Another #FlatRichie Sighting – Back in the US!

Just a short Flat Richie update today because you can read a full report on his latest stop over on Kelly’s blog Getting Caught Out in the Mechanism.

Peekaboo! This is just a little teaser image – please hop over and read the full story there!

My only addition – the travel map.

Big thanks to Kelly for the cool report. And good news for the next recipient: Flat Richie is already on his way again. And psssst, I’ll tell you a secret: He’s travelling in North America for the moment.


13 thoughts on “Another #FlatRichie Sighting – Back in the US!

  1. Inspired by an old folk traditional song
    “Over the mountain over the sea
    Flying back where he belongs: to Guylty!
    Please let the light that shines on Flat Richie
    Collecting shrines, gifts, words on the one fans love…”

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