The Badge Travels Again

A very wet day here in Ireland. I’ve just come back from travelling, but I feel like going far away, escaping the dark, gloomy autumn days that are ahead of us now. So a little badge update comes at the right time. Nordlicht has been travelling and she sent me a picture of the badge in Iceland!!! What an interesting destination. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time, too, but I have never made it. At least the little badge is going there now…

Talking of badges… So, are we all set for a trip to London next year. I saw messages on Twitter today that the open sale of tickets has been extended to other platforms. I had a look – plenty of tickets available. My panic last week was entirely unnecessary. Apologies for that – I panicked because I felt out of the loop in internet-free Kerry… I hope that people have made or are making arrangements for meet-ups in London. Perfect opportunity to see the faces behind the handle 🙂.

And for chance encounters, the badge might work as a discreet identifier. So, if anyone still needs a badge, let me know – I’ll put one in the post for you – anywhere, free of charge. A little donation to the charity of your choice in return would be appreciated but is no obligation.





27 thoughts on “The Badge Travels Again

  1. Always nice to see the badges representing world-wide. Your tips for how to display them are brilliant- and one in particular will be sure to be a real attention getter. (Thinking of the next SD queue) 😂


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