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How are we all on a beautiful sunny Monday morning? You can tell from my first sentence that I am in a good mood. That is because I just received good news. To tell you why, I have to go 12 months back. – Like this year and the years before that, I auctioned off a custom shrine in the 2018 RA Birthday Auctions. *hooray* Here comes the bad bit: It took me several months to create the shrine for the winner. *boo* But in May this year I finally did. And to make up for the long delay, I dispatched the RAPS together with the Thornton-inspired junk journal. That was on the 13th of May. The package “was received” in the US on the 15th of May. And that was it. No further update from the mail services. I kept waiting – and did not really want to ask the recipient because I wanted it to be a surprise.

Then the summer came and I was gone for a long time. Occasionally I would search via the tracking tool, but there was no update. I resigned myself to the reality of a lost parcel and vowed I would recreate the shrine and resend. Served me right for being such a fusel and procrastinator! – And then, today, I received the wonderful news that the package actually had *not* gone missing but arrived at destination. But due to various circumstances the recipient had not been able to get in touch with me. It doesn’t matter – I am just glad that she is fine and that the shrine arrived. So here it is.


The shrine it self doesn’t give it away on the outside, but the photo set up does – this is a shrine with a “book” theme.

Someone is having some fun reading… See more of the quip in the next picture.

*ooops* Did someone infect me with their naughty humour? Mr Thornton is already shocked, and is covering his face in despair. Can you spot him?

But well, all is good – that’s a sweet sentiment, isn’t it?

Books have meaning for the new owner of the shrine, that’s why I decided on this theme – and for the background of the shrine. I hope she likes it. I didn’t think straight when I was making this, and so this became a smaller RAPS than planned. She actually deserved a bigger size shrine because even though she is mostly fangirling in the background, her contribution to the fandom has been big. Thank you xx.

In any case, that’s a story with a happy ending, if there ever was one. I *vow* to this year’s winner of the custom shrine that I will be much better and create her RAPS much quicker.

On the subject of shrining…

You could call it creative chaos. You could also call it what it is – a f*ckin’ mess. Don’t ask me how I can sit there and craft *at all*. But I actually have been. I started a mass project last week and am down a few little boxes already.

And then my conscience actually *did* speak to me and I started tidying up and sorting through. I took 5 big bags of clothes to the charity shop yesterday, and there are 4 big bags of books that can go to the paper recycling. Yep, I know, books seem sacrosanct and should be donated, too, but these are old travel guides and my school books from when I was teaching. They are all out of date; really, I don’t think anyone would have any use for them. I started on the bedroom, but now that I see a lovely, tidy, pretty bedroom, I am motivated to get my mess of a study cleaned up. Wish me luck.


37 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 195/? – Reading

    • Ah, thank you, S – that’s a great explanation. I, too, know where everything is. I know which heap to search underneath *hehe*. But yeah, every once in a while I do a big tidy up and try to be master of the mess. It’s time, again.

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  1. Lovely RAPS and such good news about the delivery!! Hip hip hooray!! I am delighted to hear that the Thornton jujo is not lost. Phew. I once received a package from the US one year after it was sent. It was wild.

    My craft table looks very similar at the moment. Maybe now the vacation aftermath is largely under control, I should tackle that next. 🤔


    • I think Thornton would’ve been easier to recreate than the shrine, but yes, I was pleased that that wasn’t lost, either. It just seems to be fairly unpredictable what the mail services are doing with parcels – or with tracking…
      Hooray on getting everything back to normal after the return from the holidays! Well done. And yes, only one project at a time. The tidy-up of your craft-table can wait until the next weekend. (That’s how I see my tidy-up project, too – I did the bedroom this weekend; next is the study. But just one step at a time.)

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  2. Lovely shrine Guylty and I’m glad it reached its recipient. Some people can only work in a neat environment but I’m always more creative in organised chaos. You’ve inspired me today though with your pretty new bedroom to tackle the floor-drobe in mine.


  3. Oh great news, I remember you saying how disappointed you were that it might be lost. It’s a great little RAPS…bit of saucy humour which so always good!
    Well done on tidying too as I know how daunting it can be


  4. What a relief that your shrine wasn’t lost after all. From what I’ve seen on those ‘X Country’ Customs and Immigration shows, it’s a wonder anything gets anywhere. Better not send the peaches one to Australia or NZ, they’re strict on food imports over there. 😉

    PS Your desk is a model of order compared to mine and I don’t do crafting, it’s just common or garden office stuff!


    • LOL – yes, those fruit better stay in Europe *hehe*
      And I am glad to hear I am not the only one with a messy desk. I just can’t help it, it always gets messy again…


  5. Fantastic news! I was afraid it met the same fate as the Guy shrine #1 of last year’s auction. ( I still wonder whatever became of him 😢)
    Lovely shrine – Mr Thornton at the library groaning over RA’s cheeky comment hehe -my favorite part 😆 I love your hidden little surprises.
    As to your desk- here’s a quote from Albert Einstein: “ if a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” Seems like he was saying a messy desk is a more creative, productive one. Now, I would have to agree with tidying up the bedroom and sorting out clothes and unwanted books. It has to make you feel really good with the result. The bedroom should be a calm space imo. Well done, you 😉


    • Oh, I love that Einstein quote. And yes, let’s go with what he is implying… Apparently Einstein also said “Order is for idiots; genius can handle chaos”. I might print both of those out and hang them on my wall above the desk… Vindication…


  6. Funny, that desk also looks like my home desk! Apparently there are a few of us! I think I’m at the polling where I’ll have to create some order on the long weekend. As my mum used to say, “Tidy room, tidy mind!”


  7. 🙂 Lovely shrine! You are working with the post offices. They play a major role in regional development and international fans cohesion and happiness. The fandom could bless you!
    Yesterday, I was cleaning my daughters’ bedroom, so that she will be able to fly back from Corsica on saturday . Then she will pack on sunday and drive to study in Brest University. C’est le destin des mères de gérer l’intendance… ):


  8. What a relief to know your RAPS made it to its destination. I can remember a time when I didn’t worry about the mail and if it would reach the recipient, it was a given.
    As for my craft/sewing table, I can’t even reach it at the moment – everything from the bathroom and the laundry is in the sunroom while our renovation is going on and it’s buried. I’m actually looking forward to cleaning up, because I’ll cull stuff as I go, not everything is going back!


    • That’s exactly it, Mezz – I used to trust the postal services, but these days I expect the worst.
      Oh, you are renovating? That is exciting! And you are right – the great opportunity of tidying up is that you can sort through things and cull stuff. I am planning on doing that in the study/office.


  9. Lovely shrine, I’m pleased it reached its destination.
    I have a fridge magnet which states ‘Creativity is messy and I am VERY creative’. Rather apt I think.


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