Seven-Year-Itch: (Missed) My Blogiversary

When it comes to my blogiversary, I am confused at the best of times. I can never quite tell whether I should “celebrate” the day I signed up for WordPress (9th of November) or the day I actually wrote my first blog post (12th of November). In this case, as you can see by today’s date, I missed both. WordPress kindly reminded me of my blogiversary on the day (see picture right), but I have to admit I was not feeling it on Saturday. I’ve generally been out of sorts lately. I ascribe it to being “a woman of a certain age”. The nasty number is only the last straw; it’s really a lot of things coming together. My son already moved out a couple of years ago. Now my daughter is 18, a student, and will soon also move into her own accommodation. Both offspring will still be living in the same house with me – but behind their own front door. I am proud of them becoming independent adults, and I have been the force who was pushing for them to have their own student flats (which is unusual in the current rental market in Dublin) but if I am honest, I am already grieving that it also means they do not need my motherly attention and care anymore. This emotional upheaval comes at a time when I am already feeling hormonally unbalanced due to the menopause. It has been really taken a toll on my moods. I have never had any signs of depression in my whole life – and now I find there are days when I would rather not get up at all. I have become an unreliable friend who does not answer correspondence and who does not follow up on her promises. I feel lethargic and lack motivation to get off my arse. Said arse is getting lardier by the minute, as there are days when I don’t leave the house *at all*. That doesn’t make me feel any better, either, and so I feel trapped in a vicious circle between unhappiness over my increasing weight, little health ailments, attempts at dieting, failing to stick to the diet, binge eating unhealthy food for consolation, which adds to my increasing weight, ailments, and so on. Add to that my reduced work load, which means I am aimlessly bobbing around, watching endless Youtube videos rather than *doing* something. Oh man, this post has taken a different turn than I expected. I better mark this as unnecessary reading with a strikethrough. Done.

Ok, whine over. Sorry. Back to blogiversary. So, what keeps me happy, by and large, is the blog and my fandom activities. Mind you, this year I put a bit much on my plate. I had decided to attempt daily blogging *whenever possible* – because without much translation and journalistic work, I had time on my hands. I also felt that the world of Armitage blogging had become smaller with only a handful of blogs writing regularly about Richard. No offence to the part of the fandom that is so highly alert and active on Twitter or on Facebook. I am not diminishing their part at all – this is more about the lack of diversity in terms of platforms.

But due to the (almost) daily blogging, the last 12 months have been the biggest in terms of statistics. Not surprisingly, with more posts written, there are more posts viewed than in previous years. I’ll spare you the traffic counts etc – they really mean nothing to you as a reader and are only an ego-massage indication for me as a blogger. But what I find interesting is where the traffic comes from and where it goes to.


As in: The majority of readers comes from English-speaking countries. The US at top spot – not a surprise as proportionately the country has more internet users than others. But I *am* surprised about Italy and Germany on #3 and #4. It just goes to show that Richard has sizeable numbers of fans in non-English speaking countries, too.

You’ve been very attentive to me with a total of 12,936 comments. Hm. Or is half of that my *own* waffle in response? It is humbling to think that at least a minimum of 6,500 comments are a reaction to what I wrote. Which is 135,809 words in total (2019 posts only). That’s basically two average-size novels!!! Oh lord, why don’t you channel my Blarney into a long-form piece of literature that I could bump up my income with? *muhaha* You are giving me a platform, and that is gratifying and challenging in equal measure. Thank you!

A similar vote of confidence is the number of likes – 2,577 in total. I appreciate that – a like is feedback. However, “lurkers” welcome, too!

Your most popular reading time remains Saturday, btw, with 9 pm the most popular hour to access I’m worried about you, readers! Shoudn’t you be out, partying the weekend away at that time?

In any case – hello and welcome and thank you to all of you, wherever you are! Blogging is part of my life, my (almost) daily routine, and I couldn’t have found a nicer audience than you.

Most Views

As for where the traffic goes – that is always an interesting statistic. In the past 12 months, the post with the highest number of views is actually a very recent one. You would’ve thought it might have been something I posted after attending RCD5 in February, or announcing the results of the birthday auctions in August. Nope. It’s merely a collection of photos from a recent event that Richard attended in New York.

