Latest Sighting of #FlatRichie

It has been a while, and he was certainly not at the forefront of my mind while we were having the auctions, but now Flat Richie has resurfaced. In fact, he has already arrived at the destination *after* the one I am reporting today.

Flat Richie was in Zagreb. Since Andrea posted extensively about it on tumblr, I’ll let her speak 😉 rather than summarise everything. She has illustrated her report with lots of lovely images. Have a look yourself, and if you can, give her a shout on tumblr 😉

Wait, there’s more!

Sorry for the long display – that’s tumblr’s settings. But at least you are now up to speed. It looks as if Flat Richie had a real holiday in Zagreb – with proper sightseeing and all. So many great photos, too, with the RAPS in situ and on location. Fantastic. Many thanks for hosting Flat Richie, Andrea. I hope you’ll have lots of fun with your chosen items 😊. And yum, I’d like a pizza and some beer right now, too 🍻. (Sorry for the missing A and E… once Flat Richie is back here, I’ll replace them!) And I loved the look at your fan collection in your house. That looks like some proper collectibles! 👍🏻

Oh, and lastly – I have already had word that Flat Richie has safely arrived at his next destination. Fabulous. We’ll soon hear from his next stop!

This where we are at now:



24 thoughts on “Latest Sighting of #FlatRichie

  1. Andrea, Thank you for sharing your visit with FR and Guy. It looks like you showed them a great time. Your pictures are wonderful. The city looks lovely and you have a really nice Tolkien collection. You made some great gift choices too.

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