Richard Goes Charity

Must fill the blog. Haven’t posted in two days. Oh, oops, what is that on Twitter?


Google tells me this was a massive charity event. God’s Love We Deliver provides meals (and other services) to those in need. It appears as if this charity is very much supported by celebrity. So much so, that there is a massive cache of photos of the event. Richard features in four of them, via Getty Images.

Gorgeous wide smiles, looks very happy 👍🏻

What do you think of the romanticherohair in combination with a bigbeard?

PS: Thanks to Kate for finding the Getty pics!


149 thoughts on “Richard Goes Charity

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want the purple suit back. This greenish whatever shirt is a big no from me. I approve of Mr. Gibb‘s tie. Now that is awesome! 👏🏻

    But fashion aside, love the smiles. Much more relaxed than the Twitter/insta photo. My guess about the matinee idol hair is that he’s growing it out for UV. Watch me be comPLEtely wrong about that in a few months. 🧔🏻


  2. I also googled it, and found it was an award for romance writers! ??? Anyway a massive beard (for Uncle Vanya?), and I love the IG pic! Do I see some grey in the beard there? Would love it!


    • No – that award happens to have the same name. This was an award connected to the Gods Love We Deliver charity, not the Romance Writers Association.
      Hehe, I also thought I spotted some grey…


    • Is it? I thought it looked similar – albeit with traces of grey 😉 There is something about a slightly emphasised moustache in it though – and ugh *shudder*…
      But yeah, all those things are superficial. He looks happy and relaxed, that is much more newsworthy than his style 😉

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  3. Yes, loving the look, the green shirt though is a bit icky, still who cares if he likes it so what.
    I’m thinking a “Chekhov vibe” re the locks and beard.


  4. At least they look so happy together. I’m sure we will find out in a day or two who Mr. Gibb is, thanks to the sleuths in the Army. I’m not digging RA’s shirt either but eh. He looks gorgeous anyway. I love the hair and beard!

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  5. I do like that slight (teensy tiny) belly showing in the second Getty photo hihi (the one with mr.Gibb leaning towards him). Probably not a flabby belly and just the way the clothes go, but still a cute detail!

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  6. I’m still wondering what has changed in his life that he’s finally willing to be photographed in poses that are sooo obvious. It certainly seemed like RA has been a lot happier lately, and that couldn’t all have been because Shaun Dooley was such a hoot on the set of “The Stranger.” 🤣

    I’m guessing that maybe JG might be Mr. Right, or maybe after his mum’s death, RA has realized that life is too damn short not to be open about the man who makes him smile like that? Or maybe he’s decided that at his “advanced” age 🤣, he’s probably not going to be getting the romantic leading man film roles he might have once hoped for, so he might as well be a bit more open? Maybe he figures that his Thornton and Gizzy roles are so far behind him that he can afford to lose a few female fans? And with his own production company going, he can be assured of at least some film/TV work. And, lord knows, sexuality doesn’t affect popularity for stage actors!

    All I know is that long-distance relationships are difficult, so good for him for making the effort to get to NY when he can.


    • Not a knuckle rapping, just a little explanation in response: I don’t really like to speculate publicly on my blog (although I have an opinion on this matter) about this issue. On a general level my response is that it makes me very sad that some people still cannot live their life – in terms of openly declaring their sexual preferences – freely. It’s something that I feel very strongly about because I have suspicions about one of my family members being gay – and as yet not out of the closet about it. It makes me sad that the person is stifling such a big part of his/her life – or is worried about my reaction to the disclosure… This is 2019. Even arch-Catholic countries such as Ireland have *voted* for marriage equality…

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      • I understand. I had a very dear friend who never told any of us that he was gay until he was dying of AIDS. Even though we were very close in our group, to the point where my best girlfriend was thinking that she was going to marry this man and spend the rest of her life with him, he covered up his true self so well that none of us knew. And it broke my heart when I found out. Not because I cared about who he loved or that I would have loved him one iota less, but because he had lived for years with this secret and felt that for whatever reason, he couldn’t share it with us. So none of us ever got to meet his boyfriend, or share his excitement at having a partner. Granted, this was 25 years ago, but I don’t think that the landscape around this issue has changed *that* much, certainly not as much as it should. It really needs to become a non-issue so that everyone can live their lives like anyone else. Anyway, I apologize for bringing it up and will try to do better. 💐


        • Nonono, LoLo, no need to do ‘better’. You have done nothing wrong. Definitely not a knuckle rap, just an explanation. Feel free to discuss.
          And the scenario you are mentioning with your friend – it really just breaks my heart. I totally believe that the decision to come out *must be* the person’s himself/herself, but I just find it unimaginably sad that they may feel forced to keep such a big part of their identity hidden. I’m not putting any pressure on *my* family member – but I admit I feel a bit disappointed that I am not deemed trustworthy.

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          • There was definitely anger when my friend was forced to come out because of his illness. Like, “when exactly over the past TEN YEARS did I ever give you the impression that I would have loved you less or thought badly of you for being gay? What exactly did I do to make you think that I’m so bigoted?” Plus how devastated my girlfriend was, even though she remained his rock until his last breath. He had certainly allowed her to think that there was something between them, and that, to me, was unconscionable. He *knew* how she felt and chose to make his secret, which he kept for whatever reason, more important than her. It was very difficult for me to reconcile all those feelings while trying to be strong for someone I loved so much, and for his wonderful parents, who were supportive of him. It also had a profound effect on me as far as making me wonder if we can ever truly know someone. No matter how close we may think we are, all we are ever seeing is what we are allowed to see. And with those happy thoughts, I will leave you for the night and try to get some sleep. 😘


            • I can understand the anger, too – especially in case of the friend who felt led-on. But the overriding emotion for me is always – sadness. Anger, frustration, disappointment could’ve been avoided if things had been out in the open.
              I agree with you btw – I don’t think you can ever really know another person 100%. We don’t know the others’ thoughts. Then again, that also means they can surprise us in a good way 😉


    • Shaun Dooley is featured along with Luke Evans (I ‘m Welsh of course I love singing) on the trailer for the Children in need a BBC fundraiser show. It’s a shame no one asked RA he did it twice before once when he was involved with Robin Hood and once with the Vicar of Dibley. We could have heard him sing, it would have made up ,a little for losing Mid Life Crisis.

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