Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/33

Cramerry has only just left – is probably sitting in the airport right now – and I am passing the time with a quick post.

The lateness of the round-up this week was only marginally caused by the fact that I was travelling in the remote South of the island. To tell you the honest truth, I was close to binning this and all future tumblr round-ups. I am quite miffed about someone on tumblr basically copying my posts and reposting them as their own work. Not cool, especially when considering that I am trying to be fair here, only ever directing traffic to the tumblrers themselves rather than simply taking their content and posting it on my blog. That is why the round-up is not illustrated with the pretty pictures themselves. I want readers here to click the link, see the content – and also comment to the original posters, giving them the well-deserved credit for their work, no matter whether it is original artwork, fan fiction, gifs or even a new set compiled from old photos. It is an unwritten rule to acknowledge fellow tumblrers’ work. But this is an issue that crops up again and again on tumblr, where people repost rather than reblog. The difference is this: By reblogging, you are still sharing the content you liked but the original poster automatically still receives credit. By reposting, you are making someone else’s content your own, without giving credit. “Old” tumblrers know those rules – and if they repost complete or parts of other people’s posts, they mention the source or give credit. Disregarding such rules of fairness is – sorry to be so blunt – a bad move.

Right, now that I have vented, I can move on.

  1. Example of a fair repost on tumblr that actually does give credit – a funny edit originally made by the-armitage-effect, now reposted by that-place-called-middle-earth
  2. Gorgeous in b/w, a gif set of interview!Richard by captain-flint
  3. It’s possible I have linked to this before… Richard, casually leaning through the decades. Photo set by riepu10
  4. And riepu10 again – because this particular style of static/moving gif is just gorgeous. Daniel Miller, ladies
  5. Is Richard Armitage the new Sean Bean? A post by folkiisms
  6. In case you are not on Twitter and haven’t seen Richard’s new profile picture yet, here’s the picture posted by richardarmitagefanpage. It was about time that he got rid of that awful Jürgen Prochnow-esque picture he used until now…
  7. Throwback to a painful scene from RH – poor Guy, blinking with the unfairness blackmail move by Marian. Posted by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  8. Deepestfirefun cropped a recent fan selfie with Richard a little closer. Haha, ever the joker… Nice pic, though!
  9. I particularly like the first of the images in this photo set by thewarriorandtheking
  10. LOL – waiting for the day when Richard asks me that and I can quote Esther Krug. Gifs by riepu10
  11. Fizzyxcustard is busy writing lots of fan fic. Check her current to-do list here
  12. ROFL – I had never heard the word, but I like the definition. Check out aaziraphales explaining what a “richisode” is
  13. Hehe, the kind of effect that Guy of Gisborne has on unsuspecting females… summarised by notthatmelody
  14. Have we had the handporn giffed by mezzmerizedbyrichard already?

Whoa, I can’t believe the week is nearly over. With Cramerry here, and travelling through some of the most beautiful parts of this island (when the mist had lifted, that is), the time passed so quickly. I think I’ll extend it now by importing my photos from Marky Mark and reliving the whole trip again.

Since the weekend is over, let me wish you a good start into the new week.

Guylty ❤️

Edit: replaced an angry outburst with a more suitable word after a clarifying exchange of messages. Thank you!


24 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/33

  1. What a shitty thing to do. Grrrr! People are the worst sometimes.

    Lovely roundup. It doesn’t matter if you repost the hand gif every week. It’ll never ever get old. Lovely Guy stuff and that static/moving und Daniel Miller gif is 😍😍😍

    We should’ve sprung for the gold ticket 🎫 at RDC. He would have asked us where we were from. 😉


  2. No, no, don’t stop making roundups! I count on them to liven up Saturday morning. (Or this week: Sunday. No complaints about when you get to it.) And, honestly, though I read your description of reposting vs. reblogging, I still don’t notice the difference. Or care. Or know that I’m even on Tumblr when I click on a link. They are all just pretty pictures on a computer screen to me, and I’m soooooo grateful that you search them out for me. Please keep doing it!!!

    “Richisode”: I love that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – no, the difference between reblogging and reposting is only important for the tumblr creators, and less so for the readers. And the anger dissipated quickly when the person I took umbrage with reached out. So kudos to her. I’ve retracted the nasty word.


