#FlatRichie’s Canada Visit

Flat Richie is currently on the same continent as his RL brother. For the last few days he has been visiting with Abiwim in Canada. And Abiwim has just sent me her report, accompanied by lots of gorgeous photos. So here we go!

Monday, October 21, 2019

As soon as I saw the key to our postage locker in my mail slot I knew he had arrived! Tingling with excitement I hurried up the stairs to my apartment and locked myself in my room. Flat Richie and the boys arrived on a rainy, blustery Wednesday evening and were gently removed from their containment. I joyously read all of the journal entries; laughing along with their adventures around the world.

I turned my attention to the treasure trove and spent some time hemming and hawing over which items I would choose. I have a rather extensive keychain collections, that was a no brainer; but the third item…and then I spied Orcrist-wielding Thorin. Oh yes!

Thursday continued to be rainy and windy, so the boys decided they would rest from their travels and spend the day in my bed. Just imagine!! 😊

Friday dawned bright and clear so FR, Thorin and Guy accompanied me to work. I can’t tell you how much excitement there was!

Luckily for them, Friday was a half day for me. I was off to get some ink! I have wanted a new tattoo for years and finally stashed enough cash to get it done.

FR was completely fascinated by the process, however Guy and Thorin were less so. Guy kept muttering, “Tattoo? What tattoo?” and Thorin declared that he was simply too majestic to have a tattoo! To which I stated, “But your father and Grandfather had them.” He growled in reply, “I am not my Grandfather!” Okay, a little touchy, are you?

Saturday I had to get my chores done (What? I was down to 2 pairs of undies!) and in the evening we had movie night with my sister. “The Great Wall” with Matt Damon got thumbs down all around; while “Jungle” with Daniel Radcliffe was judged ‘not too bad.’

The last day spent out of their box was Sunday. I took FR to visit our houses of Parliament. Unfortunately, our centre block (where the Commons and Senate are usually housed) is closed for renovations over the next 10 years; however, I did get some shots of FR with the Peace Tower in the background right as the clock struck noon.

In order to commemorate each province’s joining into Confederation, we also have an eternal flame on Parliament Hill. It’s a dangerous spot for our paper man, he almost got knocked in! (Damned Tourists!)

After playing tourist himself, Richie and I went to visit my friend Johane. We ate burgers, played some Scrabble, had a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit and generally chilled.

All in all we had a great visit! This evening I will pop the boys into the post and then do my civic duty and vote.


Liz (aka Abiwim)

Once again I love how Flat Richie has given us the opportunity to get a glimpse of one of our fellow fans’ life. It looked as if there was beautiful sunshine when Richie visited. But then again – doesn’t he bring sunshine wherever he goes? I am mightily impressed with that tattoo, Liz, And I think it is fab that you took Flat Richie along to so many of your social engagements. The gifts you have chosen, are terrific – sword-wielding Thorin, who could resist? Thank you for this great guest post!

For the record, here is Flat Richie’s World Tour Map:

Flat Richie is staying on the North American continent a little while longer, I can see… Looking forward to the next leg of his journey.


23 thoughts on “#FlatRichie’s Canada Visit

  1. I am getting nervous, my turn must be soon! although I have lost track of the number of stops.
    Hopefully it will before the massive Christmas post, I should hate to be the one to lose him.


  2. Thanks for the great report and all the interesting pictures, Abiwim. I’m sure Guy was only jealous of your lovely tattoo. His was a bit of a botched job, not that I don’t wince at the thought of how he got rid of it.

    The World Tour map gets more and more impressive. It’s always fun to see its latest update.


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