Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/28 + My Zoe Trailer Drops

With the Toronto International Film Festival and thus the premiere on our doorstep, the trailer for My Zoe has finally dropped. Interestingly, it is only there in German so far – which makes for a very strange viewing experience once Armitage turns up on screen. I will never get used to his dubbed voice. It just doesn’t seem to be *him*. Here is the trailer. (A few explanatory words afterwards.)

The trailer establishes that Delpy and Armitage are the split-up parents of Zoe, juggling custody of their daughter after their break-up. All is hunky dory until one day Zoe doesn’t wake up in the morning. She needs emergency surgery due to a brain haemorrhage, which mother Isabelle tells ex-husband James. His voice over says that he has found out from the doctors that the brain haemorrhage happened mostly during the night. Isabelle’s mother (?) refuses to believe Zoe is gone, and urges Isabelle to “go on”. We hear from James in the next scene “Something terrible occurred to me after Zoe was born: Everything has to suit *your* needs.” Isabelle: “You mean because I wanted to go back to work a year after she was born?” “Six months!” “So what!”. Isabelle’s mother urges her to do something. James: “I thought we were meant to help each other let go of her.” Isabelle: “I will never let go of her.”

Isabelle goes to Moscow where she consults Dr Pirot (?), played by Daniel Brühl. She tells him her daughter died two days ago. He says he can’t bring back the dead. And now the trailer relies on visuals to hint at what is coming. Interspersed with microscope imagery of cell division and inserted surtitles spelling “How far – does the love of a mother – go?”, the doctor asks whether Isabelle hasn’t got any moral scruples. She says no. In conversation with the doctor’s wife (Gemma Arterton), Isabelle says that everything – her (child’s) interests, likes and dislikes – are determined by the DNA…

Soooo – that gives us a much better clue of what this film might be about. It actually sounds much less “sci-fi” to me than I thought. The trailer makes it look as if the story will be about the moral implications of cloning a dead child. As for Armitage – I actually had the impression that his role is bigger in this than I thought. Character-wise he doesn’t come across as a particularly likeable character (yet) – see the accusations above. Implying that a woman is a bad mother for wishing to return to work soon after her child’s birth, is a big no-no for me. Sounds as if someone is still living in the 19th century. His collapse in the hospital corridor reminds me of the scene when McDuff is told that his family has been killed in Shakespeare ReTold: Macbeth. There is a lot of anger there again – Brain on Fire?

Having said that, I am intrigued enough by the trailer to want to watch the film. I am interested in seeing how this unfolds (and whether what I think the film is about, is really what is going to happen), especially if it is also put in the wider context of the struggle of women to reconcile their desire for a career with their desire for a family. (I am not looking forward to seeing Armitage as the villain of the piece, though, if that is what he is…)

And now, the round-up.

  1. First gifs of the My Zoe scenes with Richard – here by riepu10
  2. I enjoyed this photo collage of Thornton and Margaret by jenlads-kedhed
  3. Richard likes stripes. From an early age. Pic set by ra-of-light
  4. That latest advertising click bait by Audible? Here without the unnecessary words by ausschweifendemotte. I really, really like this photo
  5. And I TOTALLY love this birthday edit by riepu10. Not sure why it is on the side here, probably because it was so large. Best bit: to-scale-Thorin!!!
  6. A gif set of smiling Richard by mzperx0506universe for Richard’s birthday
  7. 48 = 195. If you don’t understand the calculation, check thewarriorandtheking’s post
  8. I totally love these supercute fan art drawings by aninomori
  9. Here is riepu10’s birthday gif
  10. Oh, I might have to revise my anti-priest stance after seeing this gorgeous piece of fan art by moodyhedgie
  11. Fizzyxcustard isolates Richard in his winter wear from The Lodge
  12. Dwarf hair and beard kink? vpaskalsky has something for you
  13. Pic set for Thorin by kcaesthetic 
  14. Throwback to Use me as your cardigan by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Phew – a weekend to rest and relax.

Enjoy yours!

Guylty ❤️


11 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/28 + My Zoe Trailer Drops

  1. Thank you for the translation! I’m really looking forward to MY ZOE. It looks so interesting. But our beautiful man is so thin! The gifs from riepu10 show how hollowed out his poor neck is. I know it was a horrible time for him during filming though.

    I can’t see #4 because I’m not in Tumblr but #5 and #8 are terrific! Thank you for another marvelous roundup. Hope you have a great weekend.

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    • The same occurred to me, LoLo – he filmed it during that difficult time, and it shows. Sadly, it kind of fits the theme of “bereaved parent”, of course. In hindsight, it sounds even worse that he had to deal with bereavement both privately and professionally at that time. Kudos to him for ploughing through. He is a real pro!

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  2. Oh dear, possible villain of the piece? Thank goodness Adam Price is on his way! I will go to see this film though if the opportunity arises, Richard is on the big screen way too rarely to give it a miss simply because his character is unlikeable.
    Thank you for the link love once again. I thought it was worth revisiting that play because we have quite a few relatively new bloggers to Tumblr.


    • Maybe villain of the piece is a bit too strong. He might actually be the moral conscience of the piece… But typecast or not, Armitage on screen is always a must.
      And even as an old fan, I really enjoyed the TBT the old stage production. Thank you for that!

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  3. Thank you so much for all the mentions! I’m not sure If I deserved so many.

    #5 I put that pic sideways because in right way it looked microscopic. I know it looks weird that way, but you can see who’s in the picture

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  4. Thanks so much for the “My Zoe” trailer synopsis! The child’s death plot line is so wrenching. And the moral and ethical issues surrounding the concept of child cloning will no doubt serve as a cautionary tale. But, we’ll see–and hopefully hear in English at some point.

    Sadly, I do not know German. My late German maternal Great Grandparents had settled in the U.S. sometime before my late Grandfather was born in 1879–that’s the right year, my mother was the youngest of his children and she married and had us late in life. And in giving my late Grandfather and his siblings English sounding names, my late German Heritage Great Grandparents elected to focus upon assimilating into their new home in the U.S. Although, my late Grandmother would sing Brahm’s Lullaby to us in German when we were little.


  5. The film looks really good..Lots of themes. I don’t think he’s a villain per se…more an antagonistic character..there has to be a devil’s advocate character. Guess we’ll see when it comes out. I imagine it’s probably a tough watch if you have kids.
    Can’t believe how fast Paula got those gifs out! Lol

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    • He could be the moral conscience of the piece. I would like that.
      And yeah, I don’t usually like watching pieces where children die. It’s just something that touches me on a really deep level. It’s unfathomable.
      Leave it to the RArmy to be on the money… *hehe*


  6. Thanks for the translation Guylty. My Zoe looks like an interesting film, although I am not fond of illness as subject matter as it is so often mawkishly done but hopefully not in this case. Won’t it be weird adapting to RA as a brown-eyed handsome man! I’ve no problem with him playing a villain – he he. Thanks also for the round-up, I love no 10, Reipu’s line-up – Daniel really stands out in his hansomeness here. 8 though, hmm, his new youthful Harry Potter-ish, spectacle model look is one thing, but I can’t cope with him depicted as a little boy blowing kisses!


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