Richard Goes Charity – Richard’s tweet attending the Gods Love NYC event and pictures of him with sidekick/friend/significant

Mind you, three RDC5 posts are also high up there. Goes to show that any reports of Richard in RL are always particularly interesting to fans.

The Picture of Richard Armitage – fake news item after seeing a positively fountain of youth RA at RDC5

Strung Out and Hung on a Chain – summary of Richard’s first panel at RDC5

Opportunity to insert fuzzy and cross-lit RDC photo in blog to cheaply garner positive reaction. Ooops, have I just given away my blogging approach???

If it isn’t too egocentric and self-gratifying a prompt, I’d ask you which post in the past twelve months stood out for you? Can you think of any post off the top of your head? And even if not, I thank you for reading my drivel, dear readers. My aim is to entertain (see Mission Statement in menu bar right), and I am delighted if you read, stay and comment. My own favourite posts are *always* the auction posts – not just the results, but also the announcements and milestones, because I feel that the auctions are not just *my* thing but something where a communal effort shapes and creates a tangible result. Community is something that I need for my own happiness. I have learnt over the years that it is not possible to force a whole fandom of people into one community. And that is fine. It is also fine if community is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some fans are better when going it alone. I respect that, and I admire that. Myself, I am most comfortable in a flock. 🐑 I don’t mind sticking my head out or running ahead, if needed, on occasion. Sometimes I dawdle behind, or I take the ‘path less travelled’. I’ve even been known to ram my tiny little horns into others – occasionally. But I like to come back for the warmth and the security in numbers. For me, it’s just more fun.

2019 Search Terms

Always the most fun category in any blog statistic. I’ll spare you the obvious ones – my blog name in any spelling variation or any word creations that I have coined via the blog (flat richie, ooof). But here are the juicy ones:

  • female armpit fetish tumblr caption pics
  • richard armitage plastic surgery
  • richard armitage without dress full body show
  • guy of gisborne smut

What was Google thinking when they sent the googler to my squeaky clean, entirely fetish-less, non-medical blog?? And more so: what was the googler thinking when he/she ended up here? Maybe I should take those search terms as an invitation to address the topics. *cue searching for Armpitage images*

Right, let’s take this post to bed. What remains to be said is – even with new ventures ahead (RAnet and a major crafting push as I have just had the green light for a craft market mid-December) I intend to continue blogging. Maybe I’ll scale down my blogging frequency again. But if you join me on the ride, I would be delighted!


60 thoughts on “Seven-Year-Itch: (Missed) My Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary Guylty and hopefully keep them comin’!

    I really love your auction posts too, it’s always fun and great to see how the whole thing develops and grows over the auction time.

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  2. Lovely round up and a great gif to end , cycling, pulling gloves off with teeth and even an armpit lol
    I know how the empty nest feels, luckily mine was at a time when Robin Hood was on our screens , I shall always be grateful for the company and excitement that it brought.


    • Yep, I couldn’t resist adding some moving RA 😉.
      What is worst about the empty nest, is that it comes at a time where I lack work and a task. However, I wrote that post yesterday, and in the meantime I have received news that I have been accepted for a stall at a Christmas bazaar next month. That means I have a deadline to work towards with a lot of crafting items. And instantly I feel better…
      LOL – Guy inhabiting the empty nest. I’d say that was an ideal moment for him to turn up on your radar! Maybe I should put RA’s entire oeuvre on rotation – would certainly distract me from my woes 😉

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  3. Happy blogiversary from Down Under!! I’ve enjoyed being a reader from the start – I can’t think of any particular post off the top of my head, but I do love your *oofs*
    I didn’t mind turning that “nasty number” so much as the one that followed a decade later – that was a bit harder to take lol! We became empty nesters nearly five years ago and that was more difficult for me to come to terms with than anything menopause/post menopause could throw at me. Being older – my son was well into his twenties by the time he moved out of home into his own newly built place – I didn’t have the hormonal imbalance and its accompanying emotional fallout to deal with but it was gut wrenching just the same. I cried buckets and had to keep my son’s bedroom door closed for a month or so before I was ready to turn it into a guest room.


