Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/32

For the record.

I really appreciate that Richard makes an effort to provide individual content for his IG and Twitter respectively! It means double the fun for us! These pictures are interesting, ‘stache notwithstanding, and every time I see these posed pictures that he posts himself, I wonder who is taking them for him, and whether he gives any deliberate consideration to how he wants himself pictured? In this case, I really like the IG image – the stained glass is spectacular.

But let’s go on to this week’s tumblr content.

  1. I like aaziraphales’ answer to the question whether she still “stans” for Richard Armitage
  2. The 1994 winner of the LAMDA student sword master award in action. Giffed by riepu10
  3. Best of the Variety interview. In gif format by riepu10, too
  4. Smiling. Thorin. Sounds like an oxymoron but is actually a fact, as evidenced by the warriorandtheking
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard spoils us with some hand porn
  6. Grimweaver summarises Damiel Miller’s story line in BS3
  7. Deepestfirefun suggests a fantasy that has the hair stand up on my neck
  8. Thewarriorandtheking has some memes for majestic Monday
  9. Never NOT repost a TBT Berlin 2013. Thank you, mezzmerizedbyrichard
  10. Who doesn’t, peneigh-dzredfohl, who doesn’t?
  11. And another award for hair acting goes to… Thorin Oakenshield. Thank you, mmirzasworld
  12. What a Guy wants… I bet. By nfcomics
  13. Oh-oh. Did Richard once say we should all mind our language??? Well, seems as if that doesn’t count when on a working assignment. Evidence by ghisborne

Lucky number!

Speaking of lucky – I’ve been the lucky recipient today of a surprise package fro Finland. Lovely riepu sent me two fabulous mint tins, as well assorted other crafty bits.

I already know who I want to put in those tins. And those metal wheels? Steampunk, here we go! Thank you, P___ 😘

Have a great weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️

Edit: Unfortunate omission in #9


16 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/32

  1. Berlin Station did use the F word a lot. I am sure he uses the word in RL but equally I feel he would be conscious of who was around.
    This week I discovered facts about New Jersey , RA is always educational. I have only been to Manhatton


  2. Thank you for linking my posts, but re #9 I’m a bit worried I’ve posted something I shouldn’t have 😬😬😬 unless that should be “..never not repost..” !! That’s the trouble with a big stash spanning years, I forget where things came from.
    Those Newark photos are gorgeous!

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  3. Thank you so much for all the mentions! It always makes me smile when my post makes its way to the list.

    I’m happy that the package arrived safely. Those tins were made for RAPS!

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  4. Thanks for the round-up Guylty, particularly liked potty-mouthed Daniel. It’s so good to have so many gorgeous pics of RA – past and present. I’m not so keen on RA and the organ in NJ, reminds me too much of a Val Doonican album cover, but I love the symmetry of his glorious face matched by the beautiful stained-glass – it’s a stunning image.


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