More Armitage At Work

Audible does its thing again and uses Armitage to catch some likes. Definitely works for me.

“Audible fan-favourite performer”… Hm. Why don’t they actually say it as it is: He has won awards, why qualify him as a “fan-favourite”? Unless they are playing to the gallery…

Nice smile. I always enjoy Armitage more in pictures that he hasn’t taken himself. This looks natural and unposed. A real moment during the visit at the Church of Amazon.

I love the bag. Richard – I’d love to know why you need such a big bag when you go for a recording session. What’s in it, apart from your iPad pro and a pair of spare socks? Do you bring your own lunch? A cushion to snooze on for a powernap between takes?

Well, nice to see some extra pics. (Although I am cynical about the purpose of posting.)


15 thoughts on “More Armitage At Work

  1. Can beat a good man bag!
    Those pics are just gorgeous. He’s so blooming handsome that it hurts when he smiles like that! Wonder how I’ll sleep now!


  2. These are lovely photos, even if they are posted for suspect reasons lol. He’s such a gorgeous man, and to think he’s even more so in the flesh! His moustache doesn’t appear so prominent in these pics, so maybe it’s the lighting in the initial ones.


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