Pet Project vol. 2

It’s taken four years… At the beginning of this year I didn’t think I would finally get there. But then it happened sooner than I thought.

Klick the book below and you’ll be taken to a preview of the thing.

Volume 2 of my shrine documentation. Yep, this is what *I* get out of the shrining shenanigans. I let go of all of the shrines, happily so, because before they go on their way, I take pictures. And then I put them into a book. Like most artists, I don’t actually pull those books out of my bookcase and flick through the pages every day, admiring my handiwork. Quite the opposite – it’s always slightly painful because the self-criticism never stops. But having the book means that a little part of my work remains in my hands. I have just ordered the book to be printed, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. If you are curious, you can see Volume 1 HERE, btw.

Thank you for supporting me in my ‘hobby’. I still love making these. And I see a lot of purple in my future 💜!


Richard Armitage at Variety Studio at TIFF 2019. Picture: Michelle Quance/​VARIETY/​Shutterstock

29 thoughts on “Pet Project vol. 2

  1. This is fabulous! I can only think of the joy this collection has generated for both the creator and lucky recipients. Congratulations and well done! ❤️


    • Thank you, Donna 😊. I actually do enjoy having this record of the shrines I made. (I am annoyed with myself for not having properly recorded where the individual shrines went. I could probably still collate most of the info by going through the shrine posts one-by-one… Maybe that is my project for the next 100 – keep track of where they are going.)


    • Aw, really? I’m both flattered and surprised. It had never occurred to me 🙂
      These books are printed on demand, i.e. you can theoretically go onto the platform, search for it, and order it. But it is unfortunately really pricey. A book with that many pages (170) costs something like 75 pounds or so. 😦

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