RA Pocket Shrine 207/? – Man of Night [Raffle]

It’s Halloween – and while I am not a big fan of the occasion (Halloween was not a festival that was celebrated in Germany when I was a child… yep, that dates me), it just so happens that my latest shrine kind of fits the day. Three guesses who is going to play the central role in this saturnine shrine?

Of course…

The steampunk theme continues – in a slightly milder version than perviously. Here comes the night… knight…

I know, it would be blasphemous to hide Guy’s face behind that mask forever. While I am not a massive fan of the long hair, I have to say that Guy was definitely at his most beautiful in season 3 of RH. Not sure what had changed about RA, but his face somehow looked prettier than in previous seasons. Maybe because they let up with the Guyliner a bit? And the sideburns were not quite as pointy?

In this particular photo it could also be because it is not a still from the show but a promo picture – so maybe Richard is hovering in that weird place between the chaRActer and himself, posing in Guy’s clothes, but not necessarily inhabiting the character fully? In any case, it is also Guy post-Marian, and he is on the path of redemption. Beautiful soul = beautiful body?

I should’ve actually found the fridge magnets to spell “beautiful soul = beautiful body” in the tin. But well, he is a bit of a dreamy vision, too…

And this time we have some candles again, too.

So there we have the man of the night. You can interpret that whichever way you like 😉. And since tonight is Halloween and I will not have any callers at the door (our house is in a business area – there are literally *no* children living anywhere around here, the houses are all offices, and therefore there is never any trick or treating around this area), I thought I’d at least offer up this Guycandy. If you would like to get your hands on this RAPS, leave a comment below. I’ll raffle the shrine and send it anywhere in the world, free of charge. Since I’ll be busy tomorrow and Saturday, the deadline will be Sunday, 3 November, 12 noon (GMT). 

Best of luck and — boo!!!! 👻




42 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 207/? – Man of Night [Raffle]

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I was one of the first to see his ‘new look’ and was quite surprised, however it looked as though the costume department had been given a bigger budget.
    How lucky we were to have experienced RA golden roles, I was only pondering on this recently, I doubt he has gained many new admirers/fans recently because of all of his ‘everyman’ roles.


    • It was a major change of look for Guy… I am not a huge fan of frilly costumes, but overall I think you are right – more budget, new improved look 😉
      “Golden roles” is a great description. It’s really strange – it’s not as if RA hasn’t worked since the Hobbit. On the contrary, he garnered the big leading role in BS. But his forays into large screen projects just haven’t really cemented his status as a leading man anywhere. If anything, then maybe his participation in Hannibal widened his audience. However, I think The Stranger could be another golden role. It comes with a lot of premature praise – for Netflix, for Nicola Shindler/Red Prod., for Harlan Coben. Let’s just hope that they can meet those expectations.

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  2. I was on my way to start typing how could you let his gorgeous face be covered, but I kept scrolling (thank Eru! XD). I like the ‘dream vision’ magntes
    p.s. not an entry.


    • Hehehehe, you know, that was exactly my thinking, Andrea. I was playing with that mask because I wanted to use it for a Halloween shrine, but I *knew* that I did not want it fixed over his face. Because that would be a crime. That’s why I put it on a hook in the shrine so that it can be moved to the side…


  3. I don’t normally comment on the raffles because I cherish my Thornton RAPS and feel it would be greedy to want more.
    However! These are exceptional circumstances! Honestly, long hair Guy does things to me…which I won’t go into detail here! Lol
    He’s ridiculously sensual with the long hair and the cheekbones and the outfit whislt ridiculous in any other situation just floats my boat.
    Anyway, it’s a fabulous RAPS and I would be honoured to even be in the raffle!

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    • You’re not greedy at all, Rachel. The raffles are for *everyone* and if Lady Luck aka randompicker picks you, then that is how it goes 😊. Besides, I think there are several people who are multiple shrine owners 😉
      “Sensual” is the right word for S3 Guy. In the previous seasons he wasn’t yet ‘reformed’ by his murder of Marian – maybe that’s why he looks suddenly so much prettier?
      Ridiculous outfits – always look great on that actor. I mean, I even tolerated the fugly jumpers that Harry wore 😁
      You’re in!

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  4. Ooh yes! I can’t resist your beautiful shrine, our fallen angel – with wings!. I’d love to get my hands on Guy. You are so right, about the hair but also about how extraordinarily beautiful he was in the 3rd series – some of my favourite scenes of RA there.

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    • Ha, I hadn’t thought of the “fallen angel” – but how fitting is that for Guy!!!
      Some of the gifs from season 3 really mesmerise me. I could watch them for hours, just because Guy is otherworldly-beautiful in them.

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  5. I would definitely like to enter this raffle, but not for myself. If I win I would like you to send it to a friend who could use a pick-me-up.

    And Guy with long hair = hot hot hot

    Except for when it looked greasy. bleh

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    • No questions asked, Abi – if you win, you can do whatever you want with the shrine. And that includes gifting it to someone else 🙂 I think that is actually a lovely idea.


  6. I’d like to take part to the raffle just because post-Marian Guy is so perfect. I always hated Marian (and that snivelling snob Robin, eww). I must say it makes watching anything with Lucy Griffiths a bit of a task even thou she is a good actress (i.e. in Preacher).

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    • “snivelling snob” – LOL. But dead-on!!! Guy really came into his own once Marian was out of the picture. Rather than make him good, she actually kept him in that perpetual state between good and bad.

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  7. This RAPS looks so amazing, the details are great and I´d love to have it! I really liked Guy in the third season, poor soul…


  8. He also wasn’t looking too thin in his Sir Guy role, but I sure liked how his costume made his shoulders look broader. Not that I’m critical of his other looks in other roles. Probs just super biased in favor of this Guy persona.

    Did I tell you the Hubs has been on a Robin Hood thing lately? We’ve gotten though Season 2 now but not through all the audio commentary or extras yet. (Working slows me down from watching, and today/tonight was devoted to Halloween.) 🎃 He has to go through all those extra commentaries and has pointed out every single time RA speaks in those. I’m not sure what to think. Insights anyone? ⚔️


    • How cool that you and A are going through RH together. That’s a really nice thing to do. Haha, work is slowing you down from watching? With me it would be the other way around – watching would totally would slow me down working 😂

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      • If I am honest, I’d rather be watching RH than working, but people want their comics and don’t want to disappoint them by not getting into the post as quickly as needed.

        The Hubs thinks RA wears too much eyeliner, except he calls it Guy-liner and I’m pretty sure I never said anything about it. I try to not go on an on about anything ever when it comes to Sir Guy/RA…cause you know, Guy is my favorite. Plus men are really sensitive creatures, (at least all the ones I know) society tells they are not, but it is a big fat lie. 😊


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  10. Thank you for the reminder to enter the raffle! Long-haired Guy, with all those curls and waves, does some powerful things to my insides, that’s for sure. I wonder if RA ever misses all that hair? Surely he got used to it, but is an ultra-short style like Daniel or Doly’s, a relief? Definitely a question I will ask in an upcoming episode of “RL with RA.” Beautiful work on the RAPS!


  11. S3 Guy was gorgeous! If Marian had made it past S2 she would have changed her tune and been in hot pursuit for sure.
    Awesome shrine and really pairs up nicely with the Thorin one. A dream vision featuring Guy? Yes, please 😍

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