    • I’ve been a bit of a moaner in my post today, I must admit. Even though the kids have grown up and are moving out, they are still in the same house. And I get to see my son at least once a week (usually when he has run out of food in his basement flat below…). But yeah, it’s all coming together at the same time, and I feel a bit morose. Mr Guylty and I have to put an effort in and make use of our new-found freedom…
      Re. the ooofs – haven’t done much of that lately. Partly because my brain seems to have drained up. Must make an effort 😁


  4. Dear Sonja, I started following your blog because of the *oooofs. I love studying the photo’s while reading your observations. I think I know every millimeter of man and photo because of them.
    And I am addicted to your round ups. Someway I seem to miss a lot of RA-goodies on Tumblr and thanks to you….
    And your RAPS are just to die for.
    Sorry to read you’re a bit down in the dumps. Would love to cheer you up somehow. But sorry, no kids-so no empty nest syndrom. Almost 60 and not bothered about the number cause I will reach 100 (I keep saying that in the hope…). And a steady well payed job that pays for our living etc.
    I hope your endless creativity and continuing kindness to the RA-fandom will help you through this difficult period. And if blogging helps you, I will keep reading and following (and commenting). But please never feel obliged in any way. It comes when it comes. Love, Jacqueline

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    • Jacqueline – what a lovely comment. Thank you very much for that! The ooofs are also what brought me to blogging, so I really should honour that again. The round-ups are a sweet duty – which brings me back, even when I haven’t got anything else to say.
      I loved what you said about reaching 100. That is true – a goal that puts 50 into perspective. Must remember that!
      Having you and so many lovely RA fans “behind me” makes my occasional bad or depressed mood so much more endurable!
      Many, many thanks xx


  5. A very happy anniversary, Guylty, and so very many thanks for the past seven years. It’s hard to single out a favourite post – there are so many, but your roundups have saved me from many a weekend funk and your RA-related ‘excursion’ reports have compensated for not being there myself.

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling life hard to deal with at present. Unfair for someone as kind and thoughtful and fun as you. It’s all come at once for you, hasn’t it? My own answer is to disappear into other worlds – books, movies, my own scribbling. I hope the crafting drive helps.

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    • Thank you Jenny, for the kind words xx
      You are right. When feeling low, I should make it a habit to turn to my happy places instead. Doing something creative *always* makes me instantly happy. Always. Hehe, I see more crafting in my future!!!


  6. ah the joy of hormones, mine have been playing up this year. Also depression is something that you have no control over and if it’s affecting you to the point of lack of self care then i would say there’s no harm in chatting to your Dr.
    Great news on the anniversary and the craft fair
    re favoured posts-tbh i just like the eclectic nature of your blog


    • Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I have been wondering whether it’s time to address the issue in a medical way. (I just always feel embarrassed about going to a doctor with these intangible symptoms.)
      Eclectic is a nice way of putting it. I like it!

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      • I think if they’re impacting your life to the point of major behaviour change then I think it’s worth going in for a chat especially as it sounds like a chemical imbalance caused by your hormones xx


          • It can be very easy to let things slide until it gets to a point where you’re so unhappy that you can’t actually see a way out. I think this post really shows that you’re at a tipping point tbh. I’ve been pretty unhappy recently and it wasn’t until we got the kitten that I realised how unhappy I’d actually become after the loss of Gresley. Little Eddie Astrov is a huge beam of love and light and is patching up my heart. And now I feel happier, I see how unhappy I was.


            • Oh thanks! ❤️They started off with my husband. He made me “The original portable shrine” (a great hit with my readers when I first posted it and a few months later, for Valentine’s Day 2014, I made the first tiny little tin of RA love. At first the project was only to make one shrine per chaRActer played by Richard… And I had vowed not to put RA as a person in there. But that went by the wayside very quickly when I received many requests to actually enshrine *him* rather than a character… And so it went… 😉


  7. Sorry to hear you’re suffering with menopause symptoms. I’ve been through it too: it made me anxious, irritable, couldn’t sleep very well; I just did not feel like myself. I now take HRT – the best thing I have done, truly. I wear an estrogen patch and take a progesterone tablet in the evening. I feel so much more like myself: less anxious; no hot flushes; mental fogginess lifted.
    I recommend checking out the YouTube videos of Menopause Taylor. Dr Taylor is a gynaecologist specialising in menopause. She explains why our bodies need estrogen. And as well as treating menopause symptoms, there are important secondary health benefits of a lower risk of heart attack, osteoporosis and alzheimers.
    There is a lot of misinformation in the press about HRT so it’s worth doing your own research and speaking with a gp who specialises in menopause as there are many ways of dealing with menopause symptoms.
    Sorry if I sound like public health announcement but I am a bit evangelical about the benefits of HRT; it has made a huge difference to me: got my mojo back.
    In the meantime, long may you continue blogging: I love your warmth and humour. My favourite blog post of yours was about RA’s (unexpectedly) “revealing” portrayal of the character Francis Dolarhyde whilst starkers! Still brings a smile to my face just thinking about it now!! 😉


