A Present for Richard Armitage [Donation Transferred] #2019RABirthdayAuctions

It is done! For the first time in four years I have actually managed to transfer the donation from Richard’s birthday auctions on the day of his birthday. Before I get to the sum, I would like to give you all another pat on the back. The raised funds turned out to be bigger than I had imagined. In fact, they are four times as much than I had modestly calculated when I set the starting prices for the auctions. Even the fact that I had to deduct the eBay fees did not throw us back beyond the last milepost. That is due to the generous donations that kept coming in after the auctions ended. Thank you very much to everyone who took part, donors, bidders, supporters. You rock!

And so let me show you the accounts for the 2019 RA Birthday Auctions.

However, the important bit is the following tally – the final donation sum after deducting the eBay fees. Drumroll, confetti, fanfare:

This is just massive. I can’t thank you all enough. 

I am shaking as I am writing all this, and I was shaking an hour ago when I clicked on “transfer” on the JustiGiving page: As of now, the funds raised are with Shelter via JustGiving. I have added a little birthday message to Richard, signed off by all of us.

If you would like to see for yourself, you can hop to JustGiving via this link.

As is customary, I would like to add my own little birthday message to Richard via this blog now.

Sorry, just being cheeky 😉

Dear Richard,

another year, another birthday message. From the final throes of your half-German spy, via quality earcandy in various genres, to catching glimpses of you filming a new drama in Manchester, it is always exciting to see and hear what you are up to. I have particularly enjoyed seeing you putting your plans of meeting your fans in action. Red Dragon Con was a highlight, as were your recent encounters with fans in Korea. The prospect of seeing you on stage in London next year, is also exciting. You know, it never really gets old, following your career.    

You, too, also never seem to get old! And not just in terms of looks. They are just superficial. But to have an open and young mind, that is a precious gift that I hope you will hold on to in the future. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious, your talent is prodigious, to say anything else would be sacrilegious 😉. Thank you for inspiring, entertaining – and sometimes challenging us. 

Wishing you continued success in your career, new challenges in your professional life, much happiness and joy in your personal life. 

Forever fondly yours,

Guylty ❤️

38 thoughts on “A Present for Richard Armitage [Donation Transferred] #2019RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Oh wow, what a fantastic final result. Thanks for all the work you put into this. It’s the best way to celebrate. Excitement, fun and a good cause. Cheers to you and the birthday boy!!
    🥂🍾 🥳 🎉

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  2. This is just terrific!! Großartig, I´m so proud of all of us and of you and your amazing efforts, it just wouldn´t have worked without them! Danke and hugs!!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. A result very worthy of celebration, I’m proud to be a part of this community. What a lovely message S, you’ve summed up what he means to me, to many of us, so eloquently. xx

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  5. What an incredible result! I’m so proud to be part of a group devoted to doing such good works. Many happy returns to our inspiration and much love to our amazing Guylty for her leadership, creativity and organizational skills. 💐


  6. Such an awesome result! I feel like we all received a bit of his birthday gift…the part that’s the uplifting feeling of good will. What an honor to be part of this generous community. Thanks for sharing your sweet message (and cheeky past, present and future edit lol 😂) & well done to all who participated ❤️


  7. Such a lovely thing and so well done all on time. Lovely thoughts as well I’d forgotten about his goal to meet more fans. Seems he’s carrying through. Hope he does more talks and interviews. 😊


  8. Congratulations to all involved! I veryone.wander in on occasion. Love the pictures and personal accounts of the rarifield air around RA. Glad your auction went so well, Guylty! He is a very blessed boy. Hope he recognizes it. I like to think he does.


    • I’m sure he does. He’s said thank you for the donations today, and donations in lieu of birthday presents have been sent in his name for many years now 🙂 It was lovely organising our fundraiser for his birthday, again.


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