Uncle Vanya Poster Released?

Looks as if the Chekhov play is happening.

This poster/picture accompanies an article on the London Theatre Direct site. No new info on that, only a lot of subjunctive and conjecture…

The cast of the 2020 London production of Uncle Vanya is said to be a star-studded affair. The show is rumoured to be lead by Toby Jones and Richard Armitage. The show has also allegedly been adapted by Conor McPherson and will be directed by Ian Rickson.


Looks like Richard sat for the poster image while working on The Stranger. Just judging by the floppy fringe that has otherwise already been replaced by the regular quiff. I like the handporn even though I can’t help but think of Frau Merkel…

Over on Twitter, Richard is now giving tax advice 😂

Anybody know what brought this on? The directive has been public knowledge since 2016, even if only implemented in January 2019… 😳

Edit: In the comments, nokisuu just pointed out that one of the London ticket sites mentions dates. Here’s a screenshot:

Thanks to nokisuu for finding!


In other news: We’ve arrived in the “kingdom”, and the weather is shite.



34 thoughts on “Uncle Vanya Poster Released?

  1. To me the poster indicates the casting is more than “rumoured”! For those who will be able to make the trip to see the play, I really hope that dates and ticketing will be finalised soon and you can get your travel plans underway!! 😊


        • Armitage or not, the whole thing was badly organized, period. But apparently they make enough ticket sales to not have to worry about that. Very frustrating. I‘ve decided that it is not worth my money in this case. Have to somehow justify to myself why I am not going 😂


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