#FlatRichie Adds Canada to His Map

He is safe, he has resurfaced 😉

Hoping for more info once Abi has chosen her gifts. I’ll add the map then.

In other news, my Google alert picked up this little beauty today:

Apparently this Thorin doll is for sale HERE. It’s pretty – and pretty intricate. I have no idea how big small he is, but kudos to the maker. Disclaimer: No idea whether that e-shop is a reputable site or not. Just wanted to show you…




31 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Adds Canada to His Map

  1. Now I have 2 questions:
    1. Will you be letting me know where he goes next?
    2. There are some items that travel with FR for the whole adventure, however there is a miniature Thorin in the box; was that there originally?

    And you have no idea how excited I was to get him last night!!! (Actually, you probably do; I’m very excitable…)


  2. Yeh hay, Canada! Please give Flat Ritchie a hug, Abi! I must say that Thorin looks amazing, he’s even got Richard’s beautiful bow-shaped mouth (although the hands look disturbingly real).


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