#FlatRichie in France

Would you like the latest Flat Richie stats? Well, *drum roll* – he is kind of on the home stretch. Ok, not quite, but here’s the point: He has been through three quarters of the itinerary, and has now actually made it down under!!! Before we will hear from his host there, the previous host, Be66, sent us a little report, including some lovely pictures. Here we go:

As mentioned several times before by the other host ladies getting and opening the parcel with FR inside is like opening an anniversary or Christmas gift. I was excited like a little child and it was really difficult to choose an item. I picked the Christmas tree bauble with J. Thornton, you never forget your first love, ( ok second love, first is and was Lucas), the pretty pencils and Thorin with his key. ( pic1)

It  was so nice to have the guys around me and a pleasure to be one of FR’s host.They slept in their parcel one day in the post office in my small town in the eastern part of France, in northern Alsace, near the German border. I live in the country side and it is really quiet here.

Poor Flat Richie  couldn’t celebrate his birthday due to travelling with the post so I organized an after birthday party with tarte flambée, red wine, tarte aux pommes and of course a lot of chocolate ice cream. (Pic2)

At the next day after breakfast with coffee, croissants and pain au chocolat, the guys were ready to explore the place where I live. I made a tour to our town hall, library and primary school.

I showed them also our landscape with the floodplain forest where you can observe a lot of wild birds especially migratory birds making stop here. (Pic3-7).

FR was interested to observe the storks in trees and on the roofs. (Pic8).

The rest of the time they relaxed in my garden under the apple tree .

They were now well reposed, fed and in good shape and humour looking forward to the next stop far away in the south. Au revoir!



I have had such a fun so thank you to be part of this project.

Oooh, what a nice bauble. And I *love* Thorin and his key!!! Great choices, B, and thank you for hosting Flat Richie. You really gave him a great party, it looks. Red wine (Pinot noir???) and sparkles!!! And thanks for taking him – and us – on a little tour of your home!

So this is where we are now:

We’ll hear more, soon!


5 thoughts on “#FlatRichie in France

  1. How sweet to have a special birthday party for FR, Be66. You have a lovely home town and with such hospitality Richie won’t want his adventure to end. Nice gift picks too. I especially like the Thorin key chain.

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  2. Another lovely report and beautiful pictures. It’s seems they are having a grand tour indeed!
    B – glad you liked the bauble. I did not want to completely cover it with snow, for it would be blasphemy to cover his gorgeous face. And I hope you found that extra gift. 😉

    Looking forward to read another adventurous post soon.

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