New York, New York

Seriously, sometimes I have no idea where these things come from…

The (original) photo is called ‘Lunch Atop A Skyscraper’, and no doubt it is one of the most iconic pictures of all times. I have always liked it, and don’t ask me where this came from, but I wasted spent a couple of hours today, giggling while making this thing. It’s totally amateurish and bad editing. There are *undoubtedly* many people among us fans who could do this to perfection and much better than me. But well, I was in a New York state of mind…

The story of the photo is fascinating, too. Here is a short clip about the making of this photo:

If you would like to learn more, I recommend this fascinating documentary, made by an Irish filmmaker.

PS: In other news – Is it just me or has your WordPress editor also changed? 😱 The font in the menus looks a bit rounder, and suddenly the media/poll/location boxes have blue borders. Let’s hope the roll-out does not cause any bugs…


35 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Lol, it’s not time wasted when you end up with an edit like that, you’ve matched the faces perfectly 😆 😆
    I get severe vertigo just looking at the photo and the video. No stomach for heights whatsoever.


    • Hehe, I certainly had fun making this. Painful and painstaking, but it made me laugh… I didn’t get the scale right in all figures, but well, that adds to the fun.


  2. This is really cute and sometimes we need something fun to help our brains relax. You know what I do to unwind. Haha

    FYI- I’m too dense (dumb) to be afraid of heights, but I know people are.

    Now I’m gonna listen to the links you’ve provided before I indulge in some ☕️ morning beverage. 🎃


  3. Okay, the edit is really funny!!! The story behind the photo – when I was long-terming a US History class, they showed a series of I believe 12 hour long vids of our history. I found the building explosion of the big cities in the 1930’s to be the most fascinating – just the heart and spirit behind the workers who did amazing things without the technology we have now. This original picture just says it all.

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      • It would be really nice not to start speculating on RA’s relationships. Everyone is entitled to privacy. He may live NY but England is still home (his words the year before his Mum died. Also he has spent the most of the last year in Europe and UK. And another 5 months to come in London. Hardly ideal for any relationship. I hope you won’t be offended at my comments.


        • No offense taken at all, Wendy. All opinions accrue to their authors. 😊And in this case, I agree with you – for myself, I am not comfortable with public speculation about RA’s private life. But that is just me. I don’t mind other people discussing.

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  4. When I visited the Empire State Building it was possible to have your photo taken against a ‘green’ screen so you could be sitting alongside these guys , my daughter and I chose the night view of the ESB instead.

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  5. I can’t stop looking at this edit and giggling! Every one of your choices- the expressions on the faces are brilliant. I’m not especially afraid of heights but not even this gaggle of handsomeness could coax me onto that beam. I’d seen the original photo many times before but not the clip-that was really interesting.

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    • Hehe, yes, I am especially proud of the two jokers on the left, and the Hassler head on the bare-chested guy 😂They worked out great.
      And yes, I wouldn’t join them on the beam – no, even if RA stood there, I wouldn’t.


      • Ha! Yep those two cheeky fellas on the end made me laugh the most. And I was struck by how bare-chested Hassler guy had kind of a similar body type to RA. But really, G looking at every one and how each face matches the body language just cracks me up 😂 well done 🏆


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