208 Left To Go

No, this is not an OT post!

Remember this?

Well, there have been changes.

Hm. I think it is now several years since I last could see my table top 😂. Anyway, at the weekend, I bit the bullet and got into it. There was no particular reason; I just felt like tidying up in order to free my mind a little bit. I put on my current podcast obsession (“The Lady Vanishes” by 7 News – another true crime story that is absolutely fascinating to listen to. Australia seems to have some very interesting stories going on. A few weeks back I listened to “The Teacher’s Pet” and that was also compelling.) and then sorted and tidied and cleaned and shifted. I filled two huge bin bags with rubbish and charity shop items, rearranged the bookshelves a bit and finally found a solution for *all* my future RAPS tins in *one place*.

I admit, the box isn’t pretty to look at. Have to do something about that at a later stage. But now *tada*, here is a look at the full shrine collection.

Doesn’t look like much? Well, wait and see.

In full glory:

Let me count for you… That’s 98 “all shapes” in the box on the left. 71 Altoids and other similarly shaped tins in the middle, and 39 large tins and antique tins in the box on the right. 208 in total.

😱 😱 😱

The next 200 RAPSes? Because 🥳 – I can already disclose that I have hit my target. In the meantime: thank you to all of you who have gifted me these tins. The vast majority of them came from you. I shall try and use them for what they were intended for. 😘


59 thoughts on “208 Left To Go

  1. Oh wow, that’s an epically grat cleaning job. Most impressive!! I congratulate you.
    And all the tins, nice and neat. And so, so many. You won’t be bored any time soon.


  2. What a lovely old old chest of drawers. I’ve been on a tidying and cleaning jag as well, but the result’s not nearly as impressive as yours – too many bits, not enough places to put them in!


    • Oh Jenny, you haven’t seen the other room where I do my paper crafting… it’s horrible. At the moment it is so messy, there is actually a *path* leading to the desk through heaps of paper stuff. 😱I need to practice what I preached to Sue and get to work on that…
      The chest of drawers is one of the very few pieces of furniture that a) belong to *me* (as opposed to the antiques that are in this family home) and b) are inherited pieces… Both my grandparents’ families were dirt poor – or refugees and lost all after the war – so this old chest of drawers is very special to me…


  3. Great job! I’ve found a clean up really does make a difference to me mentally.
    Now that our renovation has finished I’m in the throes of cleaning up, but it’s going slowly. As I put things back into the new bathroom cabinetry I’m culling as I go, so it’s a case of sometimes shifting mess from one place to another, but I’m seeing gaps now on the sun room floor whereas this time last week it was covered with stuff. You have a collection of lovely tins – mine is bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I’ve bought on special and shoved into the depths of the previous bathroom vanity. I must have a couple of years’ worth now. *eyeroll*

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    • Hooray – so the reno is over? Well done. Yep, renovation and moving is always a great opportunity to chuck things. I know the whole “hoarding” problem. As you can see, I hoard those tins. Ridiculous! At least you now have a whole array of shampoos to work your way through.


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  5. For 30 years I have practiced Yoga our class resumed after the summer break today and the teacher suggested if we wanted a ‘smile’ we were to ‘google’ men in kilts doing Yoga.
    It’s harmless and guaranteed to make one smile .


  6. Wow that’s a pretty impressive transformation! Good job. I happen to be a good one for shoving things out of sight in closets and cabinets as my short term method of handling clutter. Unfortunately at some point that habit tends to backfire and I’m faced with no way out but to deal with it head on. I do feel like a weight has been lifted after a good tidying up session though.
    I’m amazed at your collection of 208 tins and all the possibilities awaiting them. Then I think about all the shrines you’ve already created and how they have been scattered all over the world. It makes me wonder how many countries there are in which your RAPS have made their home. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. 😎


    • I think closets and cabinets are a *great* way to avoid clutter 😄. My problem is that I have not enough storage. And the few cupboards there are, are filled with stuff that belongs in this old house. Postcards, brochures, old clothes, sheet music by the heap…
      As for the shrines so far – I am currently in the middle of editing my shrine book, vol. 2 🎉. At some point I had a map of the places where the shrines had gone to. But I didn’t keep it up 😟


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