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Yesterday’s post about completing the fan archive turned up really interesting comments. I am very impressed to read that so many of you have pretty comprehensive collections of Richard’s work on DVD. FantasticRCA even posted a picture of *her* DVD collection on Twitter.

Full marks for everyone! I personally do not think it is our *duty* as fans to purchase the works that our favourite man appears in, but it sure can’t be wrong to support his bankability by buying the films and series that he has appeared in on DVD. (It probably has more impact when it happens as a film/show is released, rather than me buying up second-hand copies years later, but so be it.) I have to confess that I had really been guided by practicality so far – I only bought on DVD if something wasn’t available online. But I am keen on getting a full collection now. So here’s a little update on my DVD collection – I found some more in my DVD cupboard.

Meh. I have just realised: Where is my copy of NS???? *screams* After all, that was the one that started it all. Hmph. I must have overlooked it in the DVD shelf.

Anyway, so, following on from DVD collections, I thought I’d address another area of fan collecting.


Let’s go back to last week. If you remember, I was tidying up last week, and I started with my bedroom. The dressing table needed particular attention. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, Zox straps all in a big heap, mixed in with dust mice. Not lying. I really had dropped the ball on that one. I rehung my necklaces, found a beautiful glass jar for my bracelets, sorted my Zox straps in one of my hand-made display folders, put my rings on a little tray – and had no idea what to do with my brooches. What’s the best way of keeping them, especially when you want to be able to get an overview over the things you own? In the end, I did an impromptu DIY/hack – I had a small, simple, wooden tray, and I fitted a piece of left-over grey foam packaging into it so that I could pin the brooches onto it and display it on my shelf.

And on second glance something occurred to me: Out of 14 brooches, half are Armitage-related. 😱 There are my Hobbit pins (presents from Mimi, I think). I made the red dragon rosette myself (and wore it to RDC5), as well as the key to Erebor. The latter was a keyring which I bought online and then stuck a pin to the back. Works a treat! A much loved brooch is the gorgeous silhouette of Mr Thornton in that ornate brooch. This beautiful thing was made by a now-inactive fandom friend called Agzy. Happy days back then! The last two items that I counted as “Armitage” – ok, the connection is tenuous: They are those two round badges, a present from Hariclea, because of the designer’s name – Armitage. Oh, stop, no, and there is a very cool other item related to Armitage – how could I forget. The latest addition, a totally unique and precious, Steampunk-inspired badge by Lady Steampunk, Rachel, herself. Porter Lives! – indeed.

Anyhow – that’s how I started thinking about the Armitage jewelry – or “jewelRA” (the capitalisation joke is beginning to wear thin, I know, sorry) – in my possession. The badges are pretty obvious. But I have a few other items that are in my mind connected to Armitage. There is, for instance, this gorgeous necklace that I was gifted by a fan sister.

It was sent to me with the note that it reminded the generous donor of Guy of Gisborne – the non-precious metal and the blood-red stone. So for me this has always been the Gisborne necklace. I think this necklace came from Nokisuu. The necklace is a fairly discreet fan item. So I can wear it without expecting any questions. The same can not be said about the next item.

I think this is so cool – and I don’t wear it often enough, partly because I wear yellow gold so rarely, partly because a couple of the cabochons have come off before and I am afraid I might lose them. Another gift from a fellow fan, I received this from Lemonjapp way back in 2014, iirc. It’s funny and gorgeous at the same time.

Do watches count as jewelry? Well, only if they contain pretty.

This contains pretty pretty. 😄 Another fan gift, this time from a long time ago when I was still *really* active on tumblr, given to me by Sketchlavie. Not sure whether she is still around in the fandom… It has been a long time…

So, that is my collection of jewelry that is somehow RA-themed – or related to Richard. I go through phases when it comes to wearing jewelry. There are times when I put on a different set of earrings every morning, or I change my bracelet every day. And then there are times when I am lazy and depressed? and I just wear the jewelry pieces that I *always* wear – my silver ring, my camera necklace and 5 small stud earrings. I really want to get a bit of variety going, though, and make more use of the jewelry that is on my dressing table. Good intentions.

So, what about you? Any pieces of jewelry related to RA in your possession? Where did it come from? Do you ever wear it? I would love to know.

[Edited correction]


17 thoughts on “Collections: JewelRA

  1. Americans call dust mice dust “bunnies.” So funny, these silly details one learns being in an international fandom.

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE seeing photos of other fans’ collections. That FANtasticRCA puts her RA DVDs in the cupboard with the doors…so they privacy…is so funny.

    That bracelet by Lemonjapp: GORGEOUS!!!

    Sketchlavie and Agzy. Names I remember. Miss them both. Come on, ladies, are you lurking???

    My reply: all my RA “jewelry” is from YOU. Pins with cheeky words on them that I wear for fan meet-ups.


    • Yes, there is definitely an educational side effect to all this otherwise useless knowledge *hehe*.
      I couldn’t agree more – I love seeing what other people have collected. Some collections are very impressive indeed.
      I’m afraid that both Sketchlavie and Agzy have permanently moved on…
      And *ooops* on the cheeky words *haha*


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  3. I have a porcelain yellow rose for Mr Thornton as well as the deRAnged badge. Nothing else jewelley wise .Though I’m making myself one of the badges for Uncle Vanya next year themed on the play.
    Got a moderate amount of his work on DVD though buying 2nd hand isn’t much different from pirating. Not that I’m in favour of pirating.


    • Respectfully (!) but strongly disagree. In what way do you feel buying second hand is akin to pirating? I’m honestly curious.

      Pirating is theft, plain and simple. Buying second hand is legal, reduces waste and gives things another life.

      I’ve read this argument before regarding books and even many authors say there’s nothing wrong with buying their books second hand. The same argument doesn’t get presented with clothes, cars or furniture. That would be like BMW saying stealing a car and buying it used is the same. I’m confused why it always comes up with books, music and film. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️


      • i guess because the original author only gets paid once. I wasn’t saying pirating was right and tbh almost everything I buy is second hand. I guess i was being a tad flippant-i am very tired


    • Whot? Buying second-hand is like pirating??? Whoa, Rachel, I am feeling slightly offended here. I beg to differ. Those DVDs were legally obtained and I did NOT copy or steal them. If what you say were true, then what about loaning audio books from the library? Is that state-sanctioned pirating, too?


      • sorry, no offence meant. I’m a bit away with the fairies at present . With libraries, i believe authors get royalties on loans.


  4. Don’t have anything and I lost my deRAnged badge a while back. Again (that was my second one). I think next time I’d need to pin and sew and glue the badge on my bag or something.


  5. I own some of your badges (so cool!) and Guy of Gisbornes ring for Marian that ended up on the ground in Sherwood Forrest. I don’t wear that very often because the little stones tend to fall off but I wore it for all my exams as some sort of lucky charm and it helped – or at least that’s what I tell myself. But psssssssssssssssst, don’t tell anyone, it’s a bit weird 😉


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