#FlatRichie Down Under

Flat Richie is criss-crossing the globe. After his European tour all through the late summer, he rang in autumn… eh… spring time… in Australia! I can let you know that he has already arrived in the Northern hemisphere in the US, but before we hear from his time with his latest US host, here is a lovely report from Mezz with lots of pictures. Sit back and relax…

When I was notified by a card in my post office box that there was a parcel waiting to be collected from inside I didn’t think twice about it, having been on bit of an online spending spree and not really pondering on what it could be this time. When I saw the box I actually stood there for a few moments wildly trying to think of what I had bought from Amazon. Surely I hadn’t been so click-happy that I had forgotten making a purchase from there! Then it hit me – Flat Richie had arrived! I was very excited and could hardly wait to get home and open up the box.

He has certainly had some adventures over the course of his travels, but I’m afraid that he was in for a very quiet week with me, as he arrived on the Monday, having come all the way from Be66 in France and I intended sending him off again by Friday. Any activity tended to be of the domestic variety, since I am retired and quite happy to spend much of my time pottering around at home. However, I think he was glad of the respite after all his globe trotting, and didn’t mind when I headed off to the gym by myself. We had a couple of days of beautiful weather that week, so we spent some time in the garden, and I took him for a drive up the hill to show him the scenery around the town where I live in south-eastern Australia. I introduced him to my Little Thorin who was a bit miffed that there was another King in the house!

I had a difficult time trying to narrow my gift choices down to the required three, there were so many goodies in the box! Flat Richie’s hosts have been so generous and many of the items were two and three things parcelled together. This is what I finally ended up choosing, I couldn’t resist the items with RA on them!

I loved reading the journal, something I did several times, and feeling like I got to “know” some of you here a little more through your contributions! It was such fun being a part of this project, thank you Guylty!

Mezz xx

A marvellous letter from Australia. I am envious of all the sunshine. Oh, and I am big time jealous of that mouse mat! Time to bring my own RA mouse mat out again, once gifted to me by a lovely, now inactive fan from Romania. A big thank you to Mezz for taking us on a little trip through her home and surroundings. And of course to the lovely people who put the gifts in the box. I am so thrilled to see all these different bits and pieces. There is *always* something new and exciting in there. Everybody gets a shot at receiving some fabulous mementos and RA-related goodies. This has turned out better than I had hoped for.

Here is the customary map view of Richie’s world trip:

And now looking forward to the next stop!


14 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Down Under

  1. Wonderful post. Thanks for all the pics, Mezz. It really is exciting to see a glimpse of everyone‘s home and I am always just as curious about the presents others choose as I was when opening the box that first time myself. What a marvelous project this has turned out to be. ♥️

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    • We are in the last third of the list. Who would’ve thought it would keep us entertained for so long? I love seeing the updates – the things that are chosen as gifts. It’s fun even if the gifts aren’t mine!

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  2. Fascinating to watch the map develop and see all the locations of FR’s willing hosts. Thsnks, Mezz for a great account of his visit and the fabulous pics!


  3. Thank you for your post and the pictures Mezz. It´s really nice to get a glimpse of so many different places. And great choices indeed, that mouse mat is gorgeous.


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