And Off He Heads

True to his word, Richard put in an appearance at the airport and is on his way again. Photographer “The Hunter” has posted some preliminary pictures from the back of his/her camera.

I have to say it is really sweet being met with these pictures as I get up in the morning.

When he arrived last week, Richard had his suitcase and a carry bag with him. He leaves with an additional big green bag. Lots of pressies that he was given? It was his birthday, after all. And souvenirs picked up in Korea?

And now off to Toronto, presumably. I can’t wait to hear from the premiere of My Zoe. Fingers crossed that there is a Q&A or a bit of a press junket so we hear more of him.

Perfect start to the weekend 😍


52 thoughts on “And Off He Heads

  1. He must’ve “acquired” a lot of new stuff: Birthday presents, farewell gifts, costume parts, bestowed props, souvenirs….. An extra piece of lagguage to schlepp. 😊 (Now one wonders again, where is home???)
    Ahhhhhhh…, and an unpicturesque hiding cap again!😉


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  3. I have tickets for the My Zoe premier in Toronto and hope to catch a glimpse of him. (I’ll have to be restrained because my husband is taking me for my birthday. ) There is supposed to be a Q and A as well.

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  4. It’s a Korean custom for the host to give gifts to their guests. With it also being his birthday, I’m sure he has been plied with lots of interesting gifts.

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