  3. Reposting is an ongoing annoyance, especially when I’ve spent ages making gifs (I really don’t like watermarking them) It’s better now that you can find a gif via Tumblr’s search and they come with an attached credit. As you say, the “old” Tumblrers know the etiquette, but even if you explain to a newcomer as I’ve done via a polite message pointing out that etiquette, they will acknowledge it then simply go on as they’ve done before. I avoid reblogging those reposts if I recognize them as such, but it’s difficult at times to tell. Personally I try to credit if I can remember the source, but Tumblr actually dissuades you from linking to a source now (something I rarely do these days) because your original post won’t show up in the tag if you do.
    Whinge over! Great roundup again, thank you for doing these (especially so soon after a holiday!) and for including my posts. I love Riepu’s static/moving edits, and “richisodes”? I still have them most days lol.😍

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    • Sorry, that should have read “..some of them will acknowledge…..” Obviously there are the ones like you mention who take it on board and do the right thing.


      • Yes, maybe I should have emphasised that more – the vast majority of tumblr users tumble fairly. And I also take on board what the tumblrer told me in our short conversation: There is no manual for tumblr use, and she did not know that copying posts was a no-no.


    • I always regret not being able to credit you talented giffers on Twitter, but you can’t tell where they came from (or can you and I’m challenged??). And if I have some saved on my phone, I can’t remember where they came from without a tag. But I completely understand about watermarks. I never did that for my art in my old fandom. To me, it throws off the aesthetics.

      Let me issue a blanket ‘thank you’ for your creations here instead . Gifs are the spice of fandom to me and I am so grateful to talented and generous people like you who keep feeding my addiction. 😘


      • Thank you, Kate, you’re welcome!
        As for Twitter, it is difficult to know where things come from unless you’ve linked from Tumblr directly, because they’ve often passed through so many hands before you get to see them. I’ve accepted that once I post a gif or an edit, it’s fair game out there in the ether. Even if I did watermark my work, there are people who won’t bother to create their own edits, but will go to the trouble of cropping out the watermarks of the original poster. That cropped version then gets taken up and posted and so on and the original is totally lost.

        Liked by 1 person

        • It really is a tricky issue. With my photographs, I knew from the beginning that there was no point in watermarking them. I simply designated them as a gift to the fandom, to be used and edited at people’s leisure. The only thing I really draw a line at, is someone using one of my original creations to make a monetary profit from.


    • Yep, I remember you mentioning it before. Since I am not hugely active on tumblr anymore, it rarely affects me – or I don’t notice it. This time I did, and I had to address it. But it’s all done and dusted now – messages were exchanged, posts were amended, and lessons have been learnt, both by me and others. However, hearing from you now that people disregard direct messages on the topic, is really upsetting. I honestly don’t get why people would continue to repost if they have been asked to refrain from it. That is really inconsiderate and mean. I hadn’t realised, though, that tumblr has made it more difficult to link. Here’s hoping that the new owners – hello Automattic! – will look into that.
      As for richisodes – same here. Can’t say I mind them *hehe*


  4. Thank you so much for all the mentions onve again! 😊

    There have been increasing numbers of reposters in Richard Armitage tag lately. When I see someone reposting my edits or gifs (latest one was last Friday) I try to ask them nicely to remove it, but too many times it doesn’t work. And there is no point reporting it to the staff because it takes at least two years before anything happens and it’s too late then.

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  5. Thanks for the round,-up – loved Guy, the smirking bastard. I’m sorry to hear about the behaviour on Tumblr and glad your ruffled feathers have been smoothed. I rarely go on Tumblr, except through your posts, so I’m not aware of etiquettes etc ( although acknowledgements are obvious, aren’t they) and would really miss the round-ups if they were to stop. Hope you had a lovely trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ruffled feathers are made for smoothing 😉. I was angry – there was an apology – the issue is resolved from my side. I don’t like to dwell on such unpleasant incidents. We can move forward now, both having learnt a lesson, I guess.
      The trip started wet and misty but ended with sunshine. Ireland is always a treat.

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  6. Hör bitte bloß nicht mit den Round-Ups auf! Gut, dass das Problem gelöst werden konnte.
    #3: Wenn ich zugebe, dass mir das letzte Bild am besten gefällt, beweise ich wohl, dass ich keinerlei Sinn für Mode habe?!


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