RA Pocket Shrine 205/? – Country Boy

This is what happens when you don’t read properly: I did a swap with FantasticRCA and we hashed out that in return for a German language iPad keyboard that J___ had bought by accident, I would make a RAPS for her. As we all know, Miss Guylty is changing her name by deed poll to “Mrs Slow”. And since J___ is well-known to be an admirer of Sir Guy, I conveniently forgot about J___’s wish for Chop in a RAPS. Fast-forward four weeks and Guylty scrolls through the previous DM conversation to find J___’s address – and finds lots of pictures of Chop instead. Ooops, I got that one wrong… So back to the drawing board for a chopsome RAPS. The good news in all this is – I have a Guy RAPS to give away…

The genesis of this particular RAPS is characteristic for what happens when I make a pocket shrine. Chaos! I started out – with Guy in my mind and – erroneously believing that a steampunk theme had been stipulated. So I chose one of my vintage tins.

Then I launched into it and immediately forgot about the steampunk theme. Typical. Whenever an idea hits, the shrine making just takes off on its own… But staying with the country and nature theme, this happened.

Guy wants you to step right inside.

Country Boy is eating an apple… In the garden of Eden. You decide what happens next…

On the back of the door there is space for a picture of yourself. (The glasses and the note are post-its and can be removed.)

The text is really just what my fridge door magnets suggested to me – no other meaning… I just liked that it went with the compass and antique map in the background.

No candle holes in this tin, btw – I just didn’t want to damage the lovely vintage tin.

So, anyway, that’s how these shrines work for me. They seldom follow *my* plan. They have a life of their own. I guess that’s the influence of the muse.

As I said – this shrine is *not* going to J___. Leave a comment if you want it. I’ll announce the winner next Saturday when the weekly round-up is due.



79 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 205/? – Country Boy

  1. Well, as far as “mistakes” go, this is a magnificent one! One simply cannot go wrong with Guy. It’s impossible, absolutely impossible! I love how you put things together in your RAPS; they flow so nicely. Although I am already the very proud owner of five Guylty creations (more if you count my ZOX binders and junk journals), may I be entered in this raffle, please? You know the weak spot i have for our Guy. He was the reason I finally delurked and joined your amazing corner of the fandom, something for which I am so grateful. (Sorry for the mush…been a looooong few days.)


    • Aw, LoLo – thank you xxx. Too kind.
      But yes, Guy as the delurking motivation is definitely shrine-worthy. Fingers crossed. Also – hope you are feeling better soon!


  2. This is gorgeous! And while I doubt I’d find a picture of myself worthy of being alongside Sir Guy AND already being the proud owner of a RAPS, I too would like to be entered. 😏


  3. A vintage tin without a candle? That sounds fantastic. And that Garden Guy is gorgeous. I have a very big garden where he could frolic… Another great entry to add to the RAPS repertoire. ♥️♥️

    Since I rarely win anything I’m not holding my breath, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


  4. Hi please enter me for the RAPS draw
    Friday I see the The Lodge in London my friend has done a bit of research and said Richard doesn’t seem to be in the film much I have kept quiet about the ending.😂


  5. Any chance encounter with Sir Guy would send me straight to paradise. A happy accident, this gorgeous shrine may not be what you intended- but it will certainly be treasured by the lucky winner. 😍


  6. Well, if this isn´t a mistake of the lovely kind then I don´t know what is :-)… I love this one, it´s really cute and would make a great companion for the RAPS I already call my own…


  7. And although I know he is not meant for me I would still like to express my everlasting love for Guy and this RAPS. Bet you are not surprised…


  8. Meeting Guy in the country and maybe visiting a hay loft or two … oh wait! It’s not reality… just where the sight of this wonderful shrine takes me! I would love to be entered in the draw.


  9. Country boy, huh? Well, this old country girl wouldn’t mind him coming to keep her company. 😉
    Seriously, it’s a wonderful shrine. And I do love Guy more than just a little.


  10. Just wanted to compliment your latest shrine. Lovely work as usual. He is tempting us we with that apple. But I would much rather take a bite out of him than the fruit he is holding. (Not an entry)

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  11. It seems like it was meant to be! Gorgeous Guy in the garden of Eden.
    And you know, I’m openly Guy 😋 with my luck the are no chances, but it’s worth to try

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  12. Das ist kein Kommentar für die Teilnahme an der Verlosung, da Guy es (noch) nicht schafft, mich schwach zu machen 😉.
    Wollte nur sagen, dass du eine echt hübsche Dose ausgesucht hast und mir die Idee mit der Tür und der Kompass/die Weltkarte gefallen. Wenn mir Unfälle passieren, sieht das irgendwie verunfallter aus 😂…


  13. How can Guy be a mistake? Guy is no mistake, he is a gift! 😀 I don’t know why I thought it would feature John Porter when I saw first the pic with the tin. I guess it evokes that scene when John goes to ”insert” the item into the specific place. Yes, my mind can be weird sometimes *sigh*.

    p.s. did I say Guy is amazing? XD


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