Size Matters

Today I went back to the shrining bench – because I have a few RAPS on my list that I need to get moving on. The lengthiest part of the RAPS creation process is always choosing images for printing. Today was no exception. I always, *always* fall into the rabbit hole of admiring pictures. And even when I know *exactly* which image I need, I can sometimes get sidetracked. Today, for instance, I knew I needed this.

This is image is available via RAnet right HERE. Thing is, it is *massive*. (Click twice on the image and you will see what I mean. And btw, let’s make this a little experiment. Click twice and then take a screenshot of what appears on your screen. It could be telling 😂)

Anyway, you can crop in on it and still get a really decent head shot at 1095 × 792 pixels.

And zeroing in on the stubble still comes up with a decent enough size of image. Damn, can you see why I got lost???

This one is not too shabby, either. You will find this on RAnet HERE.

I can only say, size matters. At least when it comes to photography.



25 thoughts on “Size Matters

  1. I’ve got a bad case of the *thud*s now! That photo of Guy is in my all-time top 10 photos of RA. I think. It’s so difficult to chose! I may need to do some research into the matter. I’ll get back to you in a few…um…days, after I’ve examined every single photo of him I can find for comparison. Purely in the name of #FangirlScience, mind you, not because I actually want to. 😳


  2. Long hair Guy is my fave. I actually like how you can see all the detailing in the costume – which ,whilst is pretty anachronistic , is beautifully designed. And makes him love divine (imo)


  3. This ist really one of his best pictures of all time. And I am astonished about the detailed fabric of his jacket. Never remarked it before. He is simply gorgeous.


  4. Wenn das so weitergeht, entwickele ich doch noch eine Schwäche für Guy *seufz*. Ich mag die Klamotte, die würde ich gern mal näher inspizieren (am lebenden Objekt) 😉. Die von Thorin selbstverständlich auch.


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