Fan Art Shout-Out

Continuing from the conversation in the comments on my fan card post the other day, we were talking about one piece of art that really stood out in my little video: The gorgeously drawn Thorin, by Evankart (see right). The art of drawing/painting in black and white, is something else. She gets the shadows on Thorin’s face just right. The shiny reflections on the jewelry are just so convincing. And of course, the choice of subject – a mildly smiling Thorin. Gorgeous.

So, anyway, we were discussing Evankart in the comments, and how she has been the favourite fan artist for so many of us. Which made me look for her web presence. I encourage you to check out her Instagram where she is actively updating every week. It’s been less fan art and more “serious” nude studies lately, and she obviously loves the avengers, but if you keep scrolling you’ll come to some Hobbit gorgeousness. For a quick link to her Hobbit fan art, you can take a short cut to her gallery on Deviantart. Plenty of Thorin there *thud*.

Evankart used to sell her work, and the card I received, was bought on one of the printing platforms. Reminded of such by Mezz, I checked out Redbubble but didn’t find her there. And then I went to Society6 and this happened:

I totally do no need another pouch (especially as I usually sew my zipper pouches myself), but I had to have this. And since they had a sale on, I figured I should treat myself. Just look at all these great Thorin drawings. On mugs, bags, pillow cases, clocks, shirts, you have it.

I’m not talking with a wagging finger here, but I am thinking that it is a nice way of supporting an artist, buying her work, appreciating it – and advertising it a little bit. Maybe, if you feel like doing the same, you might want to give yourself a little gift? Christmas is only 100 days away, roughly… Here’s a link that gives you 20% off, btw. (Evankart still gets her cut, though.)

Right. What’s your favourite image by Evankart? And are there any fan artists whose work *you* would like to push? Links in the comments welcome!




13 thoughts on “Fan Art Shout-Out

  1. The discount page tells me sorry, first time customers only, so I must have bought something from there before – wish I could remember what it was! I’ll have to search my RA goodie boxes.
    As for my favourite image, it would have to be Thorin, but I couldn’t choose just one, they are all beautiful.


  2. I love the artwork available online from various artists across the globe..However my favorite is the artwork of Evankart, there is just something about the style and flair, the use of colors, the intensity of some of the works and in particular, the way he/she focuses on the hair, and eyes of Thorin……In the drawing of each character of The Hobbit and LOTR, take note of the way the hair is done, its just amazing…..All of this artist’s work is simply stunning…………I’ve not seen one I did not like….Such talent I envy too I must say…

    i’ve a separate folder of just this artists work


    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Tessa. Evankart is an artist. I really look forward to receiving my little pouch – it’s nice to be reminded of art in everyday objects.


  3. Thanks for pointing me to this, Evankart´s artworks are just so amazing and I had to take a deep breath when I saw this. I don´t need another pouch either but with one of these on it, wow, I think I can´t resist… The only “problem” I see is that I will probably have to pick up my order(s) at the customs office…


    • I’m glad you discovered a new piece of fan art. It really is such a beautiful drawing, it took my breath away, too. Have you been able to resist the urge to buy one of the pouches?
      The whole customs thing is really bothersome. It seems as if they are really cracking down on international trade these days.


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