    • LOL – I came across that gif in a post just yesterday – and had to grin. (Yeah, I admit to checking twice for that give-away shadow…)
      And thank you very much for this advice, Zigzag. It’s really helpful for me because I have been wondering about HRT. I had convinced myself to do without it. The hot flushes – you can get used to. But the impact of the hormonal imbalance on my mental well-being really make me think that it could be worth-while. I’m pretty sure that HRT has progressed since my mother’s time, for instance, and therefore may be much less controversial than before. It’s worth checking that out. I really need to schedule a visit to my gyno anyway. It’s been years… Thank you for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it! x


  8. First, happy blogiversary and here’s to many more of them!

    Second, maybe it’s not common in Ireland, but if you haven’t done this already you might seek out your doctor about the menopause-related problems. It *is* really rough in unexpected ways, I find. Two things have helped me on the hot flashes front — reducing caffeine intake and a soy supplement (phytoestrogens). But a lot of US women do hormone replacement therapy to taper off of the estrogen more gradually. I researched it and decided against (and it’s unlikely given my mother’s medical history that a doctor would prescribe it for me), but several women I know swear by HRT with bio-identical hormones.


    • Again – a really helpful comment. I appreciate hearing your own views/experiences on the menopause-related problems. (Don’t know why but I often feel really embarrassed to talk about it. Not that it’s taboo anymore, but more so because it means admitting my age *haha*. Yeah, that old chestnut again.)
      The caffeine reducing definitely works. I gave up drinking Diet Coke several months ago (also because of general reservations about those diet drinks) and have since then noticed that my hot flushes have become less.
      I definitely need to schedule a doctor’s visit. It’s ridiculous to just “grin and bear it” when there are options out there. Many thanks!


    • Menopause-related problems are numerous and different for each woman. No HRT, no phytoestrogens for me but iron, lentils, red meat and black pudding against anemia due to fibroids. So may be you need to check your ferritinemia and scan your baby factory. Bcs physical and mental exhaustion could come from red blood cells disturbs too.


  9. Happy anniversary – and take care of you! My fav posts are the crafting ones: raps are irresistible. And the ooofs, so fascinating on so many levels. And in this regard:
    that “Richard Armitage without dress full body show” thing sounds interesting. Now that you have more time, maybe you can do some research. For the sake of science, of course.


    • Yay – glad to hear that the crafting posts are your favourites. I just love the tangible creativity of the shrines and other bits. It’s not that I *don’t* love writing – but there is something special about creating something that you can touch and see in 3D
      Oooh, tough job, that kind of research. But well, I’ll do it, for the sake of the community.


  10. We have almost the same anniversary date. My first viewing of North & South was on November 8, 2012. Then I googled his name, and…wow, there are other people who have heard of this guy! It’s been a wild ride ever since.

    What stands out? Any roundup. They make my Saturdays!

    My online RA activities are like other peoples’ checking in on Facebook every day: I’m visiting with my friends. Like you, I, too, am in this for the fabulous friends I’ve made. Including in real life. As different as we are, we also have something fundamental in common (beyond our interest in him and his work) because of how we met — which doesn’t even have to be defined. It’s assumed, it’s there, and it’s real.

    Just for fun, I pasted “Richard Armitage without dress full body show” into the search window on your blog (not Google’s window) to see what would come up. (So now you know that search at 3:50 pm EST was me.) Nothing. So what brought those searchers to your blog? Internet mysteries continue….


