A Misc Day with #FlatRichie, My Zoe and Other Stolen News 😉

I am cheekily relying on my fellow bloggers’ posts today.

Flat Richie

First of all – Zee has posted that Flat Richie has arrived at her house. She will host him for a little longer before she can post him off again, and I think she will post the gift choices herself, so all I am contributing today on Flat Richie is the world map. But do check Zee’s blog for further updates. I’m sure there’ll be some “mancandy” available there, too.

Secondly – My Zoe News

Apparently My Zoe will premiere in Germany next week in Berlin. Herba posted a link to a competition this morning, where you can win tickets to the premiere, which is set for 5 November. A Tuesday! Interesting. *shrugs* The competition says that the premiere takes place “with cast and creators present”. No further names mentioned, though. Of course the raffle for premiere tickets is only to German residents. *sighs* But well, as someone already pointed out to me bts – if the German premiere means that the film is shown dubbed in German, then I am not that keen on seeing it anyway. That would be only half the package, and I’d rather wait for the international release to see this film.


A new Jackman & Evans audio book is coming tomorrow. I usually do not look forward to Halloween, but this year I’ll make an exception.

Only one thing on the wish list: Dear Audible – since you made a whole photo shoot with those gorgeous images by Dan Kennedy, why not adapt your covers accordingly? Seriously, I think they certainly won’t hinder the sales…


32 thoughts on “A Misc Day with #FlatRichie, My Zoe and Other Stolen News 😉

  1. Yes, Flat Richie has arrived at my messy home, Guy is grumpy about being cooped up in a dark box and he’s hot. Well a) we still have warm weather here in the South and b) if he’s that uncomfortable, he can take off some clothes. I told him so and I got stared at. And then he mumbled *mancandy*


    I might let him deal with the Trick or Treaters tomorrow night.

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  2. If My Zoe comes out on a blu-ray in both English and German perhaps they aren’t trying for an international distribution.
    It will be interesting to see if RA goes to the premiere.


    • It’s really bizarre – I had pre-ordered the audio book and got a notification when it was released earlier today. But I can’t seem to add it to my Audible app… I can only access it on my computer. Very annoying!

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        • I just checked again – now the audio book is on the homescreen of my app and displays the download sign – but tapping it has no effect. Maybe by tomorrow I can access it…
          I‘m afraid I am stuck with the Meditations. Still 3 hours to go – but not really particularly keen on listening.

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          • Mine is working… I’m on Audible UK. Yeah, I much prefer fiction in general. The Meditations seem to have consistent themes throughout. Twice now I’ve listened to something that was relevant to what I was doing at that moment. But stories hold my attention more for sure.


              • I am still struggling with Heads You Win , and have given up completely with The Other Queen dull, dull,dull
                I read somewhere the speeches were read without emotion and I think the meditations might be unsuitable for the gym (most of my listening time is at the gym lol)
                Never expected to say I was looking forward to another Joy Ellis lol


                • I hear you on ‘Heads You Win’ – it rankled with me all through the book, I was annoyed with the stereotyping, and yeah, I’m generally not happy about supporting a convicted lier like Archer. But well, Richard was reading, and that is a pleasure. – I actually quite enjoyed The Other Queen, though.
                  The Voices of History OTOH I really loved. I didn’t find them unemotional at all – they were read as speeches, though, and were therefore not “performed” as such. There were a few speeches there that really touched me, for instance Nelson Mandela. I actually cried.
                  Joy Ellis – would benefit from Audible/KDP investing in a professional editor, I think, but with four books under our belt, I now feel quite familiar with Jackman (and Evans), and I look forward to meeting the duo again. (Strangely, the audio book *still* hasn’t downloaded onto my Audible app. I have it on my computer, and it appears on my app’s home screen, but it won’t download. I may have to reinstall the app…)


  3. I used to have so much hassle downloading onto my laptop that I eventually gave up ( I think Audible hated windows 10 ) that I now put all the books onto my iPhone
    Does anyone know has to lock the phone once it is playing because I have had some weird listening with the iPhone in my pocket at the gym! when it jumps chapters lol


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