Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/29

What a lovely calm week after the frenzy of the one before… So much so that I ran out of topics to write about and didn’t post yesterday. There is only so much “collection” stuff I can prompt… However, the positive side effect was that I had time to shrine.

Blink blink blink… I look forward to unveiling this lot. Soon.

Let’s see what tumblr had on offer this week. Quick word ahead, though: A couple of weeks ago tumblr was sold to Automattic, the company behind WordPress. An interesting acquisition. They snapped up tumblr for really cheap. When it was initially sold a few years ago to Yahoo, the now defunct company had to pay a whopping 1.1 billion US-Dollars for it. Now, it was only worth a fraction of the price: 3 measly million US-Dollars. However, tumblr and WordPress are a good fit – they are both blogging platforms, and it looks as if the CEO of Automattic will not meddle with tumblr to its detriment but bring back what made tumblr a success in the first place: quick, easy blogging and reblogging, as well as a kind of timeline-based pin board with a social element. We’ll see what happens – and if the new ownership will bring new rules and hopefully reinvigorate the community there.

  1. Riepu10 went to her local Lego store and created a Lego Guy of Gisborne. This is fantastic. If she went back and made a few more, I am sure she’d find takers… *hint hint*
  2. I think this quote by Richard on Sir Guy is well-known, but included here because I like the idea of combing imdb for some gems like that. Posted by quiverheart
  3. A piece of Thorin fan art by kdrawingblog and how it came about
  4. A gif set by riepu10 – despite the torturous and tortured theme, I have always loved this scene in Hannibal for the Cubist effect created by the broken mirror. Testament to the amazing aesthetics the show was characterised by
  5. After recent airport appearance of Mr A, this imagine by ladybugg1235 probably features in many a fangirl’s mind
  6. Ausschweifendemotte has done her magic on the first images of Richard as James in MyZoe
  7. Richard likes stripes. Evidence found by ra-of-light
  8. Massive thanks to ausschweifendemotte for cleaning up that gorgeous Audible picture of RA
  9. A couple of pictures from The Lodge posted by riepu10. I know we had seen the coat one before, but the picture at the dinner table was new to me
  10. A nice compilation of screenshots and info re My Zoe, compiled by drldeboer
  11. An old gif by circusgifs, but John Porter’s eyes are just so beautiful

Short. But yeah…

Have a good weekend,

Guylty ❤️


9 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/29

  1. It’s all about the eyes. I somehow find the look with the brown contacts sinister. Anyone else?

    The Porter oic is fantastic and IMO most closely represents how his eyes actually look when you’re looking at him. They come out really blue in many pictures, but to me the striking thing wasn’t the color but how luminous they are. Sorry, I can’t describe it any other way.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more about the brown eyes. Really spooky – at least for us, who know very well that his eyes are blue. But well, the role required it. It’s interesting to see what a difference the colour of eyes makes.
      Luminous is a good description.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It‘s really a big difference for such a relatively small change. We‘ll see if that influences our viewing experience.

        I was totally blown away by the quality of his eyes IRL. #LeSigh


  2. Thank you so much once again for all the mentions!

    #1 I can try to make more Lego Gisbornes when I go to the Lego store (in Helsinki) next time. Those are second hand blocks so it’s a bit mystery what I can find.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The quote about Guy and Marian. I’m not one to tell someone how to ship, but this is one of the reasons why I can’t ship these 2 characters. My skin DID crawl when they were together, but it wasn’t him that made my skin crawl – it was HER! And the beginning of the series, when she rebuffed Robin right away, I was like – YAY! Strong woman. But then she became obnoxious and self-centered and I think Guy deserved better.

    But I’m unashamedly Team Guy-Genevieve.

    Damn, I need to write some more of them!

    Thank you for the roundup. It’s a nice break from Hurricane watching!


  4. I was wondering if anyone will go to London in October to see The Lodge. .Horror isn’t my thing but I think I could manage it in company.


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