Richard’s Female Fans

Richard’s Instagram announcement that he was going to be in Uncle Vanya is already old news.

Those of you who have IG have probably perused the whole post and noticed what I am about to talk about. There were plenty of reactions to the announcement. 306 in total – and probably still counting. But I found it really nice, to the point of touching, that there were these two reactions among the many fans who welcomed the news:

Looks as if Richard’s two German co-stars are very loyal souls. It sounds as if Mina is planning to see the play. RArmy watch out for her if you see her in the audience when you go and watch the play. If I saw her, I’d definitely try and congratulate her on her portrayal of Esther Krug. Chemistry or not, I think she played that strange mixture of chilly, efficient djerman spy lady and later lovey lover very well. Same for Claudia Michelsen. I’d probably say to her that I thought it was regrettable that her storyline was dumped after season 1. Anyhow, it is always nice to see former co-stars supporting each other. It says something about their connection – taking it from the realm of the professional set to the real world. It’s good to know that actors – despite working in a really intense and very competitive industry – make friends, just like you and me do in our own, less glamorous working environments.

The two German ladies were not the only celebrity fans to react to Richard’s tweet.

Looks like Richard has some formidable female fans. Us included, of course!




17 thoughts on “Richard’s Female Fans

  1. I can’t wait either! Booked my tickets this morning! (My grin is starting to hurt now). Mr Clanger is coming too, so I might have to restrain myself a bit…

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    • Fantastic! Theatre is always great – but when Richard’s on stage… a proper theatrical delicacy.
      Internal fangirling – ah, don’t we know it all *grins*. We’ve perfected it over the years. I am sure it’ll be grand. Only the stage door might be a problem? 😉


  2. I’m considering the attempt to go over The Pond. A lot of things need to come together and Spawn has expressed an interest in at LEAST going to London. It depends on his Spring break and how much accrued time I have (My Spring break isn’t until April)

    Either way, I have always appreciated the Good Will and Wishes of his former co-stars. I think it says a lot about him! Not only as a performer, but as a person as well.


    • That sounds great, Zee. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the two of you could make that trip together. London is definitely worth visiting. Does your family have ancestry in Europe? Who knows, flight prices within Europe tend to be affordable, and you might even visit the homeland…
      Yes, it says a lot about him that his co-stars wish him well publicly. Not that I am surprised. But it’s nice to see it in writing.

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      • I have ancestory, as does Spawn. My family is German/Scots/English whereas Spawn is that PLUS Croatian. We are talking about going to Chicago between Christmas and NY to meet his cousins on his father’s side. We’ll see.


        • Germany would be no problem to get to at all – and cheaply. Scotland/England of course, too. Croatia – longer trip, possibly more expensive, but also a fantastic place to visit. Maybe you can find out more when you are in Chicago 👍🏻

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          • Well, I found out during lunch a mistake was made on my check, that I was given credit for a degree I don’t have, so it will be adjusted. It’s okay, and we’ll be doing pretty okay anyway. Don’t think any huge traveling will be in the cards this year.


              • It is what it is and I’m rather – ah well. It was a nice blessing. I got everything paid up to date and there IS still some left over. Life will resume at a normal speed and pace and truth is, it makes me now want to get my Masters degree. It was a nice paycheck!!!! LOL!


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