#TeamLawn All The Way

Sorry, all lovers of the beard, but this…

In case the photo doesn’t show.

Apparently it’s World Beard Day. But sorry, this is way better… Not so sure about mustard combined with blue check, though. Someone is going to *kill* the red carpet today.



24 thoughts on “#TeamLawn All The Way

  1. And I thought that I was slain before! I’m not sure what y’all are talking about as far as mustard and checks and whatever…all I can see are those #blueblueeyes. 😉💙💙

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    • I think it very much agreed with him, judging by his looks and his general gushing about the country. He seems to be in a great phase recently – I just saw a jokey photo with him from TIFF, too…

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  2. Oooh, yay for #TeamLawn, what a lovely way to start my Sunday, I can see I’ll be glued to the laptop for a while more catching up on what’s happened overnight! I really like a mustard and blue (preferably navy though) combo, but reserve judgement on how it suits him until I see a full body shot! 😉


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