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Hello m’dears. After all that gorgeousness from the OOA himself, I’d like to bring the spotlight back to the fans themselves. As you know, I have been deeply embedded (!) in my tidy-up operation. That also entailed going through various boxes and files and re-organising them. I created a new box with my “archive”, which contains all kinds of Armitage related items – magazines, DVDs, autographs, other collectibles – and I sorted through some boxes with photos and the like. While doing so, I came across a whole heap of letters and cards that I had been sent by my lovely fan sisters, and I had a good laugh and also felt a little bit of awe at the funny things I have been sent.

So, spotlight on the makers! I thought I’d bring you a little glimpse of the funny fan art I have received over the years. And since I am a lazy bum, I made a little video rather than take 50 photos. You have the added pleasure of hearing my dulcet voice with djerman accent. Enjoy.

Oops, well, that ended abruptly… It wasn’t planned that way, but for some reason, my camera phone decided to shut down. But well, maybe 7 minutes are enough for a start. I’ll film part two another day. In the meantime, shout-out to all the lovely fan sisters-in-RA who sent me these gorgeous pieces. I love them – I am keeping them.

Which one did you like best?

And what kind of fan art in the shape of cards and other paper-based items do you own yourself? Care to share? I’m sooo curious!



32 thoughts on “Collections: Fan Cards

  1. I love the video! Looking forward to part 2. 😀
    Evankart’s work is beautiful, unfortunately I’m not sure if you can still buy cards etc from their Redbubble(?) website.

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  3. Wow, waiting for weekly comic shipment to get in and just saw this post and your video G-Gïrl! 🎞 Flattered I made the cut. Haha
    Note: Made a bigger version of ‘The Hottest Man On Middle Earth’ for sister-in-law and she has hers next to her at work computer in the hospital. Years ago, she had many of her male co-workers challenge the sentiment too. Which is sort of funny . . . the male ego on some.
    FYI- I have been to New Zealand, but it was years before the Hobbit was made and it the card says it was mailed from New Zealand, it must have gone there first from the US before getting to you. Which would explain why it took so long to arrive.
    I’d ordered a bunch of post cards and stamps when the NZ postal service were offering them. Had to order triple of everything because the hubs is a big nerd, I mean JR Tolkien fan, and he has copies of the post card set in his stamp collection. He is the one that convinced me to read the Hobbit when I was 19, which took some effort on his part because I’m not into fantasy or sci-fi.
    Anyway, such cool fun to see a video of your work space and hear your lovely voice. I’d say I like your accent, but over the years people have told me, (Australians) they like *my* accent! (I don’t have an accent.) heh🌻


    • Yeah, I couldn’t quite figure out why the postcard seemed to be from you – from NZ… That explains it, Mimi. NZ Post definitely made a mint with their Hobbit editions. Even in early 2015, when I was there, there were still quite a few Hobbit bits and pieces for sale in the post office. I have to say, though, those Thorin stamps were the business… *thud*
      LOL on the accent front – yeah, it’s a matter of perspective, right? Staying with NZ, while I was over there, people would occasionally ask me where I was from. I used to tease them and tell them to guess. They veered between Ireland and Holland 😂.

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      • Know what you mean about the NZ post, I ordered a sheet of Thorin stamps to just put in a frame. Don’t remember how much I spent, but it was worth it.
        When I hung them up in the hall next to the coat closets, the Hubs noticed them, along with other Hobbit/Thorin items and sourly commented; ‘So *now* I have a RA display in my house?’ Haha
        My response; ‘It’s a Hobbit display, besides who made me read the Hobbit when I was 19?’ He was just teasing.

        He also bought me a journal with The One Ring that lights up. So it isn’t like he doesn’t like it all, just like to tease me. (Sometimes a bit too much.) Men and their damn sexy magnetism! (Humph)😈

        I sent a pic of the framed stamps to your yahoo email. Let me know if you think I’ve overdone it. 🤔

        I’m looking forward to seeing your letter box video part deux. 💕


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