Accounts, Acknowledgment And Armitage Partying

Actually, I should’ve put the last item in the headline to the front. I just love seeing Armitage genuinely cheerful.

Armitage Partying

Seriously 😍.

Hello ratty Tee, great to see you again!


Ok. And now on to the boring serious bit. I was joking with Dorothea on Twitter that I can’t help myself when it comes to filing and keeping documents, I am the daughter of a German civil servant. 😂 In fact, I was a civil servant myself, for a short time, when I was a teacher. And thus I would like to quickly present the final note on accounts. Yesterday I only showed you how the final donation was generated (e-mail bid for custom RAPS + donations + (eBay bids – eBay fees). However, there were also a number of donations specifically intended for covering of the postage costs. I received a total of 152.40 € in postage donations. The actual postage costs taken on by me totalled 199.30€.

Thank you to all donors for helping with the postage costs. Much appreciated. Also thank you to Paula, Andrea and Kathy who paid the postage costs for the items that they donated and sent to the winners. 

The fact that I have a receipt to show also means that all auctioned items have been dispatched to their new owners. If you are one of them, you should’ve received notification of the tracking number via eBay. Note: For winners who had bought multiple items, you will only have received a tracking number via *one* of the items you purchased. That is just eBay making it difficult and not allowing me to add a note that *all* items have been dispatched, in the system. However, rest assured that your items are *all* on their way to you.


And finally, here is the automated reply via JustGiving:

Thanks to some tweets that included @Shelter on Twitter, the charity also sent an little acknowledgement.

I am passing on the thanks by Shelter to all of you. Fantastic effort. Especially as I realised only yesterday that our 2019 result has been the biggest yet if you take into account that we deducted 175 € for fees, and 152.40 € for postage. In total, the amount raised was thus 2628.01 €. Staggering. Thank you.

And now I am putting the 2019 Birthday Auctions to bed. It’s been a blast – I’d do again, if I have *you* by my side.






17 thoughts on “Accounts, Acknowledgment And Armitage Partying

  1. For many years I simply donated to the Richard’s charities the sum I could afford but this year, thanks to you (and of course others who participated in the auctions) it was such fun! I am happy to be part of it! Feeling goood 😊 Thank you! ❤️😘

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  2. Wowza! Such an incredible result! Thank you for your incredible work on this. I hate to think what a “professional” charity organizer would have charged for all that you do, and not done it half as well. This amazing part of the fandom truly makes August bearable for me again. Thank you all.

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    • Ha! It had never occurred to me that there might be such a thing as a professional charity organiser! (Mind you – it would be a job I’d love to do!) Yes, August is always a highlight, simply for this recurring little project.

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      • Oh, there definitely is such a thing. Maybe I’m cursed with such knowledge due to where I live and work. You would be brilliant at it! To bring compassion and good humor to a job that can be quite difficult would be your forté.


  3. Just amazing and makes me feel good about the good cause. Nice of Shelter to acknowledge. I think it’s more work for you but definitely more fun to put ny few pennies into the communal pot rhan do it individually

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    • Yep, nice of them to actually reply. (I have otherwise absolutely no expectation of acknowledgment. It never has been acknowledged, apart from the pre-written formula thank you letters that charities mail out. And of course, RA has never shown any sign that he knows about these things, either. But that is fine. The objective was to generate a donation for Shelter. It matters greatly that we have achieved that :-))

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