Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/30

Finally the round-up that you have been waiting for. With so many items that I don’t need to waffle beforehand to make this a worth-while read. 😁


  1. And the award for best hair acting goes to… Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne. Gifs courtesy of riepu10
  2. A compilation of white granddad shirts… eh… polo shirts, compiled by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  3. “I like your horse.” Sorry, insider joke. But a great compilation of Richard on horseback by deepestfirefun
  4. And here we are with eyes again. And nose. Not to mention stubble. *gulps* Gif set by circusgifs
  5. I had to laugh out loud at this. Yes, times haven’t changed. Gorgeous even when derping. Found by asgardianairlines
  6. You might be surprised to learn that photography was already around by the time Elizabeth Gaskell penned North and South, so imagine this was her immortalised romantic couple… A piece of fan art by maraiad
  7. Two reasons why I had to include this manip in our round-up: The sentiment, of course. But also the poster’s name. Inlovewithamantwicemyage. Richard Armitage, by any chance?
  8. There is something about this video snippet of a very wet Guy of Gisborne post-dunking that makes me think he is not even acting there… Posted by orangesinnumerable
  9. Yeah, Claude Becker may have been a douche bag. But wow, is he mesmerising to look at. Gif set by kendaspntwd
  10. The sentiments might be controversial. But I totally believe in Good!Guy. A picture set by armitageadoration
  11. Undoubtedly a manip. Those arms are just a tad too hairy. But I do find this convincing. Posted by mmirzasworld
  12. And another one by mmirzasworld that I really liked. Thorin – sigh
  13. Sorry, mmirzasworld again. And a description of Thorin. Not sure whether it is a quote from the book or not, but I like it
  14. Very eloquently said, stars-on-fyre
  15. Throwback to a very mature looking Richard. There’s something to be said for grey temples, short hair and a greying beard – a nice contrast to the current youthful look. Picture set by mzperx0506universe
  16. Ohhhhh, blasphemy, thewarriorandtheking!!! Don’t mention the F word! (Eyeliner is fine, though.)
  17. Round and round and round he goes… Honestly, I felt a bit dizzy watching this. Or maybe it is only because of that enticing tiny little glimpse of booty there in this video by support_rich_a – reposted by richardarmitagefanpage
  18. Marta-elentari on the choice of Armitage and Freeman as Oakenshield and Baggins. Yep, nailed it
  19. A piece of fan art where John Proctor and Thorin Oakenshied collide. Ok, or Armitage as their common denominator. By shackles2garlands

Entertained? I hope so 😉.

Happy weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️


14 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/30

  1. What do you mean, no waffle? Why? I love waffle(s). Where is my waffle? Give. Me. WAFFLE. *pouts*

    +++Hair acting at its finest. All Richard‘s face/head acting is excellent. I could just watch him without sound sometimes and be happy.
    +++Not a fan of the polo. *meh* Contents of the polo OTOH. *yeah*
    +++Lovely horses. Nice rider. 😉
    +++Porter face is always excellent.
    +++There‘s a derp among the lastest Hunter pics as well. Still gorgeous.
    +++Wet Guy, sad Guy, desperate Guy, mean Guy… Guy is always a good idea.
    +++Claude is wonderful to look at. I feel an O8 rewatch coming on…
    +++I honestly dislike all manips. There‘s enough real RA to go around, I don‘t want strange body parts mixed in.
    +++No. 15–idk why, but the $8 haircut hits me right in the feels.
    +++Posterior!Armitage can indeed be dizzying.

    Great haul this week. Enjoy the weekend!

    P.S. I think you‘re nice and I like your round-ups.

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    • No worries, there will be plenty of waffle as the days progress, Kate. There always is *evillaugh*
      I really love gifs I have to say. That first one is just an example – it’s so interesting to focus just on *one* scene and intensely watch… Hair or no hair.
      Yeah, not a fan of manips either – at least not when body parts are exchanged. As you said, totally unnecessary. Perfect as is.
      And LOL on your PS. *doffs hat*

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  2. Thanks for the round up.
    Richard ‘s hair at the moment seems so unstyled which makes me suspicious about his role in the Korean film. LOL
    I hope we get lots of lovely interviews from Toronto where our guy gets intelligent questions to answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, tell me what you mean by “unstyled hair > suspicious of role”. Do you think he’ll be wearing a wig *eeeek*?
      It’s Saturday now – and isn’t today the day of the premiere? I really look forward to hearing more about that film!


      • I hadn’t thought about a wig, more a feeling he was letting it grow after The Stranger, perhaps so it could be ‘styled’ prior to his next role (Spaceship Victory) but as it looked the same I feared he was only doing audio or wearing a costume which would completely cover him up.


  3. What a bountiful crop Guylty, thanks. Seeing all these variations of RA, particularly the bearded and greying ones, after seeing the Toronto pics, where he looks astonishingly young ( and knock-me down gorgeous) it’s incredible that it is the same man but still beautiful in all his guises. 1) I love the dirty dissolute dishevelled Guy with his wet hair and I agree about the manips, unnecessary. Looking forward to the return of the waffle.


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