I don’t like spreading bad vibes, but yeah, I am disappointed. I received a message from Audible today to the effect of “regret to inform you that the release of Voices of History on Audible has been delayed until 19-09-2019″. Hmph. I really need some good ear candy right now because I am doing lots of creative work in a bid to supplement my income… And there are only so many Australian true crime podcasts out there. Thank god for My Dad Wrote A Porno. My favourite podcast is back as of last week – and the instalments are the fastest 42 minutes you will ever experience. Trust me. So yeah, another few days to wait, and then we will hopefully get Richard declaim rhetorical fireworks into our ears again.

Secondly, I looked at the Uncle Vanya article on the “London Theatre Direct” website after someone on Twitter (SHe-RA?) noted that the wording in the article seemed to have changed. I agree – I have a feeling that the article was not quite as vague when the piece was first published in June. Do you remember this?

Is expected to… sometime next year… possibly in… yet to be… I mean, come on, could this be any vaguer??? Or am I unreasonably impatient? Maybe it is all normal, and there is no need to worry but Richard will be back on stage in his old stomping ground early next year? I am trying to remember how much in advance we knew that RA was going to be in TC? Or LLL?

And yet, Richard has more or less confirmed that he is in the play, and already studying for his part, with two Chekhov biographies on his reading list:

Anyway, *sigh* slight disappointment day today. Here, I think we need a bit of happy happy.


20 thoughts on “DisRAppointment

  1. On Audible.com (for Russia) it’s been delayed until Oct 1. Initially it was Sept 19. But Meditations will be released on Sept 26.
    While waiting I’m binge listening Murakami audiobooks but I’m afraid it’s not for everybody 😁


  2. Well…you know that in the past, some of his projects have been cancelled even after the casts have been officially announced. Right of the top of my head…the movie he was going to film in South Africa with Naomie Harris, the movie he was going to do with Hailee Steinfeld, and the second play for Yaël Farber. So, anything can happen! 😕


  3. it’s feeling like there may be scheduling clashes, it would be sad when we’ve all got our hope up! but lets try and hold onto hope!
    I was hoping that he wold have been confirmed as part of the cast for the ‘Speeches that Changed the World’ event in October cause i was hoping i might be able to take time off work and train up to London-but it would be difficult for me now and the cost of the train will have risen exponentially


    • Yep, I was looking for some good news that lets me look forward to something. I’m sure it’ll come eventually.
      The speeches sound interesting. I have preordered them on audible. Hope they won’t be delayed…


  4. I’m feeling that something is not quite right with scheduling dates. The earlier plays were roughly 6-8 weeks for ticket purchases. I.e the Cruclble went on sale around mid April and opened in mid June.
    One of the concerns I have is that Sir Isn’s show closes around the 4 Jan and I think I read somewhere that Vanya was to start almost at this time, both st the same theatre rather strange. I would appreciate other thoughts on the scheduling.


    • Yep, I was wondering about the scheduling, too. Maybe it is what you say – Sir Ian is always a hit, and maybe they have added a few more dates.
      BTW, there was also that priest film that RA was supposed to lead. I wonder whether that has been delayed and is throwing a spanner in the works?


      • I’m becoming more convinced there is indeed a scheduling problem. I watched a clip on IG by Harlem C. It seem to indicate that The Stranger doesn’t start until new year
        So if there are promos to do it could cause a few problems with rehearsals etc. Your thoughts please.


        • I only saw mention of it somewhere – and was surprised that it will take several *months* until the release of The Stranger. Sounded as if Coben was hinting at some time next year?
          Not sure whether such promos would really infringe on the theatre plans, though. Iirc RA did promo concurrently with other projects in the past, and it was simply scheduled for the days when he didn’t have any theatre commitments.


    • I had another look. There were mixed messages. An e-mail from Audible informed me that the release had been delayed to the 19th of September. The website, however, gives the release date as 1st October. Hm…


  5. Thanks for bringing this change to our notice, I think the most troubling part is the ‘ rumoured Richard Armitage ‘ part.
    The other day I wondered if the hesitation might be because Ian McKellen might add extra days to his show.
    As far as I know Richard hasn’t anything else in the foreseeable future, the Korean film was very brief I expected him to return after TIFF
    Previously I would of expected theatre ‘to be set in stone’ and only illness etc to have effected it but with Richard’s unlucky track record nothing would surprise me.


      • The man from Rome, I had forgotten all about that one, an independent film if I remember correctly, I really enjoyed the book but never held out much hope of it turning into a film.


        • I read the book earlier this year, but I’m afraid I found it slow-going. Mostly, however, I am too prejudiced against priests, and just simply can’t get beyond my prejudices and enjoy the character. – The film hasn’t been mentioned again since the announcement. I wonder whether it’ll ever be made.

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  6. I just checked the Harold Pinter Theatre’s piece about Uncle Vanya and it’s just as it was earlier. Only the main roles are announced (Toby Jones and RA) but no others.

    As for audiobooks I was sorely lacking anything RA-read (except that horrible Dickens which I can’t stomach) and yesterday I finally received the audio cd of The Martian Invasion of Earth I had ordered from Amazon. Yay! Now I have something awesome to listen to while sewing 🙂


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