    • Well, then congrats to the seven year anniversary to you, too, Besotted! It’s funny how similar the fan journeys have been – from watching RA in something for the first time, googling, and then staying for the fun that is to be had with the others.
      Those internet searches are the funniest thing ever. I mean, whoever searched for that particular term, really just wanted to see “Richard Armitage naked”. LOL – not much to be found on that particular topic here…


  11. Herzlichen Glückwünsch zum Siebenjährigen! Meinetwegen kannst du in Zukunft gern genauso weitermachen.

    Dein schönster Blogpost in diesem Jahr war natürlich ganz eindeutig der, der vom Besuch FlatRichies bei mir erzählt. Nee, Spaß 😉. Aber ich freue mich immer, wenn´s was Neues von FlatRichies Abenteuern rund um den Globus zu berichten gibt, die Beiträge zur RDC5 hab ich gern gelesen und die Ergebnisse deiner Kreativität beim Basteln sind auch immer ein Highlight. Ich würde aber sagen, meine Favoriten in 2019 waren die Posts zum Re-Watch vom Red Dragon. Ich kann gar nicht mal genau sagen, warum, aber diese Posts waren das Erste, was mir bei deiner Frage in den Sinn kam.

    Ich denke auch, du solltest die neu gewonnene Freiheit und die (bald) sturmfreie Bude genießen. Das deine mütterliche Fürsorge von nun an gar nicht mehr gebraucht wird, kann ich mir eh nicht vorstellen 😉. Mama ist die Beste – immer!
    Konzentrier dich auf das, was dir gute Laune bringt. Der Kunsthandwerksmarkt klingt super! Also immer ran an den Basteltisch. Ist ja nicht so, das wir hier nicht ab und an davon profitieren 😉.
    Gegen ein neues ooof hätte ich davon abgesehen auch nichts einzuwenden…


    • Oh ja, Flat Richie – der ist auf jeden Fall in diesem Jahr ein großes Ereignis gewesen. (Und da kommt ja in Kürze auch das Einjährige auf uns zu…)
      Interessant, dass dir das Red Dragon Re-watch gut gefiel. (Mein Gedächtnis ist ja immer wie ein Sieb, insofern war mir glatt entfallen, dass ich da irgendwas gemacht habe… Manchmal lese ich alte Blogbeiträge von mir, und es ist als würde ich sie zum ersten Mal sehen *haha*)
      Die Bastelage läuft schon auf Hochtouren. Und bevor meine Freundin am Freitagabend angekommen ist, habe ich glatt noch mal schnell zwei weitere RAPSen angefangen. Sind fast fertig. Die werden heute beendet, wenn D___ auf einen Kurztrip abgefahren ist und ich Zeit habe, mich mal an den Basteltisch zu setzen ;-))


      • Apropos FlatRichie, gibt´s da eigentlich was Neues? Der äußerst optimistische Plan, nach einem Jahr durch zu sein, wurde ja leider durch das Leben und die Post vereitelt. Und nun lernt der Kleine bald laufen und sprechen…
        Dein Gedächtnis ist wie ein Sieb??? Also ich hab den Eindruck, jeder andere hat ein besseres Gedächtnis als ich. Aber ist doch schön, wenn auch du auf deinem Blog immer mal was Neues entdeckst 😉.
        Schön, dass die Muse fortwährend so fleißig dabei ist, dich zu küssen. Die RAPSe sind aber hoffentlich nicht für den Kunsthandwerkermarkt?!


  12. Happy blogiversary Guylty. It almost coincides with the N&S one. My memory is so bad that I can’t recall particular posts but, like others, your weekly-round up is a highlight of the week (read in bed on Sundays). Your blog, full of fun, generosity, creativity, discussions and vital RA info is an invaluable part of our Armitage community and has bolstered me on many occasions when I’ve been down. I’m sorry that you are going through a bad time, it sounds like a perfect storm, and I hope that you will get the same support back from the fandom. My second-hand tip for managing menopausal symptoms is roasted linseeds. Friends swore by them. I just bought an enormous bag of them, which stayed unused and forgotten in my kitchen until I threw them away. I seem to be having a rather gentle time with it so perhaps just having a bag of them in the house helped!


    • Thank you very much, J 🙂 – I feel the same. The community as I experience it, often cheers me up. Not even specifically directed at me – but just by being there.
      Roasted linseeds? Never heard of that but I will most definitely explore that. I’d much rather go the natural way then treat my menopause chemically, so I’ll definitely look into that.

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  13. Happy seventh!! I wish I felt more eloquent this weekend, but it has really been too much and I’m done. However, if I don’t reply now, I’ll forget and that would be a shame.

