ICYMI Richard Loves Korea

I guess it’s a long-distance relationship from now on πŸ˜‰

Just in case you can’t see the pictures:

Fingers crossed this post stays up. Love the longer hair. Loathe that black cap.

So, Toronto get ready – I guess that is Richard’s notice for you to meet him at the airport. πŸ˜‚


21 thoughts on “ICYMI Richard Loves Korea

  1. Am loving the longer hair!!!! Although it eventually grew on me, Trevor’s hair left me largely meh! Agree about the hat. More meh!

    SO yeah, I’m wondering what he’s been doing in S Korea….


  2. He is looking especially fine lately. He looks relaxed and happy. I’m loving his hair length and I hope he keeps it that way for a long time. When his hair is super short he looks older and his angular features are more severe and sharp imo. Not a fan of the ball cap either -but the toothy grin is gor-geo-us! 😁

    Hmm I wonder what activities he experienced on his trip that he needs permission to share?


    • That’s it – the longer fringe definitely softens his looks and makes him look younger. In the latest airport pictures he really doesn’t look like a man in his late 40s. I guess it also helps that he has his hair dyed.
      I wondered about the “permission”, too – maybe he was referring to the film?


  3. Nice to see RA smiling and having a good time. He must be racking up the air miles. Do you think he has an assistant to help him keep a diary, book flights etc? Or maybe his agent does all the admin?

    Re the baseball cap, I don’t think he actually suits them but they are handy to have around, speaking from personal experience (keep sun off face, hide hair). Maybe the cap comes out when he’s having a “bad” hair day? #TeamHairpiece πŸ˜†

    Ps. I thought it was only me but I have been having problems with Yahoo too. X


    • LOL bad hair day… You blaspheme, Zigzag πŸ˜‰.
      Yep, I’d say he has some sort of assistance. Ok, the professional stuff (auditions, contracts, appearances, new roles) is probably organised by his agent, but the travelling… I’d have thought that the relevant production companies organise all that? I somehow can’t imagine him poring over flight searches and hotel reservations. I don’t know…
      And phew – Yahoo came online late last afternoon again. Really not good. Especially as the company hasn’t even bothered to send an e-mail with explanations to their users.


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