Circumstantial Evidence

So, I was scrolling through the Groupon offers yesterday, because I was looking for a birthday present for my mum. She turns 70 this year, and rather than put on the customary birthday bash at home – in Germany, people tend to invite scores of friends and family for their significant birthdays to a restaurant for a massive birthday celebration; we’re talking 50+ guests here – mum has very sensibly decided to escape the festivities in an already highly expensive and exciting year. She’ll be in Ireland with me, not least because I also have an unloved, significant birthday coming up. Less said, the better. I have a massive problem with that number. So I was thinking of giving her a weekend away with the family, hence my perusing of the Groupon offers.

Sorry, longwinded explanation. So I came across this fancy resort I have had on my map for quite a while. It is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the West of Ireland and it has been out of my price range so far. But this Groupon offer… looked enticing. I started scrolling through the photos in the description, until I did a double-take on this photo.

Do you know what grabbed my attention? It was the white line in the centre of the image, the electricity pole to the left of the purple rhododendron bush. As did the valley created by the two mountains, and the flat-chested bosom shape of the mountain in the centre. “Hold on a minute, is that…?” It took a patient search through Google’s image search until I had found the selfie that I wanted. (I don’t save “his” selfies on my computer, because I rarely like them, and this one was no exception, really.)

Yep, that’s the same electricity pole right there.

Cool. I like being able to pinpoint a location.

Oh, btw, it’s no secret that the Pilgrimage crew was staying in this particular resort. It is called Delphi and it is right in the middle of nowhere near Killary Fiord. The nearest village is called Leenaun. It’s about 300 kilometres away from Dublin.

Atlantic on the left, Killary Fiord on the bottom. Delphi red dot. Google Map



57 thoughts on “Circumstantial Evidence

  1. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ := For sure it is “an area of outstanding natural beauty in the West of Ireland”. I was so desperate not to be able to stay any longer there. Connemera place will be engraved forever on my memory.


  2. Very impressive. I can’t pull things out of my memory from yesterday. And your brain stored that selfie image all this time. Just another amazing Guylty talent.


    • *snorts* yeah right… all that completely useless knowledge, stored in my brain. I have often said that I could rule the world if I put my brain to proper use *hahaha*


  3. Talk about fan forensics!!! Can you book that very room, because I think he was on that very balcony, don’t you? Tell me you don’t want to plant your feet there and see if there are any vibes to be absorbed….


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