indicate he would look forward to going, boy that is some travel he is doing in a short period of time but good he’ll be there.
    As to the movie itself i’ll admit to being split… not entirely sure it’s my cup of tea, it sounds more interesting to watch that others we’ve seen recently and sounds like it will be good. However, i’ll be fully honest here, it’s clearly the mother’s movie and it sounds like his involvement will be minimal and given she’s also the hero of the movie, the recovery from toxic marriage clearly sets him out as at least as a highly unpleasant character. So will i watch this if it comes my way? Unlike the Lodge, likely yes… is it something that as a fan of his i a likely to enjoy or am truly looking forward to.. er, no.


  3. Thanks so much Guylty for organising this auction. It was a big undertaking particularly coming so soon after your mother’s move. You are a bright shining star and it is an incredible result.


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