    I love your blog. It’s where Armitage fandom is at for me. I cannot name a specific post because I love them all. I enjoy crafty stuff and your RAPS reveals are always high on the list. I also love videos so I can listen to you talk. But if I had to pick one specific item on your blog, it would be the comment section of the post following on the heels of the RDC5 announcement. It was fun and crazy and eventually intoxicating/ed and it led to one of the best propositions I’ve ever gotten: “I bought a ticket for this thing. Would you want to go with me?” That led to one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

    🥂 To the next seven and beyond!! 😘

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    • Oooh, I have to reread that. And btw, that is a great reminder – the comment sections very often really elevate the original post because that’s where the exchange happens and further ideas take shape.

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  14. Congratulations on seven years of blogging. It is hard to believe it’s been that long. I have always enjoyed the ooofs.

    As for menopause I really can’t help much as I have had everything removed other than one tube and ovary for sometime. I had to two different surgeries to solve problems I have. My mom died from cancer of the uterus and the doctors have been proactive with any symptoms I have. I have had signs that I am getting there but since I have not had a period in eight years I can’t use that as a sign. What you are describing I would go see a health care professional and talk about about your symptoms. If you get one that don’t listen then find one that will. I would also talk with your mom and ask her what menopause was like for her (if you feel that you can have that talk, not everyone can).

    It is a bittersweet moment when children grow up and move out. i am not the normal parent as I might been moving in with the middle son as he has a job in a bigger area and I have not found a job to use my new degree where I live. I also lived last year in my college town with my two oldest and there cousin. My husband and youngest at home. As I have told people it’s what is.


    • Hello Katie – long time no see 😉 And btw – congrats on your degree. I remember the days when you were still in college. Great to hear that you have graduated and are now on to bigger and better things. I keep my fingers crossed that you will soon find a job closer to home – and to your hubs and youngest. It’s not ideal when you have to live long-distance.
      As for my probs – all the kind comments here have convinced me that I really need to do take action and talk with a medical professional. Thank you for chiming in!


  15. Happy Lucky 7 blogiversary, G! Wishing you many more years of sharing your delightful perspective and inspired (and sometimes cheeky) creativity. You are a lovely and positive presence in the fandom. There are so many favorite posts but I especially like the crafty ones (Your RAPS, Junk Journals in particular) and I LOVE when you share your talent for photography- equally enjoyable whether it’s an RA event you’ve attended or your beautiful Irish countryside.
    3 other highlights for me were the RDC coverage, Flat Richie’s world tour and RA Birthday Auctions. I could go on and on because honestly I find all your posts fun and interesting.
    I hope things get sorted for you on the hormone front. Everyone has a different experience. I had a hysterectomy at 22, was on HRT for many years until about 10 yrs ago at the point when I felt it was doing me more harm than good and I stopped. I’m doing just fine now but I was lucky to find a good doctor who helped guide me through it. Sorry to get so personal on here-I just want to encourage you there’s help out there and don’t just try to push through it on your own.
    It really is hard to see the fledglings leave the nest but what a delight yours have roosted in the same tree…just on different branches. Far enough to feel independent and yet within Mum/Dad calling distance. Bliss ❤️

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    • Many thanks for this lovely comment, D! It’s been a hoot and a pleasure for me, and especially when receiving so much attention. (Yeah, can you tell I am an only child? 😄) I am glad to hear that the “community”-based posts get so much love. That’s exactly what I was aiming for.
      And thank you for sharing your personal experience re. HRT. This is all very valuable for me, in order to make my own choice and decision. I am getting from all of these comments that I really need to choose a good doctor who will listen and be sympathetic to my concerns. (Easier said than done.) I will keep all of this in mind. Thank you xx


  16. A bit late but a happy blogiversary to you! It’s good to have you around, I love reading here. 🙂
    I hear you on the menopause dip, hang in there – this too shall pass!
    As for partying on 9 pm on a Saturday – don’t the best parties start after midnight? So, perfect to start the evening on your blog before moving on to the party. 😉


    • Many thanks, Esther, and the pleasure is mutual. I am so glad that you are still/again blogging on a regular basis!
      Good justification re. partying on a Saturday. I am glad if my blog is the gateway 😉

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