Sorry, But Here’s a Re. #2019RABirthdayAuctions

Right. First of all: Veil of silence over a) porn ‘stache and b) ankle zippers. *shudders*. On the other hand, a nice little tweet a couple of days ago from RA in response to Kate and Shelter.

While there have been *many* individual contributions to Shelter for Richard’s birthday, I think we may also include our auction proceeds in the donation that Richard mentions. It makes me very, very happy that we have been supporting this particular cause, not least because in the last few months I have become friendly with a homeless woman who often sits outside my local supermarket, and I *know* from her that the problem of homelessness is dire, especially for women. When I see her, I inadvertently wonder, what 2300 Euro would do for her? She lives in a tent about 500 meters away from me, on the banks of the Grand Canal. Today she told me that the council came by to evict her. How the fuck can a homeless person be evicted, I ask you? From a tent. From a public space?! I felt ashamed because I had nothing to offer her, not even adequate words. My sympathy does not buy her food, drink, warmth, or safety. It should NOT be left to citizens nor to charitable organisations to provide shelter and safety to the homeless. It should be the state that looks after its own. I intend to ask my local politicians for action.

Back to Richard’s acknowledgment of donations to Shelter. Funnily enough, this tweet came as I was just getting a last post re. the charity auctions together. Seriously, I apologise for bringing it up again, but I am a stickler for accuracy and correctness, especially when money is involved. So, a month after the 2019 RA Birthday Auctions, eBay has just sent me the final bill for the auction fees. In the interest of transparency, here is the bill. (Since I am registered with the German arm of eBay, the bill is in German. I have translated the important bits into English.)

I had already worked out the final sum in my previous communications to you. Those 175,57 € had been deducted from the proceeds of the auctions and are therefore paid and taken care of. However, you also kindly donated extra monies to me to cover the postage fees. With the last of the packages now sent (delayed due to the recipient moving house), I can now present the final accounts for postage, too.

Thanks to a late, large donation, the postage donations came to 302.49 €. The actual postage costs came to 221.80 €. (There is one auction item left to be sent, but it is small and will be sent in an envelope, so I will take on those costs myself.) That leaves a surplus of 80.69 €! 

The money can not stay with me, as it was donated for a good cause. So I would like to donate it in the name of all the participants. Shall I donate it to Shelter again, or is that somehow embarrassing after Richard just praised the efforts by the fandom in aid of Shelter? Lemme know!

I’ll get the donation ready asap.



23 thoughts on “Sorry, But Here’s a Re. #2019RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Oh btw, could it be that with the mustache he’s trying to find Astrov’s image? It’s a wild guess of course, my wishful thinking (I hope Uncle Vanya will happen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻) Astrov does have mustache according to Chekhov. He calls them ‘foolish mustache’, he is too tired of his everyday work to shave them off.


  2. Oh, I had not looked at that photo properly it seems. 👨🏻‍💼😬 I thought it was regular old #TeamLawn fare.
    Since the money was always meant for Shelter, I see no problem with it, but do what you think best. Any charity will be able to put it to good use. I like to buy goats for people on occasion. 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 He should add that to his selection. j/k


    • Sorry to have shattered your dreams, Kate 😂… Seriously, I wish I could translate “Pornobremse” into English…
      Great – looks as if Shelter might be the beneficiary again. That would’ve been my hunch, too. I just felt somewhat awkward about donating immediately after he had commended Shelter. But I must admit, I am not really in my right mind when it comes to Armitage *haha*


  3. LOL porn-tache! I did wonder if the £80.69 could be given to the homeless woman you’ve met or something useful could be bought for her but perhaps there are reasons why this wouldn’t be advisable. I vote for Shelter otherwise. if you’re worried about the timing then maybe donate it at a later time, say in a month?


    • I would love to give her the money but I think it’s not possible as there is no way of proving that I did. (And I‘m a stickler for that kind of thing when money is involved.)
      Thanks for weighing in. Shelter seems the general consensus, so I‘ll transfer the extra bit this weekend 😊

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