Per Aspera Ad Astrov

Uncle Vanya tickets are on sale HERE. The timing of this really sucks for me – I was travelling today and I didn’t get to look at the website until it was too late. Congrats to all the people who already got their tickets. I have to admit that it made me feel rather bad reading all those triumphant messages on Twitter. I envy you. But I also wish you lots of fun and great entertainment on the night!

New head shot.

Nice large file!!! Photo also by Seamus Ryan, I assume? Adam Price hairdo?



79 thoughts on “Per Aspera Ad Astrov

  1. It happened so quickly one agent advertising for members only then it seemed to be an avalanche. I do have mine Dress circle and stalls. I’m travelling for 30 hours so I will make the most of it. The last but one week, I’m sure you will get yours.


  2. I’m sure there are some left. That’s how it sounded with Crucible too, but I remember some people still got tickets after the play started. It does sound like lots of people bought the last couple weeks of the play, so that might go fast….. enjoy if you get to go, sweetie 🙂


  3. They probably weren’t expecting such an avalanche of requests for tickets. Richard is a bigger drawcard than I believe they realise. When Popcorn Taxi was announced here they were totally overwhelmed by the response.
    It looks like the play run is open ended at the moment, depending on demand I guess. I’m sure you will be able to get good tickets at some stage.

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  4. The front rows do seem to have been snapped up
    It is an old theatre with lots of restrictive views , pillars and rails etc
    I have been tearing my hair out because I have been considering my friend who isn’t the biggest fans and the prices are high
    Finally decided on 2 in dress circle
    If an offer of accommodation would sway you it’s yours I am 55 minutes on the train to Liverpool Street station my husband and I would love you to stay.

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    • Dress circle sounds like the best seats. Well, in terms of what you get for your money.
      And – ah, thank you, that is a lovely offer Yve!!! You are really kind to offer that to a virtual stranger! My friend has just booked something for us, so I am set with tickets – but I think we’ll also share a room. But I really appreciate the offer! xx


  5. Mes deux collègues vont sacrifier une semaine de vacances d’hiver avec leurs enfants, pour que je puisse aller à Londres. Donc, même si je me trouve des heures et des heures debout, derrière les rangs du balcon, tout en haut, je m’estimerais comblée. En France, ces places sont appelées le “poulailler”. Tant de fans ne pourront pas se déplacer voir “Oncle Vania”, alors j’accepterai n’importe quelle place, du moment qu’aucun pilier n’obstrue la vue.


  6. I just booked for both 17th and 18th April. Dress circle for 55 pounds. Yes, there’s a pillar, but will be able to see almost all. Plus, being in a wheelchair – dress circle is the only level for 4 wheelchair accommodation. I am happy. 😀

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  7. Those rows in the front may not be the best. It’s an old theatre that was designed for a full orchestra in front, which would have been below the stage. So to sit there now may mean not seeing people who are on stage below the knees, or waist, or at all, if they are far back. Those seats may be limited view and held out for last-minute sale as compromised. Harraclea knows London theatres well. H: are you here? Can you tell us?


  8. Special tips for fangirls who know where to look (meaning us, on this blog). I just bought some Vanya tickets.

    My advice is RESEARCH THE SEATS at, but BUY THE TICKETS at, which has MUCH LOWER per-ticket fees. (And if anyone wants to buy me dinner because I just saved them US$17 per ticket, I will accept, thank you. I’m a cheap date: curry will do.) has per-seat user reviews (sightlines, legroom, obstructions), with photos (which are fabulous, theatres can not fudge the truth on seats anymore), but a terrible interface including that I couldn’t find a button for the “basket” (shopping cart, in American parlance) so had to do different nights as different transactions and later figured out that some seats became unavailable because they were in my own basket–but I couldn’t access the basket to buy them. The interface at this website really sucks, including that it didn’t let me choose my own user name, geez. (It automatically uses your initials.)

    But watch out for this trick at the other site, When I got to the page for choosing my seat, there was no seating plan of the theatre. So I thought. But then I saw some really faint grey dots on the screen, and when I put the cursor over them and clicked: voila, the seating plan appeared.

    No nights are sold out, and there are plenty of seats left, including good ones. Go for it, ladies. See you in London next year!

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  9. I am very tempted to buy a second ticket because this could be very good, the people behind it appear to have excellent track records. I saw Girl from the north country and liked it
    I saw The Crucible very early in the run and it did change significantly (it got edited ) and somehow I enjoyed it more the second time because I stopped worrying that Richard would forget his lines, sorry but I am an anxious